Blood-Stained Justice (Paperback) Review

Blood-Stained JusticeBlood Stained Justice is the second book I have read from this author in about a year. While reading his novels you can't wait to turn to the next page and then the next chapter but at the end you anxiously await the next title. As a voracious reader of suspenseful, political and crime thrillers for over 30 years, nobody has ever opened my eyes with stories of corruption so convincingly by combining imagination and writing talent with true life experiences. Told from the side of the prosecution, it will make you think before going to the polls in the future and you will take a second look at EVERY politician with the utmost skepticism. A very entertaining nail-biter that you must read!

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Product Description:
Wayne Lott, the young Mississippi attorney from Rick Ward's breakout novel The Lawmaker, is back to fight political corruption and bring down those who think that their power puts them above the law.In his quest to further fight crooked politicians, Wayne decides to pursue a career as a prosecutor and ends up in Stonewall County, Mississippi, where he finds a mentor in John Chastain, a charismatic DA with Senate aspirations. He also joins up with his old friend Wallace Tischner, who's getting ready to wage his own war against corrupt local officials-and no one is safe from the dragnet.While following leads involving a missing businessman, a suspicious airplane and a drug-running ring out of Colombia, Wayne and Tischner uncover a deadly web of bribery and conspiracy implicating a cadre of bankers, lawyers and newspaper editors. But when Wayne's life and family are threatened, how far will he go to expose the truth?

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