The Evening and the Morning (Paperback) Review

The Evening and the MorningTom Baldwin's second novel takes us to a windy hillside,
and an archaeological dig, in this story of two women. With
multi-faceted characters and in-depth description of the
worlds they inhabit, we get to know each of them and their
many gifts.

With a tale that meanders back and forth between the
present day and the Pleistocene Era, we learn of
their fight for survival. One literally for her own
life and that of her tribe, the other for her profession
and her race. These lives, destined to become entwined,
take us from boardroom to bedroom, dank cave to sunny hillside.

Along the way we learn a lot about survival in an ancient
land, much harsher then the one we live in today. We come
to understand that being good at something doesn't always
mean that you won't be questioned every step of the way.
Together these women from two very different times garner
strength separately and then from one another with a final
gift that for once and all will make the world take notice.

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Product Description:
The lives of two young women are mystically intertwined by a powerful talisman, a piece of meteorite, with the power to guide one of them in the peopling of a continent and the other in bridging the chasm of time that separates them. 185,000 years ago Evening Star leads a group of cave people across the icy tundra of Central Asia towards a new home shown to her in a vision. It lies beside a lake in a warm and fruitful country teeming with game, but the way will not be easy. Along her trek she must battle hostile lands, animals, and people. Ganny, a Native American archaeologist, is convinced she has found evidence that her people came to the Americas thousands and thousands of years before the archaeological establishment is willing to believe. They decry the stone tools she is finding beside a California lake bed. To win acceptance she must battle prejudice, willful ignorance, and dishonesty.

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