Great Books (This Morning) [Abridged] [Audio CD] Review

Great Books [Audio CD]Dr. Bruce Meyer's broadcasts on CBC's This Morning have taken the nation by storm and caused a major revitalization of the literary classics in Canada. All over the country, in schoolrooms, doughnut stores and coffeeshops, people have been meeting to discuss the classics because of thesebroadcasts. The soon to be released The Golden Thread: A Reader's JourneyThrough the Great Books by Dr. Meyer is sure to take off following theoverwhelming popularity of this, the largest-selling series of cassettes inthe history of the CBC! This series, with its humorous, moving andextraordinarily brilliant observations on the Great Books is sure to makean avid reader of you and transform the way you look at both literature andthe world around you. This is a "must buy" item for anyone whowants to get in touch with great ideas -- Dante, Virgil, St. Augustine,Milton, More, Machiavelli, Ovid, The Bible, Sophocles and many more.

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