The Other Side of Morning [Paperback] Review

The Other Side of Morning [Paperback]This author has captured the very essence of what friendshis is all about.She's also defined how solving your problems with friends by your side through thick and thin will help you get through everytime.

I was truly amazed at how she brought the story lines together.It's very rare that you can find such an author. I am going to have this book as one of my book club choices for us to read and discuss.

It's an easy read and a page turner.You never know how they are going to handle the issues that come their way, and the most important thing I wanted to say was I love the way no one judges but how they offer their support.

Was this author reading my mind?Did she hear me praying and talking about what I needed?If not, she hit the nail on the head.

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Product Description:
As we take the journey into the lives of these six friends, believe me, you won't forget their names. Some of us will tend to think about our own lives and then we'll think about people we know. If you can identify with what's going on in the lives of Queen, Erin, Mia, Rekka, Lisa and Dee or you know someone who may have or be experiencing the same things, I know they are not alone and you know that you are not alone. Their stories are simple, but yet complex. Queen loves one who loves another and battles with herself and those little demons in her life. Erin has taken on another life totally; it's amazing how gurlfriend just makes her way through life and living. Mia and Lisa, well these two sisters are dealing with life's situations to the best of their ability; while Rekka will end up paying a debt she never owed. Dilemma is a better word to use and once you start reading, you will understand why. Friendships, relationships, and love are all a part of what can be found, saved, lost and rekindled on the other side. As we read through these lives, let's see where their hearts and hands take them, but you and me, we have to take that walk to: "The Other Side of Morning"

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