Heart of A Lion- The Life, Death And Legacy Of Hank Gathers (Hardcover) Review

Heart of A Lion- The Life, Death And Legacy Of Hank GathersHeart of a Lion cronicles the life, death and legacy of Hank Gathers who died 20 years ago at age 24.

Hank was a terrific, collegiate basketball player headed for the NBA when he collapsed and died on the court during a game.

Hank was born in the crime and drug infested projects of North Plilly from which noone escaped.At age 10 he made a commitment to get himself and his family out of the "Ruins".Basketball was the tool he would use to do so.Hank developed an incredible work ethic and mental attitude that shielded him from those who told him repeatedly, he couldn't do this or couldn't do that.Nothing came easy to Hank.

Hank was always in the middle of the action, especially on the court.The story is so compelling and the book so well written, the reader can hear and feel the roar of the crowd as Hank performs his majic.Also, the reader feels the saddness and stunned silence when the unthinkable happens.

This book is worth reading.It is well researched and written.It is an easy, good read at any time.With March Madness upcoming, it makes a timely gift.

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Product Description:
On March 4th, 1990 Hank Gathers, the leading candidate for college basketball's player of the year award, fell to the court at Gersten Pavilion on the campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Within minutes the man who had led the nation in scoring and rebounding as a junior, and who had proudly boasted of being the strongest man alive, was dead. Heart of a Lion is the story of Hank Gathers, a young man who dared to dream while growing up in "the worst slum in America." "Hank Gathers was an extraordinary player. He was a young man who dared to dream in a place where dreams go to die. Hank's dream ended tragically but his teammates carried on in his honor. Together they provided one of the greatest stories in NCAA tournament history. Hank has been gone 20 years but, the dream is alive." -Jim Nantz, CBS Sports. "This is not just another basketball book. Be good to yourself, and buy it." -Bob Kuska. National publicity. M.Kahn Associates. 805-969-8555. Milton@miltonkahnpr.com.

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