Irishka in the Morning (Paperback) Review

Irishka in the MorningCould not stop reading this novel. The writing is very visual and the story compelling. Lanquage and approachrefreshingly different from the all too common detective/murder mystery yarns that all sound the same. This writer takes chances and therefore I very much recommend!

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Product Description:
Irishka in the Morning, a passionate weaving of love, betrayal, crime and eventual redemption. It is the story of a Russian immigrant, a woman in search of herself - a fallen Olympic hero who provides the means for her to find her truth - and the horror of a sick criminal and his near idiot brother who seek to end it all for both of them. It unfolds on a great river in the midst of great storm after Irishka is caught in adultery by herhusband, whose intense love for her is tainted by a lack of understanding. The story is compelling and the language is both lyric and tense, and at times,romantic. Characterizations are deeply drawn, somewhat gothic and in the case of the criminally deranged Jess, and his brother Carl, frightening. Irishka will interest you from the first pages: rousing your curiosity about her past, her exposed adultery and her need to find someone or something that can answer the questions that plague her. It is a tragic, and yet strangely romantic account ofher search and final redemption on the great river that nearly swallows her life.

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