Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) (Paperback) Review

Goodnight DesdemonaFrom all the non-musical plays I've heard, seen, or read, this play is the most inventive, most creative, most hilarious play I've ever read.Macdonald's unexpected twists and turns of Shakespeare's OTHELLO and ROMEOAND JULIET made me howl with laughter almost all the way through.Act I isa bit bland, but understanding that Macdonald wanted to set the whole storyas to what would come ahead.But when Acts II and III come along, you'llhowl with laughter when you see lots of sex jokes, cross dressing, andstraight madness.I would compare it to Japanese anime's RANMA 1/2, toanyone who is familiar with it.I don't want to spoil the story, so Iwon't type a synopsis, but I will tell you, don't pass this play up becauseyou won't know what you're missing!

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Product Description:
When ghostwriter Constance Ledbelly's mentor marries a rival, Constance embarks on a "what-if" writing spree that brings her face-to-face with literary characters Desdemona and Juliet. What follows is a riotous retelling of theatrical legend that brings Constance renewed self-confidence--and that won playwright Ann-Marie MacDonald awards and accolades.

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