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Wait The Morning LightIn WAIT THE MORNING LIGHT, Bonnie Drury draws from the Irish philosophy that, no matter how bleak, things always get better with the morning light. But Leah Scarpelli is coming to the realization that the darkest times of life come in the dark hours of the night, and sometimes waiting for the morning can be almost impossible.
Leah covered a desperate secret of guilt and shame seventeen years ago, going on to live a nearly idyllic life with her beloved husband Nick, son Renny and daughter Erin. But the past has come back with a vengeance, in the form of Kane Lambert. And now he has the power to destroy Leah's world, quickly and savagely. And when he's done, no one in Leah's world will ever be the same.
Nick, the loving but frequently absent father and husband, doesn't realize the pain of loneliness he subjects his family to for the sake of a blooming career. But Nick has his own secrets, equally as devastating as Leah's, and dares not share the truth.
Kane Lambert is a famous but extraordinarily reclusive author writing under a pen name. Kane met Leah in college, taking her on a date that promises to destroy her life seventeen years later. Kane's secrets reveal treachery, frighteningly dangerous. Obsessed with Leah, Kane's determined to have her as his own, no matter the cost.
WAIT THE MORNING LIGHT forces the reader to reevaluate the meaning of family, friendship, and relationships of all sorts. Artfully combining the elements of intrigue, suspense, and love, Bonnie Drury reveals the ties that bind the heart. Be prepared for tears of grief and of joy as this wonderful novel tugs at the heartstrings. And truly, no matter how bleak life appears, WAIT THE MORNING LIGHT proves the beauty to be had when the dark night of the soul has passed.

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Product Description:
Leah Scarpelli's life is perfect until a secret from the past walks through her door. In the aftermath, the Scarpelli family will never be the same, but love and forgiveness have a way of creating miracles...

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