Our Children's Big and Growly Mornings [Paperback] Review

Our Children's Big and Growly Mornings [Paperback]This book is a great teaching aid for parents who have a difficult time getting their children out of bed in the morning. It's short, sweet and to the point. Buy it. You'll like it!

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Product Description:
Big and Growly looks were everywhere as Daniel, Jessica and Joseph got out of bed on the "WRONG SIDE" each morning.This was a challenge and worrisome start of each day for their mom and dad.The challenge was to teach the children how to start each day on the "RIGHT SIDE" so that each day thereafter would be a positive one.We think this is the best way to start each day.How about you?

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Sunday Mornings [Paperback] Review

Sunday Mornings [Paperback]This is the second book that I've read written by Jack Daley and has become one of my favorites.Within the pages I view the life of the main character who recollects various memories that one will find difficult to discern from reality.There are several dream sequences that give the main character, named Jack, several clues about his existence and the collective memories that hone all men and women alike.

You travel towards a higher level of understanding and you are enraptured within the images.Within this one book you are privy to various stories that make very interesting reading.The stories are told with a blatant honesty as you cannot help but to see and feel what the author has seen and felt during his lifetime.As I said earlier it is hard to tell if this is fiction or nonfiction as the events that unfold, however surreal, can happen to any of us physically and/or mentally.

A similar trait shared with Daley's previous book, "Tasting the White Water", is that we journey with him as he embarks on a journey that may never end.There are so many aspects of our lives that we lose touch with.If we are lucky, we can reclaim this awareness before we pass on.His book will teach you small snippets about the teachings of Krishnmurti, who believes that the problems faced by man can be resolved in part by understanding the images that fill our conscious and trying to understand and then overcome these self imposed situations.Please don't quote me on that last statement , but just know that within the pages of Daley's books you are taking a journey riddled with various images and thoughts that themselves lead to the answers to complex questions.

Read "Sunday Mornings" and then take whatever path your heart tells you to take.Along the way, this book will definitely keep you company and assure you that you are not in this - the whole collective of problems versus solutions - alone.

Tyrone V. Banks

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Product Description:
Sunday Mornings is a story about an aging teacher, Jack, who struggles against the mechanical processes that narrow our lives in a set direction. Written in the autobiographical style of Henry Miller, each chapter gives a time-photograph of Jack's attempt to reach a different reality. We follow Jack up to the California badlands where he meets a pack of wild coyotes and discovers that he is not yet ready to step between the crack in the world. He takes us to a Santa Cruz concert where the music goes round and round, and he gets blown into a different reality. We travel with him in a fear-ridden cab ride through the dark streets of downtown Oakland, and we go on a trip to the moon that leads to his North Philly home where he meets an old boxer and remembers himself in nighttime dreams.

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The Land of Silent Morning (Perfect Paperback) Review

The Land of Silent MorningWhen there is nothing left, there is much to gain. "The Land of Silent Morning" tells the story of Kyong Mi as she departs from her homeland of Korea to find a new life in the United States. She find much to cherish, and her efforts to survive blossom into a thriving life. "The Land of Silent Morning" is a very much recommended read through and through.

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Product Description:
After years of bitter poverty and bone-crushing abuse, a twelve-year-old girl makes a promise to herself that she will survive at any cost. Growing up near the notorious Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in the 1960s and early 1970s, Kyong Mi is left with nothing, and no one. One day, she makes the crucial decision to leave her homeland, never to return. While she gains some measure of comfort and security in the United States under a new identity, the terrors of the past stalk her every move. Can she keep her promise to herself, or will she crumble under the weight of her former life? The woman who once was Kyong Mi will come to realize that her journey to free herself has just begun . . .

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Sunday Morning at Momma's House (Paperback) Review

Sunday Morning at Momma's HouseThis charming book detailing a family's Sunday morning brought back memories of my Sunday rituals. While this book was about an African-American family's Sunday morning breadfast, in my mind, I could smelll MY Irish grandmother's Sunday evening dinner. This book has beautiful illustrations. Buy this book to smell your grandmother's cooking!

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It's Morning [Paperback] Review

It's Morning [Paperback]`Never As Good As the First Time' reconnects lovers Melinda and Germaine.They'd always believed that they would be together forever and when things changed, they both went about living their lives.When they see one another at their class reunion, it's apparent that their feelings are still the same.What happens when you revisit the past for too long? When life grants Germaine and Melinda an opportunity for another chance, will they take it?Or has love finally proven itself wrong?

`The Letter' is written by Mahogany, a single sista who has a severe liking for her neighbor.Unfortunately, she hasn't had the courage to approach him and has decided to simply jot everything down and let him get to know her from inside out.Regrettably the letter is lost, but not unread.Will intrigue introduce Mahogany to other possibilities?

`Daddy's Maybe' tells the tale of Kendra and Calvin.New to Kansas , the young couple has had some trouble, but Calvin is trying to remain optimistic.He loves Kendra and just wants to take care of her.When he is unable to fulfill Kendra's need for a twist, she finds another who is more than willing to wash her blues away.First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Kendra with an unknown baby carriage.Will love prevail?

While reading `It's Morning,' an anthology written by Elaine Flowers, I too kept referring back to Shirley Murdock's classic.I am not a fan of anthologies and I didn't see a need to read an anthology written by just one author.However, I did like all of the stories.I would have to say that `The Letter' was the best and it was a snippet, if that.I enjoyed the way the author was able to draw out the drama, but each story, while loving, is very predictable.I would recommend to others and hope that in the next sitting it's a full book.

Reviewed by: Crystal

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Product Description:
This book contains two novellas and one short story - all dealing with the ups and downs of relationships.

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Some Glad Morning (Paperback) Review

Some Glad MorningMuch of Irene Steele's first novel takes place in 1984 in Chicago where Mildred Johnson and her Aunt Rose get involved in working for the first black candidate's campaign for mayor of that city, pretty much because of a chance meeting on the El that Mildred has with O'Kanta, a suave civil rights activist who steals her heart away. The author weaves the mayoral campaign plot with the Mildred and O'Kantra romance, Aunt Mildred and Chapman's courtship-- if you can call their relationship that-- and her life in the 1960's in Crayton, Tennessee.

Ms. Steele makes her case for the rights of African Americans but for all of us as well. In a particularly moving passage where Mildred asks Rose about what her father was like, her aunt responds: "'He was a proud man. L. C. [her father] believed that black people were put here to do more than sharecrop. He wanted a better life, not just for him, but for you and your children. He tried to make a difference.'" (Shouldn't that be the dream of everyone, regardless of their skin color?) Although the novel ends in 1985, it is as timely today as then. A white mayoral candidate sends out campaign literature with a picture of Raymond Williams, the black candidate for mayor, with exaggerated features, eating a slice of watermelon. Not that long ago in Atlanta a white politician running for local office did something similar to his black opponent.

Ms. Steele is good at developing her characters. For instance, Aunt Rose. In spite of all the sorrows in her life-- and she has had plenty-- she likes to debate the pros and cons of who is the best blues performer or to break into her "shimmy" as well as keeping up with Mildred's romance and the local gossips in her Chicago neighborhood. She will wear a red dress to church if her candidate for mayor is speaking and she likes good food. (This novel made me hungry for both lemon meringue pie and for hearing the gospel song I grew up with, a line of which Ms. Steele uses for the title of her novel, Albert E. Brumley's "I'll Fly Away.") For all Aunt Rose's fun-loving ways, however, she ultimately is about keeping promises and enduring in the tradition of William Faulkner's character Dilsey in THE SOUND AND THE FURY or one of Toni Morrison's many admirable women characters.

I for one would like to sit down with Rose and eat one of Mildred's blueberry muffins (she is the baker in the family) with a cold glass of milk.

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Product Description:
Mildred Johnson is orphaned when her parents are killed in a protest for voting rights in the South. Her Aunt Rose flees with her to a Chicago relative's. Years later, they join a campaign to elect Chicago's first black mayor, and Mildred falls for the leader of a grass-roots voter registration drive. During the campaign, the truth about her past is revealed.

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Look For The Moon In The Morning (Paperback) Review

Look For The Moon In The MorningLeda Sanford has written an excellent reference book for mature adults in thirty short and entertaining chapters. Although mainly geared toward a maturing audiance, all readers will find this short tome worthy of frequent consultation. As opposed to most self-books, this one actually has usable suggestion in each chapter that are set out succinctly; the reader is not forced to wade thorugh tons of verbiage to get to the points Leda makes throughout the book. Chapter Two explains the title of book, and I encourage readers to explore that and the other chapters on ways to explore new horizons and enhance the quality of each of our lives. I am sure other readers will do what I have done which is keep this short book on my nightstand as a constant reminder to live life to the fullest.

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Product Description:
Look for the Moon in the Morning is a collection of inspirational essays written especially for women by Leda Sanford, former editorial director of Get Up & Go!, the magazine for women living anew.The magazine received more than 100,000 requests for a brochure featuring a sampling of these essays-which attests to the widespread appeal of Leda's message.These essays express her philosophy that it's never too late to recreate ourselves, to explore new horizons and to enhance our quality of life.

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Eyes of the Morning [Paperback] Review

Eyes of the Morning [Paperback]A friend sent me this book and told me to read it and I did...and loved it! I love the way the author used descriptive writing to protray the human ambition for the perfect utopia...the perfect "paradise" that is often unobtainable. It has all the factors a good book needs...love, romance, mystery, exotic places, betrayal, conspiracies, adventure...a real page turner! Please read!

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Product Description:
With the world's attention on the Middle East and the Persian Gulf War, Madame Lin, a psychopathic Eurasian woman approaching middle-age, is setting a plan into motion.She wants to escape her sordid past and the domineering control of a cruel crime-boss by selling her sweatshops in Indonesia and building an elaborate biodome on the outskirts of Dallas.Within this structure, temple-dancers will perform for paying audiences, and an artificial paradise (complete with security guards) will keep her safely insulated from dealing with the consequences of her criminal past.When she meets Sonja, an apsiring model/dancer, the last piece of her plan seems to be coming into place.Sonja and her lover, an amateur photographer, have created a persona that fits perfectly into Madame Lin's artificial world - the reincarnation of the infamous Mata Hari.A tale of intrigue, adventure, romance, and self-discovery unfolds as the two lovers enter Madame Lin's world, one they know to be inherently dangerous, but one who's allure they find enticingly irresistable.

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A Shalom Morning: a Devotional (Paperback) Review

A Shalom Morning: a DevotionalRead one of these devotionals each morning to warm your heart and start your day off with a smile from God!

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Product Description:
Samantha's devotionals are often pictures of memories that will take you back in time to your own memories as she also applies a thoughtful lesson for your contemplation.

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The Other Side of Morning [Paperback] Review

The Other Side of Morning [Paperback]This author has captured the very essence of what friendshis is all about.She's also defined how solving your problems with friends by your side through thick and thin will help you get through everytime.

I was truly amazed at how she brought the story lines together.It's very rare that you can find such an author. I am going to have this book as one of my book club choices for us to read and discuss.

It's an easy read and a page turner.You never know how they are going to handle the issues that come their way, and the most important thing I wanted to say was I love the way no one judges but how they offer their support.

Was this author reading my mind?Did she hear me praying and talking about what I needed?If not, she hit the nail on the head.

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Product Description:
As we take the journey into the lives of these six friends, believe me, you won't forget their names. Some of us will tend to think about our own lives and then we'll think about people we know. If you can identify with what's going on in the lives of Queen, Erin, Mia, Rekka, Lisa and Dee or you know someone who may have or be experiencing the same things, I know they are not alone and you know that you are not alone. Their stories are simple, but yet complex. Queen loves one who loves another and battles with herself and those little demons in her life. Erin has taken on another life totally; it's amazing how gurlfriend just makes her way through life and living. Mia and Lisa, well these two sisters are dealing with life's situations to the best of their ability; while Rekka will end up paying a debt she never owed. Dilemma is a better word to use and once you start reading, you will understand why. Friendships, relationships, and love are all a part of what can be found, saved, lost and rekindled on the other side. As we read through these lives, let's see where their hearts and hands take them, but you and me, we have to take that walk to: "The Other Side of Morning"

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Sanctification of Time in the Third Millennium--Morning and Evening Prayer (with Night Prayer): A Liturgy of the Hours for the Ecclesial Communities of the Local Churches (Spiral-bound) Review

Sanctification of Time in the Third Millennium--Morning and Evening Prayer: A Liturgy of the Hours for the Ecclesial Communities of the Local ChurchesI purchased this for my mom who is having trouble learning how to do the Liturgy of the Hours.I was quite disappointed when I received it.First of all, the music cd that the other reviewer mentions IS NOT INCLUDED!

Second, the booklet is only an example of one day's morning, evening and night prayer.It is basically useless for any other day of the year.If you already know how to easily use the Liturgy of the Hours set of books, this booklet might be helpful in learning how to lead a group in praying them together.It has a couple pages of hints for cantors, etc.But it does not help you learn how to use the actual Liturgy of the Hours themselves at all.

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Product Description:
It will soon be fifty years since the Second VaticanCouncil called for the restoration of the Liturgy of the Hours withinthe local churches of the world. People today evidence a hunger for away to lift the daily mundane to a new spiritual level. This basicstartup booklet attempts to furnish parishes and groups ofparishioners with a user-friendly foundational structure for theLiturgy of the Hours which is faithful to the directives of the churchfor the Roman Catholic Liturgy.Contains opportunities for a goodcantor.

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A Morning Without Coffee : Poem Collection By Florence Rosie Givens (Paperback) Review

A Morning Without Coffee : Poem Collection By Florence Rosie GivensA Morning Without Coffee is a delectable book of poetry designed to tempt and fill you to repletion with its sage, welcome words of faith and promise.
It will awaken you to the joys surrounding you and gently encourage you to imbibe, sipping slowly at its overflowing verse and savouring its warming tanginess throughout the day for, once this book is picked up, you will wish to keep it at hand.
This book is a warm and wonderful compilation of faith, love and courage.
Flo is the poet and flow is what her verse does. Read and heedthe wisdom imparted in each poem.
We look forward to Flo Given's next book, hoping for some rich offerings to accompany the marvellous blend of verse already served, in A Morning Without Coffee.

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Product Description:
Inspiring poetry for on the go mind set persons. The poems are about single parents, parents, nature, and everyday life. Happy poetry that lifts spirits, whilst percolating new ideas as the readers enjoy a cup of coffee at the start of the day. To have a cup of coffee is like not letting life pass you by, as you journey through with words of encouragement.
Rich poetry uplifting the hearts and minds of people in all walks of life. Coffee and a good book of poetry will warm the heart as you read along and enjoy the encouraging words.
There's sequences of pauses that touches a broad range of subjects..yet moves on to new wonderment. A book that people review as a companion to the job, doctor's office, subway trains, bus rides, carpools, a bedside and general traveling companion.
It appears inspirational yet, down to earth in soft tones of helpful resolve. Paving the way for healthy, good feelings about oneself, others, and wholesome outlook on life.
Unforgettable poetry, teaching about the leisure times in life so searched for nowadays. It's rather contemporaryand flowing with wisdom to help ease life's ups and downs.

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One Misty Morning (Hardcover) Review

One Misty MorningWhat a great find! Creative and imaginative, "One Misty Morning" continues to be a page turner for my 5 year old niece. Truly a unique story, this book is sure to become a classic by Dean. Looking forward to the sequal!

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Product Description:
A children's tale that features a young boy who encounters strange happenings when he wakes up one morning. His imagination is captured by visions and sounds as he tries to discover what is going on in his backyard. The ending will surprise you!--This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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An Italian Morning: Poems [Hardcover] Review

An Italian Morning: Poems [Hardcover]These exuberant, thought-provoking poems, both passionate and precise,are sometimes beautifully, painfully lyrical. D'Ambrosio's books are notable for their wit and generosity of spirit. An Italian Morning shows her at the top of her form.

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Product Description:

In An Italian Morning, the reader will find 39 poems, 12 "Interlude" selections, and 9 paintings by Suzanne Gilliard. We are conveyed into a world that one can reach only through poetry - where the joy found in solitude and the solace found in universal connection emerge. Here, D'Ambrosio brings us to an enriched familiar.
The title of this beautiful book, An Italian Morning, taken from her poem "The Consolation in Being History," alludes to the mysterious origins of her Italian-American self and then to her engulfing love of the world and family. Brimming over with fresh language, the book treats the serious and/or witty concerns of maturity and the yearnings and lively flickerings of youth.
D'Ambrosio presents an entirely original method of bringing attention to her poetic style - with three "Interludes," way-stations, that act as multi-layering rest-stops to refresh and delight with their harmonious tone. The innovative "Interludes" comprise six of her unexpected "found-poems" - three from Melville's Moby Dick and three from Shakespeare - and six of her own translations of the great Argentinian poet Alfonsina Storni.
Accompanying the vivid imagery of D'Ambrosio's poetry are the brilliant and passionate paintings of Suzanne Gilliard. Gilliard's painterly realism sets the stage for each section of An Italian Morning and makes this an artistic pairing that is worth experiencing again and again.

In all, D'Ambrosio's An Italian Morning is witty, lyrical, profoundly moving, and masterfully orchestrated.

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Joy Comes in the Morning (Paperback) Review

Joy Comes in the MorningThis book changed my life in many different ways.
It opened up a new relationship with Jesus for me.
God is amazing if we let Him do the work He wants to
do in our lives.

The Lord gave Cyndi Beauty For Ashes as she trusted in
Him. What seemed like an impossible situation in her life
opened up new possibilities.
"All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me"
This book is a beautiful story about love and life in Christ.

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Product Description:
The true story of a woman who saw her young daughter die - yet, God gave her the amazing grace to be able to minister to others. This book answers: Why do tragedies happen? How can you receive healing from such pain? How do you minister to someone expriencing grief over loss of a child? What is the secret to overcoming the fear of death? 'Weeping may endure for a night. But joy comes in the morning.' Ps. 30:5

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In the Morning: Reflections from First Light [Hardcover] Review

In the Morning: Reflections from First Light [Hardcover]Georgia-based author Philip Lee Williams offers deeply-felt praise for mornings in his new book which consists of a series of essays on mornings. The writing is lyrical and rich with imagery and brilliantly-rendered details from the authors' own life. He writes about his seven acres on Wildcat Ridge in rural Oconee County, Georgia. He tells us morning stories from his childhood, young adulthood, and as a father of two children and husband of wife, Linda, a night person. In one section, Williams takes us on a dangerous but also beautiful canoe trip with his brother, Mark. We visit ancient family graves and learn about his ancestors. Near the end of the book, Williams details several of the most significant mornings in his life, including the birth of his first grandchild. The entire book is bathed in nature with a generous helping of historical facts as they relate to morning, plus spirituality of the morning variety.

This book will appeal most to morning people, especially those who cherish and enjoy reading about the natural world. But you don't have to be a morning person to love this book. Even night people will find themselves lost in the poetry and nature of Williams' mornings.

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Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace: Family Prayers in Song for Morning and Bedtime (Audio CD) Review

Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace: Family Prayers in Song for Morning and BedtimeThis book is really sweet.I use it to put my kids to bed every night (and they actually sleep through the night which is no small feat!)I highly recommend it!

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Between Midnight and Morning [Paperback] Review

Between Midnight and Morning [Paperback]Historic hauntings and ghost stories from the frontier, from Hispanic and Native American traditions, provide a taste of something different in this ghost account. Fans of ghost stories and ethnic storytelling will relish this set of stories composed by a master storyteller.

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Product Description:
In the shadows lurking between midnight and morning, the imagination reigns. Wolves become women, native artifacts carry curses, and the ghost of Miss Kate catches flying wine glasses. All of the stories come from the performance repertory of Storyteller Patrick Mendoza.

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Coyote Morning: A Novel (Paperback) Review

Coyote Morning: A NovelThis compelling tale begins with a chance meeting, witnessed by a horrified mother, between her seven year old daughter and a coyote. Set in Valle Bosque, a fictional suburb of Albuquerque, this tale will resonate with anyone who has followed the environmental tug of war between developers, would be suburbanites and environmentalists. Anyone who lives in the present day south west will recognize Lisa Lenard-Cook's timely snapshot of the uneasy meeting and mingling of wild lands and suburbs.

Lisa tackles the environmental issues that create enemies and alliances between coyote supporters and the coyote haters. On one hand Coyote Morning is an examination of the efforts individuals make to cope with modern life and the inevitable dangers that result from those efforts. On the other hand Lisaexplores the relational dynamic that occurs when people live together in a mysterious and complex world.

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Cuba: The Morning After: Confronting Castro's Legacy [Paperback] Review

Cuba: The Morning After: Confronting Castro's Legacy [Paperback]Yes, Cuba is a charming and seductive place to visit.But as any one of the thousands of desperate migrants from that troubled land can tell you, it is a brutally hard place to live.Those women the tourist meets stolling along the seawall aren't out there for the view or the exercise.They are locked in a heart-wrenching struggle to eck out another day's subsistence using the only thing the state hasn't stolen from them (yet).
So it is a dirty job, but someone has to look past the charm and facade of today's Cuba and examine the cruel reality of Castro's legacy objectively.Numbers don't lie--they are what they are.That Cuba's numbers are horrible is not the fault of the author; those numbers (and the human suffering they entail) are the fault of Castro and the legions of boot-licks who have kept him in power, lo these many years.Left-wing American journalists, academics, democrat politicians, and celebrity activists figure prominently in that group, to their shame.
Mark Falcoff did this dirty job about as well as anyone could have expected.It's always a challenge to study a closed society such as Cuba's, where important facts are hidden away, crucial incidents are covered up or denied, and the official story is always a deliberate lie. I've studied Cuba closely for years, and I have always hoped that the long-sufering Cuban people would one day have a brighter future, free of Castro's suffocating bite.I was as disheartened as the previous reviewers were to be confronted with the ugly facts, but there they are.Complaining about them won't help.
Those who really care about Cuba should thank Mr. Falcoff for the 'heads up' this book provides.I hope our policy makers are aware of the information and analysis this book provides, and have some kind of plan to deal with the societal implosion the book predicts.

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Product Description:
A major study of U.S.-Cuba relations warns that America is ill-prepared for the serious dilemmas and even threats posed by a post-Castro Cuba.

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On Christmas Morning (Board book) Review

On Christmas MorningThis book is a nice blend of secular and religious christmas. Gets a little bogged down trying to rhyme but all in all my 3 yr old keeps requesting it and it's June!

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Product Description:
This title is intended for ages 2 to 5 years. Following the success of "On Easter Sunday", Patricia Pingry lends her talents to this simple, sweet story of the true meaning of Christmas. She begins with a description of the many holiday activities that keep us busy. She then takes us through a short retelling of the story of Jesus' birth and brings us full circle with the meaning behind some of our holiday traditions. Colourful illustrations accompany this small board book written just for young ones.

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Every Monday Morning [Hardcover] Review

Every Monday Morning [Hardcover]Every now and then I discover a wonderful children's book that makes sense to share with my grandson, Holden. Such is the case for Every Monday Morning by Linda Hutton. Here is a delightfully captivating story with a message of giving to others that every child should hear. What I like most about Every Monday Morning is that it encourages Holden to think about doing the right thing- rather than just telling him what to do. Great book.

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Product Description:
This whimsical, cuddle-up-and-read book tells the story of an elderly man's daily routine of selfless love and service to others. Mr. Peters is retired and widowed. But he doesn't feel like that's any reason to sit around and mope. Every Monday morning he and his little dog, Joey, put on their matching scarf and coat and walk down to the bus stop to visit with their friends. Every Monday morning they stroll around the neighborhood, always stopping at the church to pat the maple tree planted in memory of his wife. Then they go back home to eat breakfast and wait for their friends to return in the afternoon. And every weekday morning is just like every Monday morning. But one morning everything changes. When Mr. Peters hears about some needy children, he sacrifices his routine-and much more-to help them.

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The Violence of the Morning (Paperback) Review

The Violence of the MorningCal Bedient, The Violence of the Morning (University of Georgia, 2002)

There is a school of poets operating today who it wouldn't be quite right to call language poets, but who are obviously descended from the same tree. Cal Bedient is one of those poets. Sprouting from such roots can certainly have its strong points (once can't imagine one of today's mainstream poets coming up with something like the term "salvadordalliance," which alone is worth the price of admission), but it can also have its weak ones, as well (lord spare me from ever seeing another poet use the tired, and still stupid, cliché of putting open parentheses in his work and never closing them). In Bedient's latest poetic offering, the two balance themselves out, more or less.

A number of the poems in this collection are amusing, well-written, and fun, but a roughly equal number simply don't seem to go anywhere. The latter doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, if you are so in command of (and so trusting of) your language that you can completely let go of meaning (as in, say, Timothy Donnelly's brilliant Twenty-Seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit [cf. Rev. 5-12-2005]), but it doesn't seem like Bedient ever quite gets to that threshold; his poems always want to mean something, rather than being simply about the beauty of the language. And this is the trap that so many of those evolved from the common ancestor of language poetry fall into, unfortunately.

Some good stuff to be had here, and some filler and fluff as well. Still, if you stumble across it at a used bookstore or library sale, it's worth a look. ** ½

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Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia [Paperback] Review

Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia [Paperback]When you get Bright Balkan Morning you are likely to open it up and then leaf through it, looking at the photographs.After a few minutes of this you'll remove the CD from the inside back cover and put it on.Then you continue looking at the photos while listening to the sounds.
That in itself is a rich and satisfying experience.But don't stop there.Read the text!
It tells of Roma (aka Gypsy) musicians who have cornered the market on live music in polyglot Greek Macedonia.While they are at the bottom of the social order, anyone who wishes a proper wedding, festival, or party of any kind hires these musicians. The musicians generally perform in trios, one playing a bass drum while the other two play the zurna - a double-reed woodwind found throughout Eurasia and Africa. Their repertoire is drawn from the peoples who live in the area, or passed through at one time, and is sometimes more Oriental, sometimes more European - whatever the customer wants.
Keil and Keil give detailed accounts of several performances - a baptism, a wedding, and a saint's day festival - tell the life stories of a dozen or so musicians & family, and recount the broad history of the Roma in the Mediterranean as well as presenting a more focused account of their sojourn in Greek Macedonia.Blau's photographs range from intimate portraits, to dancers in full party whirl, through street scenes jumbled or measured, to serene landscapes.Some of his shots are so strikingly composed - the cover image, for example - that the effect is both subjective (Blau's aesthetic) and objective (we're looking at things, out there, in the world).Steven Feld's soundscapes give us the living flow of sound. Not only do we hear the twin zurnas flying through drum rhythms, but dancing feet, shouts of joy and exertion, motors churning, sheep braying, and Stevie Wonder piped in through a tinny sound system.
Bright Balkan Morning is a milestone.See it, hear it, read it.Take pleasure in it.

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Read One Tonight & Call Me in the Morning: Stories to Make You Feel Better [Paperback] Review

Read One Tonight & Call Me in the Morning: Stories to Make You Feel Better [Paperback]I have read all of the short story books by this author and I've read them more than once.If you want a great read in little bites or a longer read in one sitting, then I highly recommend these books!I have waited and waited for "another helping".This was a wonderful investment of my time and money.Thanks,Richard.

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Morning Prayer: from the Office of the Dead (Paperback) Review

Morning Prayer: from the Office of the DeadMORNINGPRAYER, the third book in THE OFFICE OF THE DEADseries written by Brother Bernard Seif, is both an entertaining mystery anda journey into the religious spirit.The main character, Abbot Francis, a neuropsychologist, is a "medicine man" on many levels, and a teacher.Enjoy a trip to Tibet with Abbot Francis and his friends.Take a guided journey and finish refreshed with new insights and understandings.

If learning about world religions and cultures interests you, if an entertaining mystery and an educational read is something you like, then MORNING PRAYER is highly recommended.

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Product Description:
The mystery team is at it again! This time the six good friends travel to the land of mystery and intrigue-Tibet-via Nepal and Bangkok. Having started their journey, but not even out of America yet, they are drawn into a search for an ancient Dorje-a scepter-like object used during Tibetan Buddhist prayer services. The Dorje, however, quickly becomes the least of their challenges.Fertile with information about Asian medicine and spirituality, this book is presented in a light and humorous fashion through the minds and hearts of single, married, male, female, lay, and monastic characters. The great religions of the world are also represented-and a hopeful agnostic familiar to our readers is an integral part of the action as well.Third in the Office of the Dead series, Morning Prayer is a complete monastic murder mystery containing characters which develop out of the first two complete books: Office of the Dead and Vigils. Experience friendship and danger through the psyche of a Christian monk / doctor, along with his friends, as he connects with Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns for some continuing education credits that he will never forget.

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Flashes of Sunlight: The Legend of Princess Morning Star 1968 [Paperback] Review

Flashes of Sunlight: The Legend of Princess Morning Star 1968 [Paperback]This book is so cosmic. It echoes with light. And it's like an endless upper. Especially after two tabs of acid. Morgan's voice striped the bark off the tree of my mind, totally.Find the red man, Morgan and do not let him out of your sight. You must check the soap and walk the dog three times then when the moon is full they will come. They will come in black helicopters with many drugs. And Merv Griffin shall be first because he is the most unholy. He must be protected from all harm or the winged ones will come down and pluck out the eyes of the unwary. And you shall set forth to Raleigh wave the laurel branch three times facing to the west then stand in a circle of salt and throw broccoli over your left shoulder so that the unholy one will be powerless against the red man.

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Product Description:
A young girlA's belief in a 60A's prophecy leads her on a quest to find her destiny.Instead she finds reality and must piece together her broken life becoming Princess Morning Star in an unforgiving world.MorningA's life is shaped by a brief and star-crossed relationship with a neverA-toA-beA-forgotten man who is taken from her far too soon. Flashes of Sunlight is an inspirational story of how one manA's brief life can truly change the world.A story of triumph against all odds and a love that survives even death inspires the reader to look inside themselves at what is truly important on the path of this life.

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Joy Comes in the Morning (Paperback) Review

Joy Comes in the MorningThis is a good book to read if you care for special needs children. It can give you encouragenment to keep on going when life with these precious special little ones gets complex and/or hectic. The writing is down to earth and unpolished.

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Product Description:
This book chronicles the story of one family's journey together in the realm of special needs adoption. It will give you a clear look into the lives of a family with love for children as well as the lives of the unique individuals who live life with disabilities.
You will see the impact they have had on the author's life as well as others. Their journey has been long and at times treacherous. This book walks you through the joys and perils of parenthood, adoption, and our individual search for faith.
As the author introduces you to the special people in her family you will feel encouraged and will learn the important life lessons these unique individuals can teach you. Her prayer is that you will encounter God in an amazing way that will bring you to a stronger faith in your Heavenly Father.
The reader will be encouraged, taught and drawn to a deeper faith and dependency on God. This family's story is emotion provoking, challenging and life changing.

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Sunday Went on a Pale Horse Through Monday Morning: The Novelty of a Life in Poetry 1992-2000 [Paperback] Review

Sunday Went on a Pale Horse Through Monday Morning: The Novelty of a Life in Poetry 1992-2000 [Paperback]This is not merely a book, but rather a intricate web.A webbed tale of tears, youth, life, and love.It is an adventure that we are taken upon by this brilliant young poet, Arthur Shattuck II.From beginning to end, this collection will not speak to you only in words, but also with the impossible language of the heart, and ultimately, the soul.This book will always have a room within me.We are left to wonder, who would we be without our Lord Byrons, Walt Whitmans, and our passions. And also, who are we now. Do not allow this work to go undiscovered.

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Product Description:
An Abstract, bumpy, backwards and forwards ride into the mind, emotions, dreams, ambitions of a gay man. Poems written between 1992 and 2000, they form the experiences and the true stories of a child, young man, and now adult finding out who he is in a very gray world that begs for black and white.

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A Morning Moon (Paperback) Review

A Morning MoonThis book tells the story of a family through multiple points of view and creates a fascinating picture of lives torn apart and rebuilt. Though it deals with cultures and a time period that have no particular appeal to me, I found the book absolutely riveting. You really feel for the characters and experience their heartaches and joys. I've lent this book to lots of people (male and female) and everyone loves it. But it was out of print for a long time. Why aren't there more books like this being published??? Highly recommended!

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Product Description:
A Morning Moon is a powerful and moving novel of a Jewish family's struggle to overcome the burden of its past during the turmoil of World War I and its aftermath.Set in London, Vienna, and New York, as well as the tiny villages of Austria-Hungary, it sensitively portrays the loves and hates that drive a family apart as well as bring it back together.

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Irishka in the Morning (Paperback) Review

Irishka in the MorningCould not stop reading this novel. The writing is very visual and the story compelling. Lanquage and approachrefreshingly different from the all too common detective/murder mystery yarns that all sound the same. This writer takes chances and therefore I very much recommend!

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Product Description:
Irishka in the Morning, a passionate weaving of love, betrayal, crime and eventual redemption. It is the story of a Russian immigrant, a woman in search of herself - a fallen Olympic hero who provides the means for her to find her truth - and the horror of a sick criminal and his near idiot brother who seek to end it all for both of them. It unfolds on a great river in the midst of great storm after Irishka is caught in adultery by herhusband, whose intense love for her is tainted by a lack of understanding. The story is compelling and the language is both lyric and tense, and at times,romantic. Characterizations are deeply drawn, somewhat gothic and in the case of the criminally deranged Jess, and his brother Carl, frightening. Irishka will interest you from the first pages: rousing your curiosity about her past, her exposed adultery and her need to find someone or something that can answer the questions that plague her. It is a tragic, and yet strangely romantic account ofher search and final redemption on the great river that nearly swallows her life.

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The Morning of the Red Admirals (Paperback) Review

The Morning of the Red AdmiralsThere are some nice images and common threads throughout these poems.The image of the Red Admiral butterfly flutters through, starting with the titled poem, through the reflections/essays "In Panama" and in the section on ten thousand wing beats.There are occasional church references, as the "Church of the Last years fallen leaves" the "Church of Doubting Thomas", a synod of crows, and a light redeeming the woods. Light and illumination also bends across the poems with a "silver hour", or days in November "the color and heft of lead", and the "bendable light" of the poem Koan. Dana takes risks with the poems, as he tries to "push past himself" into different styles of thought.The final section of the book marks his departure, perhaps emulating the red admiral butterfly, constantly improvising its strokes. Many of these newer poems work but some seem "confounding" as the cover jacket states.

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Product Description:
Dana employs an astonishing range of poetic strategies to describe the pleasure and pain of this fraught moment in our history. And just as the brightly colored butterfly animates these pages, now lighting on a domestic scene, now flitting through a meditation on the nature of poetry, so Dana steps lightly "down some moonless fractal, wild refraction, unpredictable reflection." His clarity of vision and economy of means enact an exuberant encounter with the world; his vivid reading of his walk in the sun- "Alive on the breath-edge of metaphor"- is at once bracing and wise. Robert Dana is a magnificent poet.
- Christopher MerrillIn this, his tenth collection of poems, Robert Dana surprises, delights, and may even momentarily confound his readers with this ambitious book which is, above all, a work of transformations. "Heaven is here, not there"- Dana says, and these poems invite us to "Dance ... down this senseless, bright dingle of commingling and delicious confusions" so that we, too, can say, with the poet, "Every day I live I live forever."- Richard Holinger

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Quilting in the Morning Calm: Floral Delights from Ancient Korea [Paperback] Review

Quilting in the Morning Calm: Floral Delights from Ancient Korea [Paperback]For a number of years, Shirley MacGregor has been bringing us the beauties of the Far East rendered as quilts through her "Manhole Cover" books, which feature designs from the streets of Japan. In this volume she and her co-author (and a bevy of volunteer quilters) have provided a variation on the theme, borrowing floral designs from 16th century Korea and rendering them in appliqué. The book is a rich cultural mix - part history, part biography, part art - held together by the stories of the quilters and their quilts as they brought these lovely designs to life. Basic appliqué instructions and patterns are included for making some of these quilts. The most spectacular of the quilts is a rendering of the "two pumpkins" design by Madelaine Hutchin of Sussex, England, but all of the quilts are lovely, and as usual with the books from Carriage Trade Press, very different.

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Product Description:
In Quilting In The Morning Calm: Floral Delights fromAncient Korea, Shirley MacGregor and Sheila Steers turn a quilter'seye to Korea's ancient Chosun Dynasty, and to the works of SimSaimdang. Born in the early 1500's this very talented woman quietlysidestepped the harsh restrictions of the times to express herartistic gifts through embroidery, calligraphy, poetry andpainting. She painted simple but elegant representations of plants andinsects on decorative screens to grace her family's livingquarters. Now, almost 500 years have passed and we discover that herpaintings are wonderfully suited to applique.
Here an international group of quilt artists interpret seven of these beautiful paintings in cloth. We invite you to join them in celebrating the spirit of one of Korea's most notable women.
The book features 17 beautiful quilts by quilt artists from the US, Canada, Korea, the UK & New Zealand
Full-size tear-out patterns for each design Authentic designs found in the art and archetecture of ancient Korea
Biographical information on participating quilters, and comments on their work
Cultural notes on Korea and the life of Sim Saimdang
Helpful information on applique methods and materials

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Good Morning, Morning Glory: When the Flower of Your Life Dies [Hardcover] Review

Good Morning, Morning Glory: When the Flower of Your Life Dies [Hardcover]An eloquent composition of a difficult time of dealing with death and many other challenges and emotions in life.A very talented writing that really brings the reader into the story.An easy read, the writing and story flow very smoothly.You won't want to put it down before you finish it!

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Morning Star [Paperback] Review

Morning Star [Paperback]Once you start reading, It's almost impossible to stop. The way the author interweaves the stories presented is unique and it just captivates you.

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Product Description:
Two college professors of a reputable California institute of higher learning are drawn together in a series of inexplicable mysteries involving a timeless woman. Two law enforcement officials put their polished skills to the test in some effort to solve an unbreakable chain of dark enigmas that center around Santa Monica, California. Two Britishers are pulled into a web of amicable intrigue that is shielded in a dark secret.

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Deep Within the Morning Glory Blue (Paperback) Review

Deep Within the Morning Glory BlueThis story is about two young women, Isobelle an accountant, and Evelyn the architect, who fall instantly on love with each other on a London train in modern day England.Neither has ever been attracted to a woman before but from their first glance, they are smitten with each other. However, all is not well for the two young lovers because Evelyn has a stalker who has been terrifying her for years and is now threatening to kill her one and only love, Isobelle, in a jealous vendetta.

What I LOVED about this book was its literally style (a writing style which I usually don't like).Ms. Malinky writes very much in the vein of the Bronte sisters, Jane Austin, and Emily Dickenson, which means this book is full of lyrical writing and is very reminiscent of a 18th century novel.After I read this book the first time, I immediately started reading it again. If you enjoy romance, extremely likable and intelligent characters, beauty, and a well-written story, pick up this very excellent book. I can hardly wait for Ms. Malinky to write another book! She is an absolutely fantastic writer!Kudos to Ms. Malinky!!

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Product Description:
Isobelle Swanson is making her usual train journey into London one crisp morning, when she meets Evelyn Hertford, a specialist architect as beautifully striking as the converted water tower in which she lives. This is a story about two women who fall very much in love and how they deal with their relationship and the impending wedding of Isobelle's sister, Fiona. A forthright Evelyn tells of her tortured past, for she is the subject of a vitriolic stalker whose malignant presence haunts the two young women through the course of the book. With the increasingly threatening behaviour of the stalker juxtaposed with the fevered imminence of the wedding, the conclusion aims to hold the reader spellbound to the end.

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Land of the Morning Calm (Hardcover) Review

Land of the Morning CalmThis story is amazing.It is a no-nonsense - sometimes gritty - view of life from an American soldier's point of view.For someone who has no personal experience of war, I found it sad, funny, educational and often surprising.But, just when I thought I had it figured out - a solider's Korean diary of sorts - the real, heart-warming truth of this man's beautiful mission over there is revealed.I strongly recommend you read it and find out what happens!

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Product Description:
It's 1968, and Herb Royce, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army Military Police, has been married for less than two weeks when he receives his orders to ship out. To his surprise, he's not heading off to fight in the jungles of Vietnam; he is being sent to Korea instead. Not willing to be left behind, his wife, Joyce, a headstrong Canadian nurse, follows him and gets a job in a Korean hospital next to Herb's camp. But little do the two realize just what they've got themselves into. North Korea's dictator is desperate to start a second Korean War in parallel with the Vietnam conflict. The snatching of a U.S. Navy ship, the USS Pueblo, is just the beginning of a murderous yearlong struggle. Unfortunately, Herb has more than a maniacal dictator to deal with. His unstable, alcoholic colonel commands a tactical nuclear rocket outfit and clearly hates Herb's guts. It's soon evident that the colonel wouldn't mind sending Herb back to the United States in a body bag. In as increasingly hostile environment, Joyce and Herb find their relationship tested in a strange and deadly world filled with spies, black marketeers, thieves, prostitutes and murderous North Korean army commandos. But when Herb rescues an abandoned Korean infant, the couple embarks on a truly extraordinary journey, one that will define them in ways they never thought possible.

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When Morning Comes [Paperback] Review

When Morning Comes [Paperback]This is a fast-paced read that packs some understated yet serious poetic punch into a memorable story that works well as a young adult novel, although it appeals to older readers as well. I give the writer extra points for not getting bogged down in narrative detail that could make a story like this sag. Written in a clear, unpretentious style, this is a story of the type one rarely sees today, with all the moral equivocating out there. Hope to see more from this author!

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Product Description:
It's the summer of 1940, and night has fallen on Europe. A young woman whose family has taken refuge in France sees the nation that has defined itself as the cradle of human rights transformed by the menacing shadow of the Third Reich. As the Nazification of France proceeds, she is caught up with her lover in a Jewish resistance group that becomes part of a larger organization directed from London. A story of personal drama and political intrigue set against a wartime background meticulously researched and vividly portrayed.

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Wait The Morning Light (Paperback) Review

Wait The Morning LightIn WAIT THE MORNING LIGHT, Bonnie Drury draws from the Irish philosophy that, no matter how bleak, things always get better with the morning light. But Leah Scarpelli is coming to the realization that the darkest times of life come in the dark hours of the night, and sometimes waiting for the morning can be almost impossible.
Leah covered a desperate secret of guilt and shame seventeen years ago, going on to live a nearly idyllic life with her beloved husband Nick, son Renny and daughter Erin. But the past has come back with a vengeance, in the form of Kane Lambert. And now he has the power to destroy Leah's world, quickly and savagely. And when he's done, no one in Leah's world will ever be the same.
Nick, the loving but frequently absent father and husband, doesn't realize the pain of loneliness he subjects his family to for the sake of a blooming career. But Nick has his own secrets, equally as devastating as Leah's, and dares not share the truth.
Kane Lambert is a famous but extraordinarily reclusive author writing under a pen name. Kane met Leah in college, taking her on a date that promises to destroy her life seventeen years later. Kane's secrets reveal treachery, frighteningly dangerous. Obsessed with Leah, Kane's determined to have her as his own, no matter the cost.
WAIT THE MORNING LIGHT forces the reader to reevaluate the meaning of family, friendship, and relationships of all sorts. Artfully combining the elements of intrigue, suspense, and love, Bonnie Drury reveals the ties that bind the heart. Be prepared for tears of grief and of joy as this wonderful novel tugs at the heartstrings. And truly, no matter how bleak life appears, WAIT THE MORNING LIGHT proves the beauty to be had when the dark night of the soul has passed.

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Product Description:
Leah Scarpelli's life is perfect until a secret from the past walks through her door. In the aftermath, the Scarpelli family will never be the same, but love and forgiveness have a way of creating miracles...

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A Very Full Morning (Hardcover) Review

A Very Full MorningLittle Tooth is headed off for the first day of school.She is worried about the new school year.The whole way through, you have no IDEA that the main character is not a child! At the end you find out it is an ADULT - AND that she is a teacher, afraid of her first day of school.The book showed that not only children are afraid on the first day of school.

It would make a great read aloud for the first day of school!

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Saturday Morning Censors: Television Regulation before the V-Chip (Console-ing Passions) [Paperback] Review

Saturday Morning Censors: Television Regulation before the V-Chip [Paperback]If you are interested in the topic of children and the media, this is an important book to read. You'll learn about the regulatory politics and tv production practices that gave rise to classic children's tv shows like Sesame Street, Strawberry Shortcake, and GI Joe--and that have continued to influence the content of children's tv in important (and often deeply problematic) ways. It is a serious read, but well written and compelling. I have used chapters from the book in classes I've taught (university level) on children and the media, and the discussions that have followed (about deregulation, commercialism, gender, cultural imperialism...) have been very lively. In many cases, students have continued to refer back to concepts raised in the book throughout the course.

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Product Description:
Many parents, politicians, and activists agree that there's too much violence and not enough education on children's television. Current solutions range from the legislative (the Children's Television Act of 1990) to the technological (the V-chip). Saturday Morning Censors examines the history of adults' attempts to safeguard children from the violence, sexism, racism, and commercialism on television since the 1950s. By focusing on what censorship and regulation are and how they work-rather than on whether they should exist-Heather Hendershot shows how adults use these processes to reinforce their own ideas about childhood innocence.
Drawing on archival studio material, interviews with censors and animators, and social science research, Hendershot analyzes media activist strategies, sexism and racism at the level of cartoon manufacture, and the product-linked cartoons of the 1980s, such as Strawberry Shortcake and Transformers. But in order to more fully examine adult reception of children's TV, she also discusses "good" programs like Sesame Street and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Providing valuable historical context for debates surrounding such current issues as the V-chip and the banning of Power Rangers toys in elementary schools, Saturday Morning Censors demonstrates how censorship can reveal more fears than it hides.
Saturday Morning Censors will appeal to educators, parents, and media activists, as well as to those in cultural studies, television studies, gender studies, and American social history.

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Good Morning Afghanistan (Paperback) Review

Good Morning AfghanistanThis beautifully written, compelling, real-life drama brings together a disparate group of individuals whose lives were changed by the events of 9/11.It's a story of hope against long odds, describing the devastating impact of the Taliban on Afghanistan, and the dawning of a new day there.After thirty years of war (starting with the Soviet invasion in 1979), famine, abandonment by the western world, and finally the scourge of the Taliban, there is finally hope after the overthrow of the Taliban.But how can a country rebound after so many years of disaster?One answer is in the power of media -- and this is the story of how a newly created radio station can change lives.Starting with funding from a Danish NGO, a small group of dedicated individuals makes a dramatic impact in Afghanistan with a new radio station broadcasting "Good Morning Afghanistan" to the millions of Afghan citizens.This story of hope -- and the difference that a small number of individuals can make -- is truly inspirational.

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Product Description:
Waseem Mahmood lost almost everything when his brother broke a confidence and filed a story in the world's highest circulating tabloid newspaper, the News of the World.He fearedhe would never work in broadcast media again, and history intervened with the events of 9/11, the attack on Afghanistan, and the fall of the Taliban. Headed by Mahmood, a group of local and foreign journalists responded to the events by producing a radio program based in Kabul to disseminate much-needed and, for the first time, uncensored information to the country's people. What they end up providing is hope for a devastated land and a voice for a people long smothered by oppression. Told with searing honesty, this is a story of struggle, cruelty, and courage populated by ordinary people who risk their lives for freedom.

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Good Morning Honey, Goodbye Daddy, Goodnight Sweetheart (Paperback) Review

Good Morning Honey, Goodbye Daddy, Goodnight SweetheartThis is a wonderful book that I purchased for all of my school-age family members. This is a heart filled story that children will be excited about reading over and over again!!

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Product Description:
Freedom is not free, but the high price has been paid by the ultimate sacrifice of our men & women of our Armed Forces. In -Good Morning Honey, Goodbye Daddy, Goodnight Sweetheart- one serviceman demonstrates the transition from being a family man, to being on the front line, and again being a father. He certainly has the strength of a man, the heart of a lion, yet the tenderness of a child.Often times these brave souls are asked, "What are you better at, being a parent or serviceman?" And confronted with the question, many would respond with, "I give my all to be the best at both. And with that, succeeding at one helps me excel at the other."Defeating the War on Terror, this story is a modern day uplifting children-s tale. It-s a story to bond our military families together from the separation of answering the call of duty.See how one brave man unhesitatingly fights for our freedom. Learn how he & his daughter endure parting one another, but are kept together through a common bond. And smile as his homecoming silently dries her tears.

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Morning Walk (Paperback) Review

Morning WalkVivid descriptions and colorful characters within an enticing plot make this book a great read.You won't want to put this one down as you follow the main character on her "journey of discovery."

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Product Description:
Jessica Steele's short morning walks set her on an unexpected journey that reconciles her past and her future and her relationship with God.

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Is My Morning Ever Gonna Come?: Weighting on God [Paperback] Review

Is My Morning Ever Gonna Come: Weighting on God [Paperback]This book is a refreshing look into the soul of a young black male.It's open, honest, and it leaves you wondering what he'll say or do next.I love the way the author shares intimate details of his personal experiences with the Lord.His writing stirred many emotions in me....laughter, crying, rejoicing, and praise as God seemed to take him by the hand and walk him through a journey called life.The author's love story really touched and captivated me.It's not often that we get a peek into the heart of a man.He is transparent and real, and I liked that.I recommend this to both men and women, as we can all benefit from the lessons he shares in this book.

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Product Description:
A thought-provoking project filled with revelatory spiritual insight of one man's journey to his purpose on earth, Is My Morning Ever Gonna Come?: Weighting on God unfolds as a series of intimate diary entries scribed from the heart of the author. Lock in with this unique publication and experience the weight of His glory as the author takes us from great pain to great gain and from the emptiness of loneliness to the emergence of wholesome ministry as he battles with seemingly unfulfilled promises to the interpretation of divine revelation. A personal invitation to a deeper level of spiritual intimacy through practical teaching and a tangible relationship with the Heavenly Father, this project is designed to empower, enable, and invoke radical redemption. It is the desire of the author that the reader would experience the power of the pen. Dare to experience this fully loaded, power-paced, spirit-filled literary adventure recorded through the art of the writing pen.

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Prayer for the Morning Headlines: On the Sanctity of Life and Death [Paperback] Review

Prayer for the Morning Headlines: On the Sanctity of Life and Death [Paperback]"For me Father Berrigan is Jesus as a poet.If this be heresy, make the most of it."
-Kurt Vonnegut"Dan Berrigan is a national treasure, and he has added another powerful, poignant book to his towering life's work. Adrianna Amari's photographs offer searching complements to Berrigan's poems. Read and reflect on this book, and share it with others."
-Amy Goodman
Democracy Now!
Co-Author, Static!"Beautiful. Haunting."
-Martin Sheen
Activist and Actor, The Departed and The West Wing"The steadfastness of this Saint, Daniel Berrigan, is ever revealed in his poems. His poetry is joined in this beautiful volume by the muses of history and art."
-Ramsey Clark
Former U.S. Attorney General

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Product Description:
"Seed Hope. Flower Peace."Decades after the end of the Vietnam War, and years since the start of the Iraq War, these words by Jesuit priest, poet, peace activist, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Daniel Berrigan still resonate. Prayer for the Morning Headlines: On the Sanctity of Life and Death pairs select Berrigan poems with luminous photographs of cemetery statuary by Adrianna Amari.In this beautiful collection, the evocative images combine to form a meditation on the profound impact of the loss of any life, and bear witness to lasting grief, memory, and love. As noted historian Howard Zinn states in his eloquent introduction, "...it was in Baltimore that Adrianna Amari took her extraordinary photographs of sculptures scattered through the city. It is all there, as in Berrigan's poems- life and death, the prayer that comes with commitment, the hope that comes with resistance, the visions of a world where peace and justice prevail."At times tranquil, at times dramatic, the words and images in Prayer for the Morning Headlines always implore readers to love one another and fight war no more.

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Santa Anita Morning Rhapsody [Hardcover] Review

Santa Anita Morning Rhapsody [Hardcover]Davis is a genius with a camera. Her book consistently takes your breath away. Passionate, dramatic, and purely gorgeous, with each turned page your eyes widen and you say "Wow!" Women weep. Men get goose bumps. I've watched people. A photographic page-turner! Many horse photos are beautiful but can seem "staged" and artificial.Davis's photos make you feel like you're standing right there. They're alive. Vibrant. And suddenly so are you. But the whole book is a work of genius. From the magnificent sunrise cover, past the stunning and stormy inside front, you're drawn into the private world of morning thoroughbred training at Santa Anita racetrack ... starting in the dark, full moon setting over silent paddock, walking to the back side, looking down a predawn shedrow, horses hungry, fed and saddled, off to the track in mysterious fog, sun rising over galloping steeds, horses getting loose, caught, walked, bathed, and brushed. Bunnies, goats, and cats keep them company. Horses are magnificent animals most would agree, but Davis reveals so many personality traits. Mischievous, stubborn, frightened, trusting, gentle, bored, as playful as a child. We see everything, in a setting so real you smell the hay and want to peel a paint chip off the barn, and drop your jaw at the glorious mountain surroundings. Davis's composition in a photo is perfection, but the order of photos equally captures you, as does the ingenious design ... not just a photo per stark white page, but riders chasing loose horses across two pages; arresting scenes laid against backdrops of *other* photos or pieces of photos enlarged to bring out remarkable detail; a center gatefold that leaves you gasping. Incredible! And just when it couldn't get any better, some of the most evocative lines of Shakespeare---about horses---send chills through you. All professionals aspire to images that leave the clinical, two-dimensional realm and achieve art. Davis succeeds. Sheer genius. Sweet perfection. Passion. They're within her, in her heart and eye. Included are the praises of over a dozen famous jockeys, trainers, artists (practically unheard of in a first edition)! This book puts other horse and track, and many plain old photography, books to shame.

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Product Description:
Embracing a photographic collection as fascinating as Muybridge, as beautiful as Vavra, and as compelling as any Eclipse Award winner, this behind-the-scenes, full-color book showing Santa Anita racetrack in the early mornings is the first of its kind. With unmistakable passion for horse and place, Karen S. Davis exalts in every photo the life of a thoroughbred at perhaps the world's most beautiful racetrack, standing beneath the majestic San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. Through her eyes we see the sun rise, seasons change, and horses run free, delicately entwined with Shakespeare's enduring equine imagery.

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