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The Morning TreeThis novel, although set in bibical times and the central plot revolves around a search for a missing scroll of the Christian Bible, is not entirely about religion.It is about coping with inner demons and is a compassionate, intimate tale of Ras, a Centurion, and his struggles to be noble as revealed by his inner life and yearnings.It is a human portrait, not only of Ras, but reels in a host of memorable characters. The chapters follow the phases of the moon in the weeks after the crucifixion of Christ and build to the conclusion, appropriately at the full moon.I found this book poignant, timely and inspiring.A novel that urges one to consider the teaching of Christ in a singular light and to know there is no compromise to non-viollence.The story carries you along to your own conclusions.It is an enjoyable read, and stands on its own as an adventure novel.

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Product Description:
Under a fig tree ... In the blistering morning sun of Galilee ... A centurion kills for a sacred scroll ... Did Jesus write a gospel in his own hand? His disciples say so, and one of their own has stolen it.Days after the crucifixion, a centurion, Ras, is tasked by the disciples of Jesus to find the missing scroll of the man from Nazareth who would be called the Christ.Although sunlight can kill him, Ras, a man of war, searches from the wastelands of Galilee and Judea to the secret dungeons of the temple in Jerusalem.But Ras has been deceived. People are not who they seem to be. A hidden truth is revealed under the morning tree at the tip of a blade: to serve Jesus with violence is to destroy his teachings. This novel was inspired by the events of early 2003. During the initial phases of the American invasion of Iraq, George W. Bush, an avowed Christian, informed the public that he prayed while giving orders to go to war. That revelation evoked an image of Mr. Bush, alone in a White House chapel, hearing a voice that he should get peace in the Middle East.The solution: punish the evildoer. Austin Reams, author of "The Morning Tree," had much difficulty reconciling Bush s message and actions with those of Jesus of Nazareth. In the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus told his followers at the Sermon on the Mount, Do not resist an evildoer.In the gospel according to Luke, Jesus says, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.Mr. Reams believed that there is no room for war or killing in Jesus teachings.He also felt that there was little inspiration in popular literature for peace. He wrote The Morning Tree, a historical novel, to provide an entertaining, and yet provocative, exemplar of nonviolence to readers.

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