A Morning Moon (Paperback) Review

A Morning MoonThis book tells the story of a family through multiple points of view and creates a fascinating picture of lives torn apart and rebuilt. Though it deals with cultures and a time period that have no particular appeal to me, I found the book absolutely riveting. You really feel for the characters and experience their heartaches and joys. I've lent this book to lots of people (male and female) and everyone loves it. But it was out of print for a long time. Why aren't there more books like this being published??? Highly recommended!

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Product Description:
A Morning Moon is a powerful and moving novel of a Jewish family's struggle to overcome the burden of its past during the turmoil of World War I and its aftermath.Set in London, Vienna, and New York, as well as the tiny villages of Austria-Hungary, it sensitively portrays the loves and hates that drive a family apart as well as bring it back together.

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