Morning: A Novel (Paperback) Review

Morning: A NovelI picked this book up on the strength of the author's notes.I was unacquainted with W. D.Wetherell's prior work. He deserves all the praise he can garner for this one.It is an original work of high literary value.The use of overarching metaphors that drive the narrative rather than the easier route of simple plotting; the sustained, unbroken drive, and the effort the author makes to dig deeply into the complexity of events and characters - to find believable, psychologically natural justifiction for the events and entanglements he describes are all the mark of a mature literary talent at the height of his descriptive and creative powers.
I began the book with the realization that Mr. Wetherell had set himself up for a difficult task, and I fully expected that there would be the usual sag in the middle, or the overly tidy resolution at the end - a dip into self-reference, nostalgia, sentimentality or a series of overstated metaphors. But the author is relentless in his disciplined judgement and striving for the original and fresh view of his material.
There were passages that I was tempted to skim, the dreamy sequences of stream-of-consciousness inner monologue, but the beauty of the language and the aptness of these sequences to the general plot made me go back and re-read them in detail, and I was inevitably rewarded with insight and understanding.
Great work!

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