Santa Anita Morning Rhapsody [Hardcover] Review

Santa Anita Morning Rhapsody [Hardcover]Davis is a genius with a camera. Her book consistently takes your breath away. Passionate, dramatic, and purely gorgeous, with each turned page your eyes widen and you say "Wow!" Women weep. Men get goose bumps. I've watched people. A photographic page-turner! Many horse photos are beautiful but can seem "staged" and artificial.Davis's photos make you feel like you're standing right there. They're alive. Vibrant. And suddenly so are you. But the whole book is a work of genius. From the magnificent sunrise cover, past the stunning and stormy inside front, you're drawn into the private world of morning thoroughbred training at Santa Anita racetrack ... starting in the dark, full moon setting over silent paddock, walking to the back side, looking down a predawn shedrow, horses hungry, fed and saddled, off to the track in mysterious fog, sun rising over galloping steeds, horses getting loose, caught, walked, bathed, and brushed. Bunnies, goats, and cats keep them company. Horses are magnificent animals most would agree, but Davis reveals so many personality traits. Mischievous, stubborn, frightened, trusting, gentle, bored, as playful as a child. We see everything, in a setting so real you smell the hay and want to peel a paint chip off the barn, and drop your jaw at the glorious mountain surroundings. Davis's composition in a photo is perfection, but the order of photos equally captures you, as does the ingenious design ... not just a photo per stark white page, but riders chasing loose horses across two pages; arresting scenes laid against backdrops of *other* photos or pieces of photos enlarged to bring out remarkable detail; a center gatefold that leaves you gasping. Incredible! And just when it couldn't get any better, some of the most evocative lines of Shakespeare---about horses---send chills through you. All professionals aspire to images that leave the clinical, two-dimensional realm and achieve art. Davis succeeds. Sheer genius. Sweet perfection. Passion. They're within her, in her heart and eye. Included are the praises of over a dozen famous jockeys, trainers, artists (practically unheard of in a first edition)! This book puts other horse and track, and many plain old photography, books to shame.

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Product Description:
Embracing a photographic collection as fascinating as Muybridge, as beautiful as Vavra, and as compelling as any Eclipse Award winner, this behind-the-scenes, full-color book showing Santa Anita racetrack in the early mornings is the first of its kind. With unmistakable passion for horse and place, Karen S. Davis exalts in every photo the life of a thoroughbred at perhaps the world's most beautiful racetrack, standing beneath the majestic San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. Through her eyes we see the sun rise, seasons change, and horses run free, delicately entwined with Shakespeare's enduring equine imagery.

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