Eating Clean: 100 Appetizing Solutions, Wheat-free & Dairy-free [Spiral-bound] Review

Eating Clean: 100 Appetizing Solutions, Wheat-free & Dairy-free [Spiral-bound]This book isn't up to its title. Some of the recipes with "whey protein powder" have a "publisher's update" to use "soy-based protein powder" instead, but don't mention why (whey is dairy). Plus, yogurt is an optional ingredient.

Spelt is a type of wheat, and recipes use spelt flour. Yikes!

We believe that soy that hasn't been fermented is not a healthy food (more info at, and this book uses a lot of processed soy.Similar: canola oil. Also, the primary sweetener is xylitol, and we believe stevia to often be a healthier choice (from Dr. J. V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing).

_The Joy of Cooking_ has lots of dairy-free, wheat-free recipes, without false promises.

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Product Description:
This health-restorative collection of menu options was inspired by a liver detox regime as supervised by a naturopathic physician. Would you like to prepare healthy and satisfying foods with ingredients found in your local supermarket? Do you think sawdust when you hear the words health food? Discover how easy and economical it is to prepare delightfully delicious meals in your own kitchen. These 100 wheat-free and dairy-free recipes give a fresh and tasty approach to wholesome, healthy cooking. Includes step-by-step, easy to follow directions and includes key comments from a licensed naturopathic doctor. Learn what foods will benefit your overall health. Add to your culinary repertoire with ethnic favorites from around the world. Whether you're an experienced cook or just starting out with your first hot plate, this cookbook will become your right-hand source of inspiration. Give your meals a new lease on life. Revitalize daily meal planning with fresh and easy-to-prepare ideas that span from breakfast cereal to energy-boosting drinks, mini-meal snacks and main courses. Several baked good recipes call for spelt flour, so if you are Celiac, a gluten-free flour blend should be substituted. In the spirit of flexibility, any of the non-dairy ingredients can be substituted with dairy, if that better suits your lifestyle.

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