Coyote Morning: A Novel (Paperback) Review

Coyote Morning: A NovelThis compelling tale begins with a chance meeting, witnessed by a horrified mother, between her seven year old daughter and a coyote. Set in Valle Bosque, a fictional suburb of Albuquerque, this tale will resonate with anyone who has followed the environmental tug of war between developers, would be suburbanites and environmentalists. Anyone who lives in the present day south west will recognize Lisa Lenard-Cook's timely snapshot of the uneasy meeting and mingling of wild lands and suburbs.

Lisa tackles the environmental issues that create enemies and alliances between coyote supporters and the coyote haters. On one hand Coyote Morning is an examination of the efforts individuals make to cope with modern life and the inevitable dangers that result from those efforts. On the other hand Lisaexplores the relational dynamic that occurs when people live together in a mysterious and complex world.

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