Inner Yoga: Selected Writings of Sri Anirvan (Paperback) Review

Inner Yoga: Selected Writings of Sri AnirvanOne of the most comprehensive texts on the "inner technology" of a practice toward Being. It is a book one can read repeatedly over the duration of ones life, each time finding something quite new that one could not take in before, marking the growth of ones own being.To be honest, one needs a great deal of preparation to begin to understand at all what is being presented here, the summary of the life's work of one of this ages most serious seekers.

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Product Description:
In Inner Yoga, Sri Anirvan reveals the true substance of yoga. Anirvan, a lifelong scholar and practitioner, combines knowledge of tradition, experience derived from meditation, and great independence of mind to illuminate the heart of yogic teaching. He explains the eight limbs of Patanjala Yoga in the light of India's spiritual traditions and fills each chapter with insights on the Vedas, Upanishads, and the Gita drawn from a lifetime of study. This thoughtful book offers serious students new insight into the discipline of yoga.

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