Morning Prayer: from the Office of the Dead (Paperback) Review

Morning Prayer: from the Office of the DeadMORNINGPRAYER, the third book in THE OFFICE OF THE DEADseries written by Brother Bernard Seif, is both an entertaining mystery anda journey into the religious spirit.The main character, Abbot Francis, a neuropsychologist, is a "medicine man" on many levels, and a teacher.Enjoy a trip to Tibet with Abbot Francis and his friends.Take a guided journey and finish refreshed with new insights and understandings.

If learning about world religions and cultures interests you, if an entertaining mystery and an educational read is something you like, then MORNING PRAYER is highly recommended.

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Product Description:
The mystery team is at it again! This time the six good friends travel to the land of mystery and intrigue-Tibet-via Nepal and Bangkok. Having started their journey, but not even out of America yet, they are drawn into a search for an ancient Dorje-a scepter-like object used during Tibetan Buddhist prayer services. The Dorje, however, quickly becomes the least of their challenges.Fertile with information about Asian medicine and spirituality, this book is presented in a light and humorous fashion through the minds and hearts of single, married, male, female, lay, and monastic characters. The great religions of the world are also represented-and a hopeful agnostic familiar to our readers is an integral part of the action as well.Third in the Office of the Dead series, Morning Prayer is a complete monastic murder mystery containing characters which develop out of the first two complete books: Office of the Dead and Vigils. Experience friendship and danger through the psyche of a Christian monk / doctor, along with his friends, as he connects with Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns for some continuing education credits that he will never forget.

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