Of Wars and Morning Glories [Paperback] Review

Of Wars and Morning Glories [Paperback]Thsi is a very timely story, although it is about WWII. this child has her emotions shattered by the first signs of the German invasion. Her father does the impossible by sailing around Africa to take her home from Brussels to Java. After traveling through warring countries, they barely make it to Genoa Italy were they board the last mailboat allowed to leave Europe until the end of Hitler's murderous quest.
They sail through angry oceans to finally arrive home, just in time to be suddenly and deadly attacked by the Japanese forces.Hedda,Mom and her baby brother end up in POW camps, and her father as slave labor at the Thai/Burma RR.All four met with unspeakable horror, humiiation, torture, disease, and starvation. This was followed by more POW time under the terrorist uprising. The wars stole 5 years out of their lifes and they then had to make up for the schooltime. The story is filled with love for family especially her brother and shiny stones and, of course the wild Morning Glories winding themselves around the barbed wire, in every camp in the difficult to take rainforest. I laughed out loud and cried real tears while sitting on a plane, drawing unwanted attention.LOVE THAT BOOK!

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Product Description:
A true story seen through the eyes of a young girl who had no time to be a child, as she and her father sidestepped the German invasion of Western Europe in World War II, only to end up in the middle of the Japanese invasion of the Netherlands East Indies.

The earliest recollections are as a whisper of the past, but recall becomes crisp and sharp as tensions of war become etched in photographic memory. The accuracy of detail is supported by extensive research.

A perplexing voyage from Belgium took them through warring France and on a mail-boat to Java.

During the Japanese occupation, her father was taken to Kanchanaburi Thailand, and the Japanese army and later Indonesian terrorists imprisoned her, her mother, and her younger brother. Optimism of youth, a strong bond between her and her younger brother, friendships throughout, and the Morning Glories made it bearable.

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