King of Instruments (Plastic Comb) Review

King of InstrumentsI first saw this book being used at the Singapore "Pipe Organ Encounter" Program run by the AGO.I was very impressed with it as Joyce Jones has created a "crash course" for good pianists to play the organ. She hones in on all the important technical aspects of organ playing and introduces simple trio exercises for the co-ordination of hands and feet. She also includes an excellent section on how to play hymns.I have had a lot of success with this book with my students. Ideally it should then be supplemented with a more thorough tutor for those who really want to play the organ well, but it is an excellent introdution to the instrument and will get pianists playing for church services in a very short time.Her suggestions for registration force the student to explore and familiarise themselves with the various stops available.I have collected and examined many organ tutors and have found this to be the best "crash course" method available. Her "Pedal Mastery" book is also excellent and can be used along side this book.

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Product Description:
King of Instruments is an Organ Teaching Method book. The purpose of this book is to provide a short, easy introduction to the organ. It is intended to provide pianists with a quick method that will get them playing as rapidy as possible.

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