MORNING MEDITATION [Hardcover]There's not a morning that goes by that I not spend time with my God and my inner-self.So I thank the author, James Webb, for introducing me to "Morning Meditation" and reintroducing me to the power and love of God.If you've read The Secret, The Four Agreements, The Purpose Driven Life, Your Best Life Now, or the Power of Jabez, like I have, you must read Morning Mediation!One may think that these books are delivering the same message, but each book has it's own unique blessing.And I found my very own unique blessing in "Morning Meditation."Now that is powerful!Don't hesitate... you'll be so grateful and more centered with your life when you're done.

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I bet you want to know the real secret to experiencing an abundant life-a life where you can have/be/do all that you've ever wanted. You want to possess a true intimacy with God-an intimacy that is confirmed through personal experience with the Creator. You want to discover your destiny-a destiny which allows you to make a definite contribution to humanity. If I'm right, then you're ready for Morning Meditation.Morning Meditation reveals the part that you play in co-creating your own destiny with God. With the teachings of Jesus Christ as the foundation, Morning Meditation revolutionizes your way of thinking.There is nothing more important than spending quality time with God. Morning Meditation ushers you into God's presence every single day. If you want to stop talking and start doing, stop wishing and start possessing-stop snoozing and start living-then you want to experience Morning Meditation.James Webb was born and raised in Moss Point, Mississippi as the youngest of three children to two working class parents. He is a trained actor, singer, and dancer, having performed onstage in New York and regional theatres across the country. He has taught courses in theatre-the study of what it means to be human-at the University of Florida and the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Currently, James is earning his Ph.D. from the Steinhardt School of Education at New York University.

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