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Sunday Mornings [Paperback]This is the second book that I've read written by Jack Daley and has become one of my favorites.Within the pages I view the life of the main character who recollects various memories that one will find difficult to discern from reality.There are several dream sequences that give the main character, named Jack, several clues about his existence and the collective memories that hone all men and women alike.

You travel towards a higher level of understanding and you are enraptured within the images.Within this one book you are privy to various stories that make very interesting reading.The stories are told with a blatant honesty as you cannot help but to see and feel what the author has seen and felt during his lifetime.As I said earlier it is hard to tell if this is fiction or nonfiction as the events that unfold, however surreal, can happen to any of us physically and/or mentally.

A similar trait shared with Daley's previous book, "Tasting the White Water", is that we journey with him as he embarks on a journey that may never end.There are so many aspects of our lives that we lose touch with.If we are lucky, we can reclaim this awareness before we pass on.His book will teach you small snippets about the teachings of Krishnmurti, who believes that the problems faced by man can be resolved in part by understanding the images that fill our conscious and trying to understand and then overcome these self imposed situations.Please don't quote me on that last statement , but just know that within the pages of Daley's books you are taking a journey riddled with various images and thoughts that themselves lead to the answers to complex questions.

Read "Sunday Mornings" and then take whatever path your heart tells you to take.Along the way, this book will definitely keep you company and assure you that you are not in this - the whole collective of problems versus solutions - alone.

Tyrone V. Banks

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Product Description:
Sunday Mornings is a story about an aging teacher, Jack, who struggles against the mechanical processes that narrow our lives in a set direction. Written in the autobiographical style of Henry Miller, each chapter gives a time-photograph of Jack's attempt to reach a different reality. We follow Jack up to the California badlands where he meets a pack of wild coyotes and discovers that he is not yet ready to step between the crack in the world. He takes us to a Santa Cruz concert where the music goes round and round, and he gets blown into a different reality. We travel with him in a fear-ridden cab ride through the dark streets of downtown Oakland, and we go on a trip to the moon that leads to his North Philly home where he meets an old boxer and remembers himself in nighttime dreams.

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