Star of the Morning (Paperback) Review

Star of the MorningThe setting for this book is Cape Town in the 1970's where races are still divided with buses and benches clearly marked as "whites only" and racial demarcation is very much a fact of life. Ruby and Rose are orphaned sisters who are being brought up in a convent following the death of their mother. Their only other relatives are the family of their mother's sister, Olive, an overbearing, selfish woman who allows them to visit her just once a month for lunch and where she belittles them from sheer spite and nastiness. Ruby, the elder, is the more level headed of the two and when she leaves the convent to work, finds a place where Rose can eventually join her. Rose marries young when she quickly finds a kind man to look after her but Ruby educates herslf with correspondence courses until she achieves a diploma in business practices and gets a good job with a large fish cannery. An extremely reserved young woman, she is overwhelmed when she catches the eye of a wealthy man with whom she continues a love affair for many years but who leaves her finacially secure. It's a plaintive love between sisters and a somwhat tentative love for a man, but a sad one also as poor Ruby never seems to achieve happiness.

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Product Description:
Haunting literary novel about two sisters from South Africa's Cape Coloured community, orphaned and growing up in Cape Town during apartheid, by the award-winning author of Dance with a Poor Man's Daughter

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