A Morning After War: C. S. Lewis and WWI (Paperback) Review

A Morning After War: C. S. Lewis and WWIDr. Gilchrist an expert on British literature and on World War I has selected an interesting subject in this book on the war years of C. S. Lewis.

There are numerable books on what happened in the war. But this one does two things, first it covers Mr. Lewis's war years, a period often skipped in the traditional biographies of Lewis. But second, he uses the war years and their impact on Lewis to examine the expectations people had of a more settled life being replaced by the trauma of an almost unbelievable war. Lewis, an Irishman, wanted to escape the war and wound up on the front lines. He survived the war, but was wounded (and had shell fragments in his chest) and suffered nightmares. This was what we now call PTSD, but it was long before that term was invented.

Dr. Gilchrist has produced a book of rare insight.

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Product Description:
A Morning After War fills a critical gap in C. S. Lewis biographies with unprecedented detail by tracing Lewis's wartime service, relationships, and earliest publications. Probing war's traumatic destruction upon Lewis's romantic expectations of tranquil life, this book surpasses literary analyses of Lewis's work by asserting a comprehensive definition of war literature. Equally, scholars and students of World War I, war literature, trauma studies, and C. S. Lewis will find this work an invaluable reassessment of central assumptions in their fields. Not least, here finally is the young C. S. Lewis preceding his usual and often idolized personas.

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