Tender Hearts (Kindle Edition) Review

Tender HeartsThis book made me cry. The description of Erin and Billy's experience with the premature birth of their baby is so true to life I could actually smell that toasty odor of the NICU. This book completely put me back in that place. And, while that was a difficult time, I didn't mind remembering. I smiled and cried because now my daughters (yes, we did this twice) are a healthy 12 and 14 y/o without a hint of having been premature.

This book is moving for reasons beyond the experience I just described. The characters in this book are so compelling. Gail has a tremendous ability to make one feel her characters -- their emotions, experiences, and so much more. I really don't have words to describe the fullness of her talent. But I can say that this book is real in every aspect. When you finish it, you will miss these people.

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Product Description:
What was the song the kids sang in school? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. Not quite. First comes three hot days in Maui, then comes the surprise baby, then comes... love? Yeah. The kind of love that sneaks up on you, like a sudden rainstorm, that you don't know is coming until you're soaked to the skin.

What will it take for Billy and Erin to take the chance and admit their love? When tragedy strikes, they have to find strength in each other... for the love of their child.

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