Towards the End of the Morning (Kindle Edition) Review

Towards the End of the MorningMichael Frayn's 1967 Fleet Street novel draws unavoidable comparison with Evelyn Waugh's "Scoop", and that it comes off looking pretty good speaks volumes for Frayn's talent. It tells the story of John Dyson, a middling newspaper man slipping towards the end of his youth and towards the end of his foundering career. It also parallels the end of British print media in its traditional form as it gradually gave way to Americanization, i.e. the unavoidable slip towards television. But Frayn's portrait is a fair one: he isn't suggesting the lager-soaked world of British print was any better than what replaced it. He exploits the humorous potential of both. His dramatization of British class-based social anxiety and the irritating bullishness of American upstarts are both spot-on. Frayn's introduction to this edition interestingly explains the origins of the novel and the actual people and experiences on which it is based.

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Product Description:
A sublimely funny comedy about the way newspapers try to put lives into words.' SpectatorMichael Frayn's classic is set in the crossword and nature notes department of an obscure national newspaper during the declining years of Fleet Street, where John Dyson dreams wistfully of fame and the gentlemanly life - until one day his great chance of glory at last arrives.'Towards the End of the Morning certainly keeps you laughing, but the jokes illuminate the characters and their destinies with a clarity that makes you miss a heartbeat after the laughs.' The Times'The most delightful, sophisticated novel: Michael Frayn is probably England's funniest writer.' New York Times'A gem of a comic book. It's a brilliant, fast game of poker with the author holding all the best hands.' Vogue

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