Hey! Wake Up! [Board book] Review

Hey Wake Up [Board book]I love these books.My daughter loves these books.Boynton's books are cutsie-poosie for the kiddies, and they are hard to read without starting to sing.
There was one part that made me uncomfortable, though.I know this is going to sound hyper-sensitive, but it bummed me out when the narrator tells the little rabbit that he's too small for basketball.The book goes on to tell the elephant: "You're too big to use the swings, you should go do big guy things."The elephant looks despondent on the swing, like an eight-year-old with a glandular problem being teased by adults who think he's twelve.It made me a little sad.Why can't the rabbit play basketball and why can't the elephant ride a swing with the other kids?But, I know, it's just a kids book, I'm definitely missing the point, but I can't help what it made me think.
But your kid will love it.The rhythms are jaunty and fun.Enjoy.

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Product Description:
Boynton is back! Joining Barnyard Dance! and Birthday Monsters!, here is Hey! Wake Up! a good-morning book with the irrepressible language, the inimitable illustrations, the irresistible cast of characters only Sandra Boynton could create.
Yawn. Stretch. Touch your toes. Shimmy shimmy shimmy, Wiggle your nose.
Just watch out for the broccoli stew. (Ew.)

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