Shrine of the Morning Mist Volume 1 (v. 1) [Paperback] Review

Shrine of the Morning Mist Volume 1 [Paperback]The "Shrine of the Morning Mist" is the first volume of a hot new Manga series from Tokyopop and is based on the hit anime.This brilliant fantasy drama by Hiroki Ugawa will have broad-based appeal to many Anime and Manga fans.The story tells of a group of sisters named Yuzu, Kurako, Tama, and Miko who are priestesses who protect the world from demons and evil spirits.Kurako, the eldest sister, says ominously that "Evil is flocking to him and we must make preparations".Who are they talking about?Well we soon learn they are talking about their cousin Tadahiro.

Tadahiro is returning home to the city for the first time in five years and he hints at a mysterious letter about his father.He's soon attacked by a demonic figure and only the timely interaction of his cousins saves him from the creature.Tadahiro is taken to their home but is not exactly give a warm welcome by his uncle who immediately tears into him about an incident years ago when he and Yuzu went on a harmless date.Uncle wants him out and even though he loses in a family vote, he overrules his daughters and Tadahiro is sent packing.

While taking up residence in his new home, however, he is attacked by an enormous creature that kind of looks like an earth elemental.Will the sisters rescue him again in time?Just why are demons targeting Tadahiro and why?We'll have to keep reading to find out.I really enjoyed this Manga even though I have not seen the Anime that it was based on (but I think I'll try and rectify that soon).Ugawa's art is crisp and simply breathtaking.It's also easy to follow in the action sequences.Can't wait until Volume 2!

Reviewed by Tim Janson

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Product Description:
Sisters Kurako, Yuzu and Tama are Miko priestesses, entrusted with keeping an eye on the often volatile spirit world. But when you're a teenager like Yuzu, you want nothing more than to lead a normal life and deal with growing up and falling in love. Enter Tadahiro, the sisters' cousin, who has a mysterious connection to Yuzu's past--and a strained relationship with his other relatives. Alas, family drama may have to wait! The spirit world suddenly shifts out of balance, unleashing demons into our world who have set their sights on Tadahiro...

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