Every Monday Morning [Hardcover] Review

Every Monday Morning [Hardcover]Every now and then I discover a wonderful children's book that makes sense to share with my grandson, Holden. Such is the case for Every Monday Morning by Linda Hutton. Here is a delightfully captivating story with a message of giving to others that every child should hear. What I like most about Every Monday Morning is that it encourages Holden to think about doing the right thing- rather than just telling him what to do. Great book.

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Product Description:
This whimsical, cuddle-up-and-read book tells the story of an elderly man's daily routine of selfless love and service to others. Mr. Peters is retired and widowed. But he doesn't feel like that's any reason to sit around and mope. Every Monday morning he and his little dog, Joey, put on their matching scarf and coat and walk down to the bus stop to visit with their friends. Every Monday morning they stroll around the neighborhood, always stopping at the church to pat the maple tree planted in memory of his wife. Then they go back home to eat breakfast and wait for their friends to return in the afternoon. And every weekday morning is just like every Monday morning. But one morning everything changes. When Mr. Peters hears about some needy children, he sacrifices his routine-and much more-to help them.

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