The Way of Transformation: Daily Life as Spiritual Practice (Paperback) Review

The Way of Transformation: Daily Life as Spiritual PracticeThis is a very deep book that should be read very slowly, because each paragraph contains much wisdom.It is not a book so much for the spiritual beginner but for those who are longstanding spiritual practitioners looking for more understanding of how to manifest their spiritual wisdom in everyday life.I disagree with the other reviewer; the Durkheim does not introduce a lot of arcane or idiosyncratic terminology -- in fact he defines any unusual terms he uses, and there are not that many.Those with backgrounds in Zen and Jungian psychology would be best suited for this book. The author does not take a devotional or bhakti approach to God (Divine Being in his terminology) but more of a jnani attitude, i.e., analyzing what keeps individuals trapped in egoic identifications and estranged from the Ground of Being (another term he uses for God).

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Product Description:
The guiding theme of psychotherapist Karlfried Durckheim's work is that one can become "transparent to transcendence." An early Western authority on Zen, he was one of the first to bring its methods to Europe. Incorporating Zen and depth psychology into his practice, Durckheim was also one of the earliest transpersonal psychologists. His spiritual practice of combining Jung, Meister Eckhart, and Zazen proved to lead to moments of higher consciousness, which he described as "privileged moments." In The Way of Transformation, one of his most concise and profound works, Durckheim shows that once readers scrape away personal barriers and free the divine spark within, these radiant, life-altering occasions can occur at any time. His meditative approach to daily activities turns simple tasks such as making tea, posting a letter, or washing dishes into moments of new awareness: everyday life as a spiritual practice.

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