Good Morning Afghanistan (Paperback) Review

Good Morning AfghanistanThis beautifully written, compelling, real-life drama brings together a disparate group of individuals whose lives were changed by the events of 9/11.It's a story of hope against long odds, describing the devastating impact of the Taliban on Afghanistan, and the dawning of a new day there.After thirty years of war (starting with the Soviet invasion in 1979), famine, abandonment by the western world, and finally the scourge of the Taliban, there is finally hope after the overthrow of the Taliban.But how can a country rebound after so many years of disaster?One answer is in the power of media -- and this is the story of how a newly created radio station can change lives.Starting with funding from a Danish NGO, a small group of dedicated individuals makes a dramatic impact in Afghanistan with a new radio station broadcasting "Good Morning Afghanistan" to the millions of Afghan citizens.This story of hope -- and the difference that a small number of individuals can make -- is truly inspirational.

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Product Description:
Waseem Mahmood lost almost everything when his brother broke a confidence and filed a story in the world's highest circulating tabloid newspaper, the News of the World.He fearedhe would never work in broadcast media again, and history intervened with the events of 9/11, the attack on Afghanistan, and the fall of the Taliban. Headed by Mahmood, a group of local and foreign journalists responded to the events by producing a radio program based in Kabul to disseminate much-needed and, for the first time, uncensored information to the country's people. What they end up providing is hope for a devastated land and a voice for a people long smothered by oppression. Told with searing honesty, this is a story of struggle, cruelty, and courage populated by ordinary people who risk their lives for freedom.

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