When Morning Comes [Paperback] Review

When Morning Comes [Paperback]This is a fast-paced read that packs some understated yet serious poetic punch into a memorable story that works well as a young adult novel, although it appeals to older readers as well. I give the writer extra points for not getting bogged down in narrative detail that could make a story like this sag. Written in a clear, unpretentious style, this is a story of the type one rarely sees today, with all the moral equivocating out there. Hope to see more from this author!

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Product Description:
It's the summer of 1940, and night has fallen on Europe. A young woman whose family has taken refuge in France sees the nation that has defined itself as the cradle of human rights transformed by the menacing shadow of the Third Reich. As the Nazification of France proceeds, she is caught up with her lover in a Jewish resistance group that becomes part of a larger organization directed from London. A story of personal drama and political intrigue set against a wartime background meticulously researched and vividly portrayed.

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