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It's Morning [Paperback]`Never As Good As the First Time' reconnects lovers Melinda and Germaine.They'd always believed that they would be together forever and when things changed, they both went about living their lives.When they see one another at their class reunion, it's apparent that their feelings are still the same.What happens when you revisit the past for too long? When life grants Germaine and Melinda an opportunity for another chance, will they take it?Or has love finally proven itself wrong?

`The Letter' is written by Mahogany, a single sista who has a severe liking for her neighbor.Unfortunately, she hasn't had the courage to approach him and has decided to simply jot everything down and let him get to know her from inside out.Regrettably the letter is lost, but not unread.Will intrigue introduce Mahogany to other possibilities?

`Daddy's Maybe' tells the tale of Kendra and Calvin.New to Kansas , the young couple has had some trouble, but Calvin is trying to remain optimistic.He loves Kendra and just wants to take care of her.When he is unable to fulfill Kendra's need for a twist, she finds another who is more than willing to wash her blues away.First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Kendra with an unknown baby carriage.Will love prevail?

While reading `It's Morning,' an anthology written by Elaine Flowers, I too kept referring back to Shirley Murdock's classic.I am not a fan of anthologies and I didn't see a need to read an anthology written by just one author.However, I did like all of the stories.I would have to say that `The Letter' was the best and it was a snippet, if that.I enjoyed the way the author was able to draw out the drama, but each story, while loving, is very predictable.I would recommend to others and hope that in the next sitting it's a full book.

Reviewed by: Crystal

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Product Description:
This book contains two novellas and one short story - all dealing with the ups and downs of relationships.

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