Beyond Dreams (Hamilton High series) (Paperback) Review

Beyond DreamsBeyond Dreams (Hamilton High series)
As a substitute teacher, I was required to use the story "For Ethan and Me" from "Beyond Dreams."I was shocked that the only alternative for pregnant teenage girl, Christina Calderon, was to have an abortion.Irresponsible sex with a casual friend led to pregnancy.The pregnancy was referred to as "cells" and how hard it would be to have ANOTHER baby, and how her father didn't do enough to help her and how another pregnancy would be too hard for her mother.Irresponsible behavior is glossed over, this teenage girl was drinking wine coolers when she had intercourse with the man she became pregnant by this time.He was never told she was pregnant and as a father his rights were completely ignored.At no time were her parents involved in her decision.We have to remember that Christina was still a minor.She had the abortion and was accompanied by a teenage friend to the clinic who had also had an abortion.

I have not read any of the other stories in this book.I will NOT recommend it as a matter of fact I condemn it for promoting abortion.It is not only that I dislike this book, I am disgusted by the author's emotional writing style in her attempt to influence teens.

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