In the Morning: Reflections from First Light [Hardcover] Review

In the Morning: Reflections from First Light [Hardcover]Georgia-based author Philip Lee Williams offers deeply-felt praise for mornings in his new book which consists of a series of essays on mornings. The writing is lyrical and rich with imagery and brilliantly-rendered details from the authors' own life. He writes about his seven acres on Wildcat Ridge in rural Oconee County, Georgia. He tells us morning stories from his childhood, young adulthood, and as a father of two children and husband of wife, Linda, a night person. In one section, Williams takes us on a dangerous but also beautiful canoe trip with his brother, Mark. We visit ancient family graves and learn about his ancestors. Near the end of the book, Williams details several of the most significant mornings in his life, including the birth of his first grandchild. The entire book is bathed in nature with a generous helping of historical facts as they relate to morning, plus spirituality of the morning variety.

This book will appeal most to morning people, especially those who cherish and enjoy reading about the natural world. But you don't have to be a morning person to love this book. Even night people will find themselves lost in the poetry and nature of Williams' mornings.

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