Deep Within the Morning Glory Blue (Paperback) Review

Deep Within the Morning Glory BlueThis story is about two young women, Isobelle an accountant, and Evelyn the architect, who fall instantly on love with each other on a London train in modern day England.Neither has ever been attracted to a woman before but from their first glance, they are smitten with each other. However, all is not well for the two young lovers because Evelyn has a stalker who has been terrifying her for years and is now threatening to kill her one and only love, Isobelle, in a jealous vendetta.

What I LOVED about this book was its literally style (a writing style which I usually don't like).Ms. Malinky writes very much in the vein of the Bronte sisters, Jane Austin, and Emily Dickenson, which means this book is full of lyrical writing and is very reminiscent of a 18th century novel.After I read this book the first time, I immediately started reading it again. If you enjoy romance, extremely likable and intelligent characters, beauty, and a well-written story, pick up this very excellent book. I can hardly wait for Ms. Malinky to write another book! She is an absolutely fantastic writer!Kudos to Ms. Malinky!!

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Product Description:
Isobelle Swanson is making her usual train journey into London one crisp morning, when she meets Evelyn Hertford, a specialist architect as beautifully striking as the converted water tower in which she lives. This is a story about two women who fall very much in love and how they deal with their relationship and the impending wedding of Isobelle's sister, Fiona. A forthright Evelyn tells of her tortured past, for she is the subject of a vitriolic stalker whose malignant presence haunts the two young women through the course of the book. With the increasingly threatening behaviour of the stalker juxtaposed with the fevered imminence of the wedding, the conclusion aims to hold the reader spellbound to the end.

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