Under Attack: Morning Dawn in Venezuela (Paperback) Review

Under Attack: Morning Dawn in VenezuelaI must say that I was quite suspicious about the book as I read two extremely contradicting reviews, however, I am now fully convinced that the negative review came from someone either being pro-Bush or from the Venezolan opposition as I couldn't find any of the arguments made by the reviewer be true, even not the poor editing of the book he cited. I am happy that I had a chance to read a sober analysis of the process of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and be presented with so many economic facts which clearly speak for itself. The author has chosen a good way of explaining complicated matters such as the oil - issue and the hidden agenda of the former management of the oil company. I can only recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the real story in a time mass media is trying to distract our attention.

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Product Description:
Under Attack gives an overview of the political crisis of Venezuela under the government of President Hugo Chavez. It also puts into context why the opposition in Venezuela to a large degree is infuriated by any move the Bolivarian Revolution makes and why the Bush White House is so eager to solve the 'problem' by any means. A detailed analysis of the economic facts explains how the revenues from oil benefit the rich class and foreign shareholders. Closer scrutiny reveals that conflicts between ‘Opposicion' and ‘Chavistas' in reality may rather be seen as the constant struggle between Rich and Poor. The author offers a view free from any ideology and down to the facts by putting his finger into the wounds of both sides. Under Attack features an exclusive interview with President Chavez. The film Factor CH is available on DVD for purchase.

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The Morning Tree (Perfect Paperback) Review

The Morning TreeThis novel, although set in bibical times and the central plot revolves around a search for a missing scroll of the Christian Bible, is not entirely about religion.It is about coping with inner demons and is a compassionate, intimate tale of Ras, a Centurion, and his struggles to be noble as revealed by his inner life and yearnings.It is a human portrait, not only of Ras, but reels in a host of memorable characters. The chapters follow the phases of the moon in the weeks after the crucifixion of Christ and build to the conclusion, appropriately at the full moon.I found this book poignant, timely and inspiring.A novel that urges one to consider the teaching of Christ in a singular light and to know there is no compromise to non-viollence.The story carries you along to your own conclusions.It is an enjoyable read, and stands on its own as an adventure novel.

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Product Description:
Under a fig tree ... In the blistering morning sun of Galilee ... A centurion kills for a sacred scroll ... Did Jesus write a gospel in his own hand? His disciples say so, and one of their own has stolen it.Days after the crucifixion, a centurion, Ras, is tasked by the disciples of Jesus to find the missing scroll of the man from Nazareth who would be called the Christ.Although sunlight can kill him, Ras, a man of war, searches from the wastelands of Galilee and Judea to the secret dungeons of the temple in Jerusalem.But Ras has been deceived. People are not who they seem to be. A hidden truth is revealed under the morning tree at the tip of a blade: to serve Jesus with violence is to destroy his teachings. This novel was inspired by the events of early 2003. During the initial phases of the American invasion of Iraq, George W. Bush, an avowed Christian, informed the public that he prayed while giving orders to go to war. That revelation evoked an image of Mr. Bush, alone in a White House chapel, hearing a voice that he should get peace in the Middle East.The solution: punish the evildoer. Austin Reams, author of "The Morning Tree," had much difficulty reconciling Bush s message and actions with those of Jesus of Nazareth. In the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus told his followers at the Sermon on the Mount, Do not resist an evildoer.In the gospel according to Luke, Jesus says, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.Mr. Reams believed that there is no room for war or killing in Jesus teachings.He also felt that there was little inspiration in popular literature for peace. He wrote The Morning Tree, a historical novel, to provide an entertaining, and yet provocative, exemplar of nonviolence to readers.

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Waiting for the Morning: A Mother and Daughter's Journey through Alzheimer's Disease (Paperback) Review

Waiting for the Morning: A Mother and Daughter's Journey through Alzheimer's DiseaseWaiting for the Morning is a wonderfully written journal by Brenda Parris Sibley. If you want to know what Alzheimer's disease is all about, this is a must read book! From the very beginning, when Brenda returns home to care for her mom, we can feel the constant roller coaster ride as she tells of her experiences. Brenda expresses her thoughts and emotions so well that you feel as if you are also right there! Her book clearly shows the love she had for her mother and the guilt which overtakes her as she cannot stop this dreaded disease. Her thoughts and feelings teach us to treasure each moment as a caregiver and the blessings that come with it. She also shows us that there is life after caregiving ends and we gradually find our way back into the world. Her poems are beautiful and the pictures make you feel as if you always knew her mom. There are many references for suggested reading, so together with her story, anyone who reads Waiting For The Morning will come away much richer and blessed!

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Product Description:
Evoking both tears and laughter, all of the emotions of Alzheimer's care giving are expressed in this chronicle, through moving poetry, journal entries, and photos from family albums through the years.
From the creator of the award-winning website, "A Year to Remember...with My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease," this book brings together Brenda Parris Sibley's poetry, her care giving journal, and cherished photographs from family albums through the years. Waiting for the Morning, the title which comes from one of her poems, is a memorial to Jessie Lee Parris, a victim of Alzheimer's, and provides helpful information for coping with care giving, including a bibliography of suggested books for both adults and children, and a webliography of recommended Web sites by organizations, professionals, caregivers, and early-onset Alzheimer's patients.

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The Sun In The Morning [Audio Cassette] Review

The Sun In The Morning [Audio Cassette]I am quite a traveler, but have never really wanted to go to India...it sounded to intense for me somehow...but this book could possibly have changed my mind! I have listened to the Book on Tape and then I immediately found an out-of-print book version because I enjoyed it so much, The author, who wrote "Far Pavillions" and "Shadow of the Moon", (fiction books which incorporate stories from her childhood in India), tells of her idyllic life growing up in this beautiful land. THEN, at age 10, she is abruptly taken from everything she has ever known and sent to boarding school in England. But the book ends, thankfully, with her return to her beloved India after an absence of ten years. Can she "go home again"? Fortunately, her autobiography continues...in tape and book form... in the delightful, "Golden Afternoon"...hooray for M.M. Kaye! Oh, by the way, this book-on-tape features an absolutely wonderful reader, too.

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Product Description:
In this wonderfully evocative autobiography, M. M. Kaye, author of the bestselling THE FAR PAVILIONS and SHADOW OF THE MOON, recounts her first eighteen years in India and England.Rich in period detail and peopled with extraordinary and unforgettable characters, THE SUN IN THE MORNING is a brilliant and vivid memoir of life under the Raj.
"Although sites, houses, even whole cities may have changed or perished as completely as the Raj itself, those dusty, dehydrated crumbs of memory are freshly reconstituted here in the flowing, shimmering, indelibly bright colours of true romance." (Daily Telegraph)

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Of Wars and Morning Glories [Paperback] Review

Of Wars and Morning Glories [Paperback]Thsi is a very timely story, although it is about WWII. this child has her emotions shattered by the first signs of the German invasion. Her father does the impossible by sailing around Africa to take her home from Brussels to Java. After traveling through warring countries, they barely make it to Genoa Italy were they board the last mailboat allowed to leave Europe until the end of Hitler's murderous quest.
They sail through angry oceans to finally arrive home, just in time to be suddenly and deadly attacked by the Japanese forces.Hedda,Mom and her baby brother end up in POW camps, and her father as slave labor at the Thai/Burma RR.All four met with unspeakable horror, humiiation, torture, disease, and starvation. This was followed by more POW time under the terrorist uprising. The wars stole 5 years out of their lifes and they then had to make up for the schooltime. The story is filled with love for family especially her brother and shiny stones and, of course the wild Morning Glories winding themselves around the barbed wire, in every camp in the difficult to take rainforest. I laughed out loud and cried real tears while sitting on a plane, drawing unwanted attention.LOVE THAT BOOK!

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Product Description:
A true story seen through the eyes of a young girl who had no time to be a child, as she and her father sidestepped the German invasion of Western Europe in World War II, only to end up in the middle of the Japanese invasion of the Netherlands East Indies.

The earliest recollections are as a whisper of the past, but recall becomes crisp and sharp as tensions of war become etched in photographic memory. The accuracy of detail is supported by extensive research.

A perplexing voyage from Belgium took them through warring France and on a mail-boat to Java.

During the Japanese occupation, her father was taken to Kanchanaburi Thailand, and the Japanese army and later Indonesian terrorists imprisoned her, her mother, and her younger brother. Optimism of youth, a strong bond between her and her younger brother, friendships throughout, and the Morning Glories made it bearable.

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King of Instruments (Plastic Comb) Review

King of InstrumentsI first saw this book being used at the Singapore "Pipe Organ Encounter" Program run by the AGO.I was very impressed with it as Joyce Jones has created a "crash course" for good pianists to play the organ. She hones in on all the important technical aspects of organ playing and introduces simple trio exercises for the co-ordination of hands and feet. She also includes an excellent section on how to play hymns.I have had a lot of success with this book with my students. Ideally it should then be supplemented with a more thorough tutor for those who really want to play the organ well, but it is an excellent introdution to the instrument and will get pianists playing for church services in a very short time.Her suggestions for registration force the student to explore and familiarise themselves with the various stops available.I have collected and examined many organ tutors and have found this to be the best "crash course" method available. Her "Pedal Mastery" book is also excellent and can be used along side this book.

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Product Description:
King of Instruments is an Organ Teaching Method book. The purpose of this book is to provide a short, easy introduction to the organ. It is intended to provide pianists with a quick method that will get them playing as rapidy as possible.

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The Laptop Lunch User's Guide: Fresh Ideas for Making Wholesome, Earth-friendly Lunches Your Kids Will Love [Paperback] Review

The Laptop Lunch User's Guide: Fresh Ideas for Making Wholesome, Earth-friendly Lunches Your Kids Will Love [Paperback]This is the user manual that you get when you buy a Laptop Lunch system.(which i own, and which works very well for packing a typical American's lunch.)

It is about two thirds lessons on resources, recycling, and how much Americans throw away, and one third information about nutrition and packing lunch.If you are already aware of the need to reduce our dependence on plastic wraps, school lunches, high sodium tasteless preserved food,etc. then you wont find anything new here.

there are only a few recipes in this book, and if you are looking for lunch recipes you would be better served by buying a true recipe book.One thing you MAY wish to get this book for would be a school report.This book has a LOT of information that a child (or PTA member) could use in discussing school nutrition, reducing wasteand related topics.

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Product Description:
The Laptop Lunch User's Guide provides great ideas for making creative, healthy lunches that children love. The book features nutritional requirements, strategies for improving lunchtime nutrition, tips for picky eaters, suggestions for smart shopping, quick-reference shopping lists, waste reduction tips, creative lunch menus, and kid-friendly recipes.

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From Hitler Youth to American Soldier (Paperback) Review

From Hitler Youth to American SoldierHerb Flemming's book, "From Hitler Youth to American Soldier", gives an extremely detailed account of his life as a child growing up in East Prussia, Germany through his young adulthood in the United States of America.Reading History books in school is like eating a piece of dry toast.Reading Mr. Flemming's memoirs is like a warm, fragrant, roll - fresh out of the oven.Once you start reading this book, you will find it difficult to put it down-the story will entice you to continue reading because if feels as if you are listening to a comfortable old friend sharing his treasured memories.The childhood antics will bring a smile to your face; the hardships Mr. Flemming's family had to endure will bring tears to your eyes; and the love of family and their faith in God's grace will rekindle your spirit and warm your soul.

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Product Description:
Born in 1933, in the village of Rothenen, East Prussia, Germany, Herb Flemming grew up under Hitler, the son of Pentecostal parents, third in a family of eight children. Forced to join the Hitler Youth, and with a blacksmith father who joined the German Army to avoid joining the Nazi Party, Herb's childhood was a contrast between the good at home and the evil all around him. From Gestapo shootings to Tom Sawyer-like boyhood adventures to Allied bombings, Herb learned of God's love and the power of prayer.Then, in February, 1945, at the age of eleven, with Russian tanks and cannon just a few hundred yards away, Herb and his family escaped to Pillau on the Baltic coast, only to become ensnared in a endless jumble of refugees, all trying to flee East Prussia by sea. Yet Herb's father had prayed for their deliverance and protection, so they had faith that God would guide them. Sure enough, God took the tragedy of being turned away from the doorstep of the very ship that was to take them to safety, and He transformed it into a miracle of deliverance, since that same ship was torpedoed and sunk by a Russian submarine, with thousands of lives lost, just a day later.In the days and weeks that followed, Herb and his family were attacked on another ship by Allied aircraft, which flew away as soon as his family finished praying for safety. He missed being bombed again by other Allied aircraft at a railroad station by a matter of half a mile. He was machine gunned at by British troops and strafed by a Spitfire, but God spared him unharmed. Herb's father was taken prisoner by the Russians, yet was reunited with them four years later, on Christmas Eve, as his family was having their prayers and devotions. God continued to provide for Herb and his family as they immigrated to America in 1951, even though they knew little to no English, in the form of American relatives, a house, and jobs. When Herb was drafted into the US Army, he came full circle and was sent back to Germany, as part of the occupying forces in his own land.

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Babes in the Woods: With a Little Child to Guide Them (Paperback) Review

Babes in the Woods: With a Little Child to Guide ThemFunny these two writers select a topic to which they know nothing about.Since both are bachelors and neither has children of their own, it is surprising that they ignore the first rule of writing:Write about what you know. It's like taking advice on how to raise tigers from a pipefitter in New York City.A disjointed writing style only adds to this difficult read.

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Product Description:
"Babes in the Woods" is another outstanding expose of insightful genius flowing from the miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to two visionaries in the heartland of the American nation.Since February of 1991, this revered lady of Sacred Scripture has been showering divine wisdom upon our culture through a supernatural relationship that she initiated with two men who have been close friends since childhood.They have now commenced the dispensation of the remarkable pearls of their mystical experiences, advancing their commission with a committed boldness that uniquely marks the endowment of their enlightened writings.This most recent work courageously witnesses to the inner refinements which flourish in the recesses of our tender hearts, especially in the wholesome embodiment of grace innocently portrayed by our smallest children.The holy righteousness emanating from this amazing book unabashedly flushes into our purview the many illicit forces throughout our culture that are laying siege to our holiness and destroying the preciousness of human life; a sobering reality that forces us to delve in conscience into the solutions which we must undertake in earnest as the family of civilized man.The author has capped the divinity of this compendium of grace by incorporating a collection of the original messages which were miraculously dispensed to him during these mystical conversations with the Hosts of Paradise.It is the fifth manuscript composed in a monumental series of prophetic writings that warn of the consequences of our spiritual dereliction, while possessing the power to ultimately awaken millions to the impending Arrival of Jesus Christ in Glory.

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A People Prepared [Paperback] Review

A People Prepared [Paperback]This book shares Terry Virgo's vision for a church built on the pattern and values found in the New Testament. Don't get bogged down in the first two chapters (which were written during the Toronto renewal)because the book comes alive with a thrilling vision for the church.

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Earthscore: Your Personal Environmental Audit and Guide (Paperback) Review

Earthscore: Your Personal Environmental Audit and GuideVery thought provoking on how your actions and daily routines effect the environment. Splits up how you impact the environment into areas such as household energy, your mode of transportation, how you buy goods, and howwell you put your ideals into practice. Also give references for moreinformation on each area and ways to decrease yourimpacts.

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Product Description:
EarthScore offers today's environmentally consciousreader the opportunity to quantify the impact of their home energy andwater use, transportation choices, consumer purchases, waste disposal,land use, toxics, environmental advocacy, respect for the land,livelihood, and family planning. By analyzing readers' response to107 simple questions, EarthScore tallies Impact Points, which assessone's impact on the environment; counts Action Points, measuringpositive contributions; and provides a score and rating on your ownpersonal EarthScore chart--plus extensive resources for improvementare included throughout each section.

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Texas Almanac 2000-2001 (Paperback) Review

Texas Almanac 2000-2001Little Dallam County (pop 5891) has the highest per capita income in the state of Texas?San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas?, ahead of Dallas!These are the kind of facts you will readily find in theMillennium Edition of the 2000 - 2001 Texas Almanac. This editionfeatures a concise history of the Texas Rangers, an improved layout of all254 counties and the all important, "Texas Pronunciation Guide".If you are a glutton for minuet facts about Texas you will enjoy theMillennium Edition of the Texas Almanac.

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Ready for the Day!: A Tale of Teamwork and Toast, and Hardly Any Foot-Dragging (ParentSmart/KidHappy) [Hardcover] Review

Ready for the Day: A Tale of Teamwork and Toast, and Hardly Any Foot-Dragging [Hardcover]So I am skeptical of kids books which teach lessons. I wouldn't want to read books that tell me to eat more veggies and work out every day, so it seems hypocritical to force the kiddo to do so. But this book works on a couple of levels:

- One, the kiddo loves it. There illustrations are fun and colorful and the dialog between dad & daughter creates lots of opportunity for fun voices. He has asked me to read this multiple times a day since we bought it (he is almost 2).

- The book provides some really easily digestible parenting lessons. I am woefully behind on my stack of "parenting toddlers" books and this provided a nice refresher on positive communication techniques.

- Added bonus - I got the grandparents to read this book to the kiddo, thus teaching them about positive communication techniques. This has been an issue I've been tapdancing around with them for months and I loved this book for giving me a way to suggest some alternate ways to talk to the kiddo without having to actually confront the issue!

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Product Description:
Ready for the Day! offers families emotionally healthy, lasting solutions to a common daily struggle: getting kids ready to go in the morning. Children will love the fullcolor pictures and tender story, and parents and caregivers will learn the language of positive parenting. With honesty and gentle humor, this book shows parents how to handle the morning routine (and other daily transitions) by giving encouragement, offering choices, and validating feelings. The result: you get through everyday challenges with less stress while building your child's emotional intelligence.

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OVER is not UP! (It's a Bitsie Book) [Illustrated] [Hardcover] Review

OVER is not UP [Hardcover]The pictures in this book are vibrant, beautiful and sweet, you will love this little girl and her morning routine by the time you finish this book!

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Product Description:
Perfect combination of stroy-line and illustrations to be read to your children again and again.

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Paperboy (Paperback) Review

PaperboyWhen you are sleeping & the sky is dark & the streets shadowy, someone & his dog are up, working & happy.
Happy are they at work before dawn, the dog running after scents & growling at critters & the boy pedaling his bike, thinking his thoughts & tossing the morning paper to house after house, as slowly, softly another day dawns.
Dav Pilkey's pictures & story capture the shadows & colors of when night turns toward day & while everyone is tumbling out of their beds, the paperboy & his dog are tumbling back into theirs.
A fine way to introduce children to the idea of working for a living, of being responsible, of doing the work until it's done & the fun.

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Hey! Wake Up! [Board book] Review

Hey Wake Up [Board book]I love these books.My daughter loves these books.Boynton's books are cutsie-poosie for the kiddies, and they are hard to read without starting to sing.
There was one part that made me uncomfortable, though.I know this is going to sound hyper-sensitive, but it bummed me out when the narrator tells the little rabbit that he's too small for basketball.The book goes on to tell the elephant: "You're too big to use the swings, you should go do big guy things."The elephant looks despondent on the swing, like an eight-year-old with a glandular problem being teased by adults who think he's twelve.It made me a little sad.Why can't the rabbit play basketball and why can't the elephant ride a swing with the other kids?But, I know, it's just a kids book, I'm definitely missing the point, but I can't help what it made me think.
But your kid will love it.The rhythms are jaunty and fun.Enjoy.

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Product Description:
Boynton is back! Joining Barnyard Dance! and Birthday Monsters!, here is Hey! Wake Up! a good-morning book with the irrepressible language, the inimitable illustrations, the irresistible cast of characters only Sandra Boynton could create.
Yawn. Stretch. Touch your toes. Shimmy shimmy shimmy, Wiggle your nose.
Just watch out for the broccoli stew. (Ew.)

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Car Talk: Doesn't Anyone Screen These Calls: Call About Animals and Cars [Audiobook, Unabridged] [Audio CD] Review

Car Talk: Doesn't Anyone Screen These Calls: Call About Animals and Cars [Audio CD]On Saturdays when I take a break for listening to CDs, I usually
tune into Car Talk on my local NPR Radio station. I have a
fancy for the crazy antics ofClick and Clack, the Tappet

In their show, they dispense humor and car repair information. I end up laughing at their crazy banter more than I get car repair tips. Plus when my car messes up, I take it to the shop-I don't want to be their next call!

In their current audio collection, Car Talk: Doesn't Anyone Screen These Calls? (One hour, one cd, radio selections, Highbridge), the Tappets take calls regarding animal and cars. It is funny with out trying. A few of these REAL people seem like they cameout of crazy central casting (especially about the horse who ate the stering wheel)If anyone hasn't heard these boys before on the radio or on their cds, you are in for a laughable treat for your ears. I am still laughing at this one. ENJOY!

Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

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Product Description:
Tom and Ray Magliozzi are America's foremost auto mechanics. So usually people phone in to their radio show with questions about cars-buying them, driving them, keeping them running. But every so often, out of the blue, Click and Clack are also called on to be amateur veterinary psychologists. They're asked to figure out why a horse has eaten a steering wheel, or why a 100-pound dog insists on riding on the roof of a pickup truck, or how a white rat the size of a two-liter Coke bottle got into a poor young woman's Chevy. And while they might not know the answer, they always come up with something.
This is a collection of calls about cars, animals, and the mysterious, often hilarious times when they meet. It leads Tom and Ray down a familiar path-of wild speculation, occasional brilliant suggestions, and lots of laughs. This is a must-have for anyone who loves animals or those two peculiar beasts who host Car Talk.

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The Last Girls (Hardcover) Review

The Last GirlsCan events experienced early in women's lives really have an effect, either constructive or noxious, on the rest of their lives?This is the primary question address by author Lee Smith in her novel The Last Girls.

In 1966, five Southern college "girls" take a rafting trip down the Mississippi River.Now, 30 years later, they have come together once again to re-enact that fateful trip.The primary difference is that on this trip their mode of transportation is a luxurious steamboat and their primary reason for coming together is to journey to New Orleans and scatter the ashes of one of their fellow rafters, "Baby".As the steamboat trip progresses each "girl" (Harriet, Courtney, Catherine and Anna) reminisces about their days at college, the choices they have made over the ensuing years, and the influence Baby has had on each of their lives right down to the dreams they have either pursued or abandoned.

The raft trip appears to be a metaphor for the trip of discovery that each of us experiences as we "sail" through life, complete with the detours taken in an attempt to avoid crashing on the rocks, the effects of a rough trip on our perceptions, and the enjoyment experienced during those periods of smooth sailing.

Lee Smith has managed to capture the essence of what many women experience as they grow older. At some point each one of us explores thememories that have been tempered by time, revisits all of our youthful desires as well as acknowledging the compromises we've made, have accepted the reality of life while continuing to enjoy the fantasy world of romance novels, and ultimately we have searched for an answer to the question of the relevance of our lives.

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Teen Dads: Rights, Responsibilities & Joys (Teen Pregnancy and Parenting series) (Paperback) Review

Teen Dads: Rights, Responsibilities & JoysThis book is part of a series by Jeanne Warren Lindsay. The other books in the series are: "Your Pregnancy and Newborn Journey: A Guide for Pregnant Teens"; "Nurturing Your Newborn: Young Parents' Guide to Baby's First Month"; "Your Baby's First Year: A Guide for Teenage Parents"; "The Challenge of Toddlers: Parenting Your Child from One to Three"; and "Discipline from Birth to Three: How Teen Parents Can Prevent and Deal with Discipline Problems with Babies and Toddlers".
Lindsay has worked with teens for many years, and writes out of her experiences using simple language and short sentences for a book that is approachable even by those without great reading skills.This book contains quotes from more than 52 teen-aged fathers, who share their thoughts and feelings on the topics covered.
Information presented covers the areas of: establishing paternity; having a relationship with your child even if the mom and dad aren't together anymore; how the mom feels during pregnancy; schooling options; adoption rights; the mom's health during pregnancy; the baby's development in the womb; the labor and delivery of the baby; caring for the needs of a newborn infant including feeding holding, and diapering; taking care of a baby that can crawl; nutrition for babies and toddlers; health and safety issues for babies; the development and behaviors of one-year-olds and two-year-olds; disciplining your child; gang involvement; living arrangements; marriage; planning another baby; and planning for the future.
There is an annotated bibliography of further resources, and an index of the covered topics for quick reference.
This book provides a gentle, broad introduction for teen dads but is missing one major component: religion. Many (not all, but many) teen parents will want to participate in the religious ceremonies surrounding the birth of a child. Lindsay does not mention religion in any way. Thus she leaves out a major talking point and planning point that many teens do care about.She also fails to remind teens that they might want to consult with their religious leader when talking about contraceptives in their sexual relationship. She also does teens a disservice by claiming that condoms will prevent AIDS...there are several studies showing that this is a dangerous assumption.

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Revealing Riches and Building Lives : Youth Choir Ministry in the New Millennium [Hardcover] Review

Revealing Riches and Building Lives : Youth Choir Ministry in the New Millennium [Hardcover]It is not surprising that Randy Edwards has put together the most comprehensive, relevant single text on youth choirs available today.It is hard to imagine any youth choir director not reading this book!Thephilosophy and ideas shared meet directors wherever they might findthemselves.Whether a seasoned veteran or a beginning director, the readerwalks away with renewed passion for reaching and teaching teenagers in thechoral setting.The book is also recommended for student ministers orothers who work with teenagers.My most pleasant surprise came in thebook's numerable indices and applicable resources.From repertoire lists,helpful and inspirational movies and web sites, to "ready to use" formatssuch as a tour counselor do's and don'ts, these helpful resources add up tomany hours of research and work that will be an immediate help to manydirectors, educators, and all who have a passion to influence the lives ofteenagers.

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Product Description:
"Revealing Riches & Building Lives" represents the culmination of years of practical experience in working with adolescents in the youth choir experience. Each chapter provides a wealth of helpful information for those entrusted with the important responsibility of providing leadership for a youth choir program.
A wealth of resources and ideas makes "Revealing Riches & Building Lives" the most comprehensive book ever published on the subject of youth choir ministry. Included are reviews of over 400 anthems appropriate for youth choirs, along with lists of over 200 helpful web sites, movies and books.
Written from the perspective of one uniquely qualified to address the many facets of being a successful youth choir director, "Revealing Riches & Building Lives" presents a solid philosophy of youth choir ministry that is useful to directors, students, clergy, and parents.

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The Inner Journey: Views from the Gurdjieff Work (PARABOLA Anthology Series) (Paperback) Review

The Inner Journey: Views from the Gurdjieff WorkI'm very pleased with this book which is an anthology of articles and interviews on the subject of G.I. Gurdjieff and his spiritual system, all taken from past issues of Parabola:the Magazine of Myth and Tradition.What makes it especially good value is the inclusion of a DVD of "Meetings with Remarkable Men", the film of Gurdjieff's early years directed by Peter Brook and Jeanne de Saltzman.The highlight of the film, in my opinion, are the scenes of Gurdjieff's "movements" or sacred dances, performed to his arrangements of folk and sacred music gleaned from his travels.

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Product Description:
The Gurdjieff tradition, commonly referred to as "The Work," describes people's daily lives as completely mechanical, conducted asleep. Gurdjieff's intent, as with many sacred traditions, was literally to aid in one's awakening. The tools for doing this are many but integrated. The various methods of "The Work" are intended to specifically integrate a person's physical, emotional, and intellectual centers into a fourth way of consciousness. Like Zen, this tradition has been an oral one emphasizing the relationship of teacher to student. But there have also been extensive writings on this tradition, and The Inner Journey collects some of the best of these in the form ofessays, interviews, and fables. To expand readers' experience and understanding of both Gurdjieff's life and his teachings, the book is bundled with the feature film Meetings with Remarkable Men, Peter Brook's critically acclaimed adaptation of the early years of Gurdjieff's search for meaning.

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Tales from Over the Edge (Kindle Edition) Review

Tales from Over the EdgeHello,
We're delighted to finally get Tales to the public again and especially excited about the Kindle reader.
Getting the book formatted and converted was no easy task. The converter, obviously in its infancy, leaves a little to be desired, and Tales is voluminous. Example, the occasional smiley faces that were placed throughout the book converted to a 'J'. That's right, just a lonely old 'J'. We are working them all out over the coming weeks. So if you happen to come across any in your copy, know that you have a one-of-a-kind "special edition".
Happy reading,
Bullet Press

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Product Description:
A madcap collection of memoirs from Marin County California's Sunday Morning Ride

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The Softer Side of Hip-Hop: Poetic Reflections on Love, Family, and Relationships (Paperback) Review

The Softer Side of Hip-Hop: Poetic Reflections on Love, Family, and RelationshipsWritten in the vernacular, the themes and the emotion behind these poems are deep, complicated and honest. Beautifully written - many of these poems reached me on a personal level because I am the daughter of a former teen mom. The struggle to find yourself and be a good parent is eloquently and vividly brought to life.I think many young women, teen moms and non-teen moms alike, would enjoy and relate to many of these poems. This is a valuable contribution to contemporary poetry and I highly recommend it.

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Product Description:

Largely inspired by one woman's journey from teen pregnancy to adulthood, this collection of poems chronicles struggles, successes, and the emotions brought on by both. Often ostracized by their peers, young mothers will relate to the joys, fears, and transitions depicted on each page. Partly based on experiences of the poet's friends and family, the collection paints startling, vivid portraits of such issues as alcoholism, adultery, and sexual abuse.

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Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes [Paperback] Review

Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes [Paperback]There is no shortage of books on Rumi and his poetry.I highly recommend books written by Prof. Annemarie Schimmel on Rumi and his great mystical poetry which is deeply rooted in Islamic mystical tradition.Friedlander deserves special thanks on making accessible to the reader the day-to-day life of Mevlevi dervishes.Photographs of Whirling dervishes are very appealing and appropriately placed throughout this book.This book also provides a short walk through the historical development of Mevlevi order through centuries.Various practices and forms that the Mevlevi order has taken and described in this book makes Rumi's figure more holistic, real, and accessible for any Western reader.

There is also an implied view in this book for the one who want to "know" and "see" on the diversity and variety of views within Islamic tradition.Sufism is one of the main mystical traditions within Islamic currents.Mevlevi order is one of the threads in Sufism.The universality of Sufis in their practices and communication with other traditions outside Islam is an example of the actuality and essence of Islam (glimpsed in this book) which goes very contrary to what we all hear from media (which, now-a-days is exclusively focused on the negative elements of the world).We need more of these types of books (to fill the gap that exists in the popular media) on all faith based traditions of this world.

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Product Description:
Beautifully illustrated with rare photographs of dervishes, tells the tale of the Sufi order and poet, mystic Mevlana Jalalu'ddin Rumi. Offers a special section devoted to Mevlevi music, and introductions by Annemarie Schimmel and Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

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Dreams to Reality: Help for Young Moms: Education, Career, and Life Choices [Paperback] Review

Dreams to Reality: Help for Young Moms: Education, Career, and Life Choices [Paperback]I JUST LOVED, LOVED THIS. I AM TAKING HER ADVICE IN GOALS AND HE BUDGET PLANS.ETC VERY WELL PUT TOGETHER.LOVED IT

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Product Description:
This story shows the importance of keeping hope alive, even when it seems impossible-when the hard work of parenting is compounded by the unfinished business of growing up and making plans for the future. Without judgment, this book lays out helpful guidelines and possible pitfalls that face a young, single woman who cares for her child but refuses to lose her ambition. Money management, relationship issues, funding higher education, and other ways to start fresh without starting over are discussed. By rethinking options, reevaluating plans, and working hard, young mothers can learn to integrate their new families into their plans for themselves, and get back on track to realizing their dreams.

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Eating Clean: 100 Appetizing Solutions, Wheat-free & Dairy-free [Spiral-bound] Review

Eating Clean: 100 Appetizing Solutions, Wheat-free & Dairy-free [Spiral-bound]This book isn't up to its title. Some of the recipes with "whey protein powder" have a "publisher's update" to use "soy-based protein powder" instead, but don't mention why (whey is dairy). Plus, yogurt is an optional ingredient.

Spelt is a type of wheat, and recipes use spelt flour. Yikes!

We believe that soy that hasn't been fermented is not a healthy food (more info at mercola.com), and this book uses a lot of processed soy.Similar: canola oil. Also, the primary sweetener is xylitol, and we believe stevia to often be a healthier choice (from Dr. J. V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing).

_The Joy of Cooking_ has lots of dairy-free, wheat-free recipes, without false promises.

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Product Description:
This health-restorative collection of menu options was inspired by a liver detox regime as supervised by a naturopathic physician. Would you like to prepare healthy and satisfying foods with ingredients found in your local supermarket? Do you think sawdust when you hear the words health food? Discover how easy and economical it is to prepare delightfully delicious meals in your own kitchen. These 100 wheat-free and dairy-free recipes give a fresh and tasty approach to wholesome, healthy cooking. Includes step-by-step, easy to follow directions and includes key comments from a licensed naturopathic doctor. Learn what foods will benefit your overall health. Add to your culinary repertoire with ethnic favorites from around the world. Whether you're an experienced cook or just starting out with your first hot plate, this cookbook will become your right-hand source of inspiration. Give your meals a new lease on life. Revitalize daily meal planning with fresh and easy-to-prepare ideas that span from breakfast cereal to energy-boosting drinks, mini-meal snacks and main courses. Several baked good recipes call for spelt flour, so if you are Celiac, a gluten-free flour blend should be substituted. In the spirit of flexibility, any of the non-dairy ingredients can be substituted with dairy, if that better suits your lifestyle.

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RiddleMath : Using Student-Written Riddles to Build Mathematical Power [Paperback] Review

RiddleMath : Using Student-Written Riddles to Build Mathematical Power [Paperback]I was fortunate to meet Mr. Sherrill a dozen years ago in California. His enthusiasm and love for children and education excited me. I have been teaching for 40 years and have been searching for ways to make the presentation of math an experience that children would love. When I found this book and realized who had authored it, it all came together. This book is and extension of his love of education and life.
It is rare that an educator is able to present his techniques and skills with such success.

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Product Description:
If you love helping children make sense of math, this fresh, innovative, professional approach may be just what you're looking for.RiddleMath links children's natural love of riddles and puzzles with important standards-based concepts and basic skills practice. This high-quality program gets results because it sparks interest while it supports understanding.
RiddleMath is a resource book for teachers, parents, and tutors. It includes student-written math riddles, along with guidelines for helping children create new riddles for their classmates and friends to solve.
Because it includes problem sets of varying difficulty, this book is appropriate for children ages 7-11 (grades 2-5). It includes work on place value, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, algebra, and word problems.
The 158-page book includes 100 reproducible pages for use in the classroom or at home. The activities were piloted by teachers at six different schools over a six-year period.

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The Backward Day [Hardcover] Review

The Backward Day [Hardcover]I love the cover of this book. Sturdy hard cover with red fabric binding.My 5 1/2 year old enjoyed reading it but was left looking for more at the end.Overall, it is a good classic read.

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Product Description:
Imagine your whole day lived backward, from beginning to end. When you got up, you'd put on your jacket, then your shirt and pants, and over those your underwear, because after all, backward is backward, and on a backward day backward is the way everything has to be. You'd walk downstairs backward and sit on your chair backward with your back to the table, and when your parents greeted you in the morning you'd say, of course, "Good night." But how long can a backward day go on? Just long enough for a smart kid to reverse the spell he's cast on the whole household and return everything to normal. The Backward Day, a delightfully stylish picture book by the Caldecott Prize-winning team of Marc Simont and Ruth Krauss, brings to life a humorous and engaging reversal of ordinary reality that will enchant young children, as well parents.

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The Inner Journey: Views from the Christian Tradition (PARABOLA Anthology Series) [Paperback] Review

The Inner Journey: Views from the Christian Tradition [Paperback]This offering is one of eight in this excellent Parabola series which offers indepth introductions to the world's great religious traditions. The series takes its place alongside Paulist Press' now-famous Clasics in Western Spirituality series. It might be used alongside of the excellent one-volume survey The Study of Spirituality, Cheslyn Jones,et al, eds. (1986). The Inner Journey provides an anthology of 20th Century writers who have practiced and/or deeply studied the classic schools of Christian spirituality.

Its selections offer encouragement and enrichment for those seeking to practice the life of prayer and transformation which is variously described here. For some, perhaps with Protestant or Independent Christian background, it may be an initial invitation to a dimension of Christian life about which they have known only little.

Many 20th Century voices who have become major Christian teachers are to be found here: Paul Tillich, Thomas Merton, Bede Griffiths, David Steindl-Rast, and Thomas Keating. Helen Luke, known for her Christian-Jungian work with Dante's Divine Comedy is accompanied by more recently-emerging female teachers of Christian sprituality, Norvene Vest, Cynthia Bourgeault, Irma Zaleski, Helen Pagels and Kim Coleman Healy. Long-standing contributors to the West's understanding of the Orthodox tradition are included: Alexander Schmemann, Thomas Hopko, and Kallistos Ware. Among others Christopher Bamford, who along with Esther DeWaal and others who have mined the treasures of the Celtic Christian tradition, has two offerings. There is a fine bibliography.

In identifying these contemporary writers, we see how the great tradition of the Jesus Prayer and hesychasm in Orthodoxy and desert sprituality, the ethos and practice of Benedictine spirituality, the Christian stream of contemplative prayer, East-West integrations, as well as the gnostic tradition, are taken up and filtered through the minds and practices of contemporary Christian teachers and spritual masters.

Merton, Healy, and Keating speak with characteristic incisiveness about the transformation of consciousness, that path of dis-identification with the "false self" which must inevitably come with the inner journey. This is in resonance with the classic path of ascesis in both desert spirituality and Western contemplative prayer.

I cite just one piece as an example of the profundity of what these authors are inviting us to explore. James Cutsinger's article The Yoga of Hesychasm, based on Theophanus the Monk's "The Ladder of Divine Graces," will serve as a challening introduction for those readers unfamiliar with the writings of the Philokalia. A shorter, more compact piece that the classic of similar title by John of Climacus, this "ladder" tells of "pure prayer," "a strange holy energy," and the "gift of tears." In perceptive 20th century language, Cutsinger writes: The tears of the Ladder are not tears of selfish regret or refusal. On the contrary; they are the natural result of the ego's liquification.

If you are beginning or continuing the Christian path of transformation, the readings will serve you well.

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Product Description:
For over three decades, those for whom religion is a path of discovery and questioning have found insight in the pages of Parabola. This thoughtful anthology collects the magazine's best writings on Christianity, featuring articles from Thomas Merton, Elaine Pagels, Philip Zaleski, Thomas Keating, and 20 other authors who vividly explore what it means to be a Christian. The collection combines poetry and folklore with incisive interviews and cogent essays on topics such as the search for self, attention and remembrance, transformational knowledge, and worldly and divine works. A lavish, full-color, 16-page set of plates brilliantly conveys the rich variety within the tradition. From full works of great intricacy to passages of pure insight, The Inner Journey: Views from the Christian Tradition spans the tradition's greatest trends. For readers looking for an introduction to Christianity or those seeking to expand their knowledge of it, the journey in this book inspires and enlightens.

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Potluck of Faith (Paperback) Review

Potluck of FaithShe has a gift of writing all her own, an illuminating and peaceful style, full of humor, love and warmth. Her writing is infused with God's Spirit, an instrument of peace.A poignant reminder of the 8 Beatitudes, giving solace to the complexities of life. Gives a deeper understanding of whom Christ is, not only as one to be "feared" (revered), but One Whom wants us to Love Him as He loves us tenderly.

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Product Description:
This book contains reflections on scripture and personal experiences, one witnessed miracle, poetry, some very helpful prayers, a fun game for parents to play with their children, one easy craft that focuses on friendship.

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Buzz (Paperback) Review

BuzzMy children and I truly enjoyed Buzz. The story is a very sweet look at daily happenings that children can directly relate to and the illustrations are verybeautiful--both my three year old and five year old are drawn tothem. This book is a wonderful addition to our family's daily readingrepertoire. I highly recommend it.

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The Inner Journey: Views from the Jewish Tradition (PARABOLA Anthology Series) [Paperback] Review

The Inner Journey: Views from the Jewish Tradition [Paperback]We decided to use this book for our monthly bookclub discussion - and we're pelased we did. It's well written, clear, and very interesting.

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Product Description:
For over three decades, Parabola has used story and symbol, myth, ritual, and sacred teachings to give insight to those for whom religion is a path of discovery and questioning. Following its popular books on the Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu spiritual traditions, The Inner Journey: Views from the Jewish Tradition presents a thoughtful composite picture of this ancient belief system.Here are some of the best writings on the subject, featuring works from a wide range of genres that delve into the spiritual byways of Judaism. Isaac Bashevis Singer, Martin Buber, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, and other important thinkers in the field take on such topics as Kabbalah, the search for self, and divine and worldly works. Featuring beautifully reproduced color artwork, this book is a chorus of passionate voices that explore both the Torah and the Zohar of enduring Jewish mystic thought.

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Goodnight, Daddy (Paperback) Review

Goodnight, DaddyWhat a wonderful and touching book. The words tug on the heart strings while the pictures bring it to life. I think there's a little bit of "Phoebe" in all of us and this beautifully illustrated book let's you know it will all be ok. If it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then this book is worth 40,000. It's a must have for every family.

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Morning by Morning: How We Home-Schooled Our African-American Sons to the Ivy League (Kindle Edition) Review

Morning by Morning: How We Home-Schooled Our African-American Sons to the Ivy LeagueHome Schooling is a controversial subject within the African-American community particularly those of the so-called upper middle-classes. America's public school system has proved itself a failure to adequately educate African-American children and private schools are no better. What is one to do? Paula Penn-Nabrit provides an answer, home schooling.
Yes, home schooling is a viable alternative. She should know because she and her spouse created such an environment for their sons. The results? All three young men were accepted into Ivy League schools. In viewing the results home schooling should not be ignored as an option for your child's education.
Morning By Morning takes us on a faith journey of parents who decided to take charge of the education of their sons. Ms and Mr Nabrit describe how they reached the decision, the steps they took to develop a curriculum for their sons, the criticism that they received from family members and the change in themselves and their boys as they went through the program.
Ms Nabrit shares with her readers practical information about home schooling and presents a well thought out philosophical foundation of the need to give her children a wholistic education not found in schools. She doesn't preach that her method is the only way or that home schooling is for everybody. She lays out the facts, resources and lessons learned from her experience and lets the reader make the decision.
I found this to be an excellent book by an African-American who has clearly shared with her readers the challenge of home schooling her children. She doesn't leave any aspect of the experience untouched and lets the parents know what they're getting themselves into emotionally, economically and spiritually. I certainly enjoyed Ms Nabrit's incorporation of the spiritual aspect of her children's lives in the education process. She and her husband are truly committed to a wholistic
education for their children and succeeded. This book is an example of how African-American parents can achieve the same thing for their children.
As much as I liked the book there were some philosophical problems I had with it. The Nabrits are "Ivy" League graduates as well as products of private white schools. They sent their children to private white schools and upper middle class public schools. Their commitment to home schooling came about when their sons were expelled from their elite private white school because their parents failed to pay the tuition in a timely matter. Although the Nabrits admit that this was the reason for them going to home schooling, I'm wondering if they still had the need to prove that their children could get into "Ivy" League schools because such institutions are white.
Certainly the class bias predominates throughout the work. Ms Nabrit makes sure that we learn about the pedigrees of both her family and that of her husbands who were fortunate enough to have a tradition of college educated family members. This book is certainly geared towards the African-American Upper Middle-Class.
Home Schooling is considered a risky alternative form of education. The Nabrits have proved that it can besuccessful and that your children can compete with anyone. If you as a parent have the time, tenacity, commitment and ability to take on the challenge by all means seek home schooling for your child. There isn't any doubt that they will do better than their institutionalized colleagues. The Nabrit's experiment proved it.

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Tender Hearts (Kindle Edition) Review

Tender HeartsThis book made me cry. The description of Erin and Billy's experience with the premature birth of their baby is so true to life I could actually smell that toasty odor of the NICU. This book completely put me back in that place. And, while that was a difficult time, I didn't mind remembering. I smiled and cried because now my daughters (yes, we did this twice) are a healthy 12 and 14 y/o without a hint of having been premature.

This book is moving for reasons beyond the experience I just described. The characters in this book are so compelling. Gail has a tremendous ability to make one feel her characters -- their emotions, experiences, and so much more. I really don't have words to describe the fullness of her talent. But I can say that this book is real in every aspect. When you finish it, you will miss these people.

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Product Description:
What was the song the kids sang in school? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. Not quite. First comes three hot days in Maui, then comes the surprise baby, then comes... love? Yeah. The kind of love that sneaks up on you, like a sudden rainstorm, that you don't know is coming until you're soaked to the skin.

What will it take for Billy and Erin to take the chance and admit their love? When tragedy strikes, they have to find strength in each other... for the love of their child.

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Blood-Stained Justice (Paperback) Review

Blood-Stained JusticeBlood Stained Justice is the second book I have read from this author in about a year. While reading his novels you can't wait to turn to the next page and then the next chapter but at the end you anxiously await the next title. As a voracious reader of suspenseful, political and crime thrillers for over 30 years, nobody has ever opened my eyes with stories of corruption so convincingly by combining imagination and writing talent with true life experiences. Told from the side of the prosecution, it will make you think before going to the polls in the future and you will take a second look at EVERY politician with the utmost skepticism. A very entertaining nail-biter that you must read!

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Product Description:
Wayne Lott, the young Mississippi attorney from Rick Ward's breakout novel The Lawmaker, is back to fight political corruption and bring down those who think that their power puts them above the law.In his quest to further fight crooked politicians, Wayne decides to pursue a career as a prosecutor and ends up in Stonewall County, Mississippi, where he finds a mentor in John Chastain, a charismatic DA with Senate aspirations. He also joins up with his old friend Wallace Tischner, who's getting ready to wage his own war against corrupt local officials-and no one is safe from the dragnet.While following leads involving a missing businessman, a suspicious airplane and a drug-running ring out of Colombia, Wayne and Tischner uncover a deadly web of bribery and conspiracy implicating a cadre of bankers, lawyers and newspaper editors. But when Wayne's life and family are threatened, how far will he go to expose the truth?

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The Gryphon: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered [Hardcover] Review

The Gryphon: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered [Hardcover]I was first introduced to Nick Bantock's work when I was fifteen.I was given a copy of Griffen and Sabine by a Japanese foriegn exchange teacher.It was brilliant and I read it as soon as I opened it.My sister and I were fans and collected the next two books over the next couple of years. Since then, I have bought a number of copies for friends and was delighted when I learned that Bantock was continuing the story with The Gryphon.The Gryphon picks up exactly where the third book leaves off explaining who the mysterious M is and the connection of Griffen and Sabine to the person in the final post card.Bantock effortlessly slips back into the characters of Griffen and Sabine and introduces us to two new, equally as intriguing, characters.The artwork, as always, is stunning.This book is a treat to read.If you've read the trilogy leading up to this, you must also read The Gryphon.If you haven't you should pick up all four books and devour them slowly!

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Pua Polu: The Pretty Blue Hawaiian Flower [Hardcover] Review

Pua Polu: The Pretty Blue Hawaiian Flower [Hardcover]A children's picture book in English and Hawaiian, accompanied by a spoken word CD with the story told by Nona Beamer and slack key guitar by Keola Beamer

"Pua Polu, the Pretty Blue Flower" is a 32 page children's picture book for young readers. Pua Polu is a story about family and the cycles of life told from the point of view of a koali, a morning glory. Author and Hawaiian elder Nona Beamer blends her experience of the natural world of Hawai'i with songs and bits of information she has gathered through her life. Written in English with a Hawaiian translation, Pua Polu acts as a Hawaiian primer.

A koali vine starts growing on the title page of the book with the invitation for keiki, children, to "follow this way." The vine meanders through every page of the story, separating the English text from the Hawaiian, encouraging young readers to follow along and see where it goes.

After the story, Nona speaks directly to the readers, explaining how the story of Pua Polu came to be. The book ends with a brief description of the block prints in the story and the ancient Hawaiian block printing technique called ohe kapala.

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Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Unfolds (v. 2) (Hardcover) Review

Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine UnfoldsAfter reading The Gryphon last year, I was instantly frustrated that I was going to have to wait a year for the next installment.About two days into the agony, I realized that the true bummer was that this new story line seemed to be preplanned to leave off in order to pre-sell the next book.After reading Alexandria, I feel that my conclusion has more basis.Alexandria IS an amazingly beautiful book, and some of the letters are absolutely inspired, but it lacks the storytelling power of the original trilogy.Instead of the letters slowly revealing a relationship, they are starting to resemble gimmicky plot devices.The revelations seemed more trite and some of the more interesting occurances are glossed over in a single postcard. Part of the wonder of the first three books is that each could stand nearly alone.The end of each book did not instantly suggest a followup.Alexandria, like The Gryphon before it, kind of stops that narrative because there are no more pages in the binding. Grrr.
If you are considering this book as your introduction to Nick Bantock, please go elsewhere (Either start with Griffin and Sabine, or maybe even The Forgetting Room).Alexandria is kind of an odd duck for me.I thoroughly enjoyed reading and savoring each of the letters, but felt let down and even kind of patronized by the way the story line was delivered.The "flow" is just very different from the first half of the Griffin and Sabine saga.Not completely bad per se, just very different.Soa four star kind of a let down rather than an outright rejection.

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The Big Book of Stress Relief Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Feeling Better [Paperback] Review

The Big Book of Stress Relief Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Feeling Better [Paperback]Perhaps I was looking for the wrong thing.I expected a book on how to relieve stress with quick little games to do at the beginning of a business meeting.Instead, the 'games' in this book sound more like therapy sessions.Most are meditation and message exercises.
One example:The Glittering Roof, where you have everyone close their eyes and you, the facilitator, read a 2.5 page verbal 'fantasy' in a calm and soothing voice to the group.At the end, everyone discusses how they felt.There are many exercises like this in the book.
Another example (my favorite): The Beastly Boss.Again you start the group off with breathing and imagery exercises.Then you pair everyone off.One person assumes the role of Beastly Boss. The other the role of Exemplary Employee.The Beastly Boss then 'acts insensitively' while the Exemplary Employee employs more breathing and imagery techniques to remain cool.Then they switch.Puh-leez!Can anyone think of a quicker way to be sent to a remote location than to try this on your co-workers?
This is not for corporate profesionals...

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Product Description:
These quick games, exercises, and activities are designed to reduce stress wherever and whenever it strikes, in meetings, in front of the computer, or when dealing with difficult people.Psychology Today Editor-In-Chief Robert Epstein has created fifty 1-3 minute games based on STRESS-PROOFING, an original system derived from scientific research that makes stress reduction effortless and effective.
For everyone from deskbound office workers to managers in meetings, this is the latest addition to one of McGraw-Hill's best-selling book series:

    Helps alleviate high-pressure situations at home and at work.
    Includes comprehensive life-planning and life-organization activities.
    Requires less then 3 minutes to play most of the creative, relaxing games.

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Life without the Monsters: A practical guide to overcoming fear, anxiety, and depression [Paperback] Review

Life without the Monsters: A practical guide to overcoming fear, anxiety, and depression [Paperback]I have met this lady and she is very engaging.Her book is a wealth of information on how to beat the anxiety that sometimes cripples us.She is refreshing, kind , and has been there herself.I highly reccomend this book to those of us who need a strong guide on how to beat the anxiety, blues, and trials of life today.

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Did My First Mother Love Me?: A Story for an Adopted Child [Hardcover] Review

Did My First Mother Love Me: A Story for an Adopted Child [Hardcover]This book addresses the needs of adopted children who feel the pain of having lost their birthparents. They may "miss" them--which is really an expression of loss.
Written by an actual birthmother who gave up her child, the book tells adopted children that their birthparents loved them but could not care for them. The book speaks of the sacrifice and love involved in placing a child in another home, in terms that even small children "get."
For parents, the book also includes an article by Jeanne Warren Lindsay, "Talking with your Child about Adoption." It explains key points that parents should make when talking with their adopted children--they were born like everyone else, being adopted is normal and natural and it's forever. And of course, their birthparents did not "abandon" them, but loved them in the best way they could. Alyssa A. Lappen

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Inner Yoga: Selected Writings of Sri Anirvan (Paperback) Review

Inner Yoga: Selected Writings of Sri AnirvanOne of the most comprehensive texts on the "inner technology" of a practice toward Being. It is a book one can read repeatedly over the duration of ones life, each time finding something quite new that one could not take in before, marking the growth of ones own being.To be honest, one needs a great deal of preparation to begin to understand at all what is being presented here, the summary of the life's work of one of this ages most serious seekers.

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Product Description:
In Inner Yoga, Sri Anirvan reveals the true substance of yoga. Anirvan, a lifelong scholar and practitioner, combines knowledge of tradition, experience derived from meditation, and great independence of mind to illuminate the heart of yogic teaching. He explains the eight limbs of Patanjala Yoga in the light of India's spiritual traditions and fills each chapter with insights on the Vedas, Upanishads, and the Gita drawn from a lifetime of study. This thoughtful book offers serious students new insight into the discipline of yoga.

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Sun (Board book) Review

SunI think it can be a bit of a struggle to find beautiful board books. Typically, these chunky books made expressly for toddlers lean towards humorous text, often with bright colors set against plain backgrounds. I do enjoy those type of board books, but also welcome the softer tones and quiet words of Sun and Star. They offer the great indestructible board book format we all love, but with a slightly more traditional, old-fashioned appearance.

Sun is about all the places and animals affected as the sun rises in the morning. It wakes the birds and the grazing cow in the sweet meadow and shines straight through the wax-filled hives to rouse the bees. The barn mice are greeted good morning by the sun's warm rays in their cozy nests each morning. And of course, children worldwide can feel the sun streaming through their windows, signaling them to hop out of bed and start their day!

The companion book, Star, takes a similar approach to the night sky. Just as the sun wakes us for the day, the star's soft light lets us know when bedtime is drawing near. The little star looks out over the clear water and sees everything on the ocean, even the sailor's little black cat nestled in the bottom of the sailor's boat. The star shines down on lambs in the pasture, their eyes heavy with sleep. The star shines over the houses, and spies the baby sleeping in his crib. Night time has come for everyone.

Both books are beautifully illustrated with muted colors and flowing lines. The watercolors by Anna Pignataro are completely magical - it's like having a tiny set of paintings created just for you. Repetitive, rhythmic text make these the perfect books to reach for at bedtime or before the afternoon nap. Sun encourages the world awake with its bright rays, while Star settles the world back to sleep with its soft gleam. Two truly lovely board books that would make a great gift for new parents.

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