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The Sun In The Morning [Audio Cassette]I am quite a traveler, but have never really wanted to go to sounded to intense for me somehow...but this book could possibly have changed my mind! I have listened to the Book on Tape and then I immediately found an out-of-print book version because I enjoyed it so much, The author, who wrote "Far Pavillions" and "Shadow of the Moon", (fiction books which incorporate stories from her childhood in India), tells of her idyllic life growing up in this beautiful land. THEN, at age 10, she is abruptly taken from everything she has ever known and sent to boarding school in England. But the book ends, thankfully, with her return to her beloved India after an absence of ten years. Can she "go home again"? Fortunately, her autobiography tape and book form... in the delightful, "Golden Afternoon"...hooray for M.M. Kaye! Oh, by the way, this book-on-tape features an absolutely wonderful reader, too.

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Product Description:
In this wonderfully evocative autobiography, M. M. Kaye, author of the bestselling THE FAR PAVILIONS and SHADOW OF THE MOON, recounts her first eighteen years in India and England.Rich in period detail and peopled with extraordinary and unforgettable characters, THE SUN IN THE MORNING is a brilliant and vivid memoir of life under the Raj.
"Although sites, houses, even whole cities may have changed or perished as completely as the Raj itself, those dusty, dehydrated crumbs of memory are freshly reconstituted here in the flowing, shimmering, indelibly bright colours of true romance." (Daily Telegraph)

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