Conscience: The Search for Truth [Paperback] Review

Conscience: The Search for Truth [Paperback]If you already have Ouspensky's main work books this book, Conscience, is still worth acquiring.It covers the same subjects yet does it in a slightly different way.I actually found Conscience to be more helpful when I was first learning the work than some of the larger books.
There are 5 chapters:
1. Memory (Memory, Self-Remembering, Recurrence)
2. Surface Personality (A Study of Imaginary Man)
3. Self-Will (On Controlling Self-Will for Growth of Real Will)
4. Negative Emotions (no subtitle)
5. Notes on Work (no subtitle)
Each was originally a separately published essay.It's a helpful presentation because it's intentionally designed to focused in a more concentrated way on each of the central work subjects presented (as opposed to the content of, say, the Fourth Way).My copy gave me alot in my initial study (and doing) of the work ideas, practices, and goals...

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Product Description:
The five essays in this collection are based on P. D. Ouspensky's talks and answers to questions, transcribed at private meetings in England and the United States from 1931 to 1946. They bring contemporary readers the wisdom of Gurdjieff as interpreted and refined by a spiritual master in his own right. Topics include "Memory," "Surface Personality," "Self-Will," "Negative Emotions," and "Notes on Work." These essays argue persuasively that direct observation of self is the key to awakening from the "waking sleep" that characterizes life for so many.

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