Eyes of the Morning [Paperback] Review

Eyes of the Morning [Paperback]A friend sent me this book and told me to read it and I did...and loved it! I love the way the author used descriptive writing to protray the human ambition for the perfect utopia...the perfect "paradise" that is often unobtainable. It has all the factors a good book needs...love, romance, mystery, exotic places, betrayal, conspiracies, adventure...a real page turner! Please read!

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Product Description:
With the world's attention on the Middle East and the Persian Gulf War, Madame Lin, a psychopathic Eurasian woman approaching middle-age, is setting a plan into motion.She wants to escape her sordid past and the domineering control of a cruel crime-boss by selling her sweatshops in Indonesia and building an elaborate biodome on the outskirts of Dallas.Within this structure, temple-dancers will perform for paying audiences, and an artificial paradise (complete with security guards) will keep her safely insulated from dealing with the consequences of her criminal past.When she meets Sonja, an apsiring model/dancer, the last piece of her plan seems to be coming into place.Sonja and her lover, an amateur photographer, have created a persona that fits perfectly into Madame Lin's artificial world - the reincarnation of the infamous Mata Hari.A tale of intrigue, adventure, romance, and self-discovery unfolds as the two lovers enter Madame Lin's world, one they know to be inherently dangerous, but one who's allure they find enticingly irresistable.

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