Babes in the Woods: With a Little Child to Guide Them (Paperback) Review

Babes in the Woods: With a Little Child to Guide ThemFunny these two writers select a topic to which they know nothing about.Since both are bachelors and neither has children of their own, it is surprising that they ignore the first rule of writing:Write about what you know. It's like taking advice on how to raise tigers from a pipefitter in New York City.A disjointed writing style only adds to this difficult read.

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Product Description:
"Babes in the Woods" is another outstanding expose of insightful genius flowing from the miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to two visionaries in the heartland of the American nation.Since February of 1991, this revered lady of Sacred Scripture has been showering divine wisdom upon our culture through a supernatural relationship that she initiated with two men who have been close friends since childhood.They have now commenced the dispensation of the remarkable pearls of their mystical experiences, advancing their commission with a committed boldness that uniquely marks the endowment of their enlightened writings.This most recent work courageously witnesses to the inner refinements which flourish in the recesses of our tender hearts, especially in the wholesome embodiment of grace innocently portrayed by our smallest children.The holy righteousness emanating from this amazing book unabashedly flushes into our purview the many illicit forces throughout our culture that are laying siege to our holiness and destroying the preciousness of human life; a sobering reality that forces us to delve in conscience into the solutions which we must undertake in earnest as the family of civilized man.The author has capped the divinity of this compendium of grace by incorporating a collection of the original messages which were miraculously dispensed to him during these mystical conversations with the Hosts of Paradise.It is the fifth manuscript composed in a monumental series of prophetic writings that warn of the consequences of our spiritual dereliction, while possessing the power to ultimately awaken millions to the impending Arrival of Jesus Christ in Glory.

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