Under Attack: Morning Dawn in Venezuela (Paperback) Review

Under Attack: Morning Dawn in VenezuelaI must say that I was quite suspicious about the book as I read two extremely contradicting reviews, however, I am now fully convinced that the negative review came from someone either being pro-Bush or from the Venezolan opposition as I couldn't find any of the arguments made by the reviewer be true, even not the poor editing of the book he cited. I am happy that I had a chance to read a sober analysis of the process of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and be presented with so many economic facts which clearly speak for itself. The author has chosen a good way of explaining complicated matters such as the oil - issue and the hidden agenda of the former management of the oil company. I can only recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the real story in a time mass media is trying to distract our attention.

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Product Description:
Under Attack gives an overview of the political crisis of Venezuela under the government of President Hugo Chavez. It also puts into context why the opposition in Venezuela to a large degree is infuriated by any move the Bolivarian Revolution makes and why the Bush White House is so eager to solve the 'problem' by any means. A detailed analysis of the economic facts explains how the revenues from oil benefit the rich class and foreign shareholders. Closer scrutiny reveals that conflicts between ‘Opposicion' and ‘Chavistas' in reality may rather be seen as the constant struggle between Rich and Poor. The author offers a view free from any ideology and down to the facts by putting his finger into the wounds of both sides. Under Attack features an exclusive interview with President Chavez. The film Factor CH is available on DVD for purchase.

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