Texas Almanac 2006-2007: Sesquicentennial Edition, 1857-2007 (Texas Almanac Teacher's Guide) [Illustrated] [Spiral-bound] Review

Texas Almanac 2006-2007: Sesquicentennial Edition, 1857-2007 [Spiral-bound]A perfect resource for anyone needing statistics about the various counties and cities in Texas.Detailed info about political history, natural resources, population, all kinds of weather history and much more.Actually fun to look through and learn interesting facts as well as Texas trivia.A must for real Texans and a great help for newcomers and wannabes.

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Product Description:
The "Texas Almanac" has been the ultimate resource of life in Texas for 150 years. First published in 1857, the "Texas Almanac 2006-2007" is the book's Sesquicentennial Edition. The "Texas Almanac" includes articles and data about: history and government; population and demographics; the natural environment; parks and recreation; business and transportation; oil and minerals; agriculture; science and health; education; and culture and the arts. Special features in the Sesquicentennial Edition include: A history of the more than 30 Spanish Missions in Texas, and the cooperation and conflicts among the Franciscan friars, the Spanish soldiers, and the local Indians who took part in the mission system. A compelling piece on the history of cattle ranching in Texas and its effects on the environment written by award-winning Western author Elmer Kelton of San Angelo. Kelton, who grew up on a ranch in Crane County and worked as a farm and ranch writer and editor, says, "To whatever extent technology has allowed, [ranchers and farmers] have tried to influence their environment to their benefit. Some of the results have been favorable.Others have fallen victim to the unwritten law of unintended consequences, trading one set of problems for another." It covers: the growing habits and many uses of the ubiquitous mesquite, which flourishes across one-third of Texas; the numerous mineral springs that exist in nearly every Texas county and their use by Indians, settlers, and commercial spas; families of Lebanese-Syrian descent and their impact on culture across the state. The "Texas Almanac Teacher's Guide" is 130-page professionally written teaching tool to help teachers and homeschoolers use the factual dense Texas resource in the classroom, with fun and instructive interdisciplinary activities based on information found in the Texas Almanac 2006-2007 Each lesson is coded to indicate how it helps fulfill TEKS and TAKS objectives.

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