A Life's Morning (Paperback) Review

A Life's MorningIf you've not read Gissing's "Unclassed,"" "Jubille," or "New Grubb Street," I would start there and leave "A Life's Morning" until you're sure you're a real fan of the author.

Not that this is a terrible book, but it is one of Gissing's earlier novels... written when he is in his early 20s. It does not have the subplots and character development of his later work. The characters seem like stereotypes of "good woman," "helpfull matron" etc.

This story is mainly about two people who meet and want to get married. All manner of things get in the way of this ambition, poverty of course being the worst obstacle. There is the wealthy bluebeard cad who aims to steal the fair maiden, and other semi-cliched plottings that aren't very believeable. Still we do see the trials and hardships that befall those unfortunate enough to be born poor.

This books also has a happy ending, which seems unusual for Gissing. Maybe his publisher asked him to change it... or someone re-wrote it.

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