The Rose and the Pyramid (The Books of Gem 1: Prequel or Parallel to the Morning & Moon books) (Kindle Edition) Review

The Rose and the PyramidI could tell you that "The Rose and the Pyramid" is the story of a young woman from another planet who wishes to be with an Earth man and to live life as an Earth woman.....and this simple sentence can only give the potential reader the most basic structure of the story without revealing the true heart of the story that encompasses the author giving free reign to her imagination in attempting to explain why things here on our earth are the way they are....and how they might one day be changed for the better.

Be aware that this is a book that will stay with is a book that you will think of is a book that will influence the way you look at the world and the people in it.This is not a work of light fiction that one would read to casually pass the time and then a week later have trouble remembering even what the title of the novel had been.This is one you will remember!

Mya Rose Gem, a female on Kashmir, is able to see Ben, an Earth man, in her dreams as she lies on her bed sleeping surrounded by her many pillows. She is determined to travel to Earth and live there as an Earth woman in the hopes of becoming one with Ben.Mya does not understand that she and Ben have met before in the distant past, and that their future relationship will significantly change Earth's future.In spite of the danger that the Earth represents to a being of light and energy such as herself, Mya will not let the world of physical matter known as Earth and the negative energy thereupon prevent her from her attempts to fulfill her destiny by joing with Ben, the Earth man who is an individual mentally basing his worth upon his control of physical unlike a being of light and energy.

While I deeply respect the author's attempts to address the issues of the basic nature of evil and the complexity of redemption in this novel, I cannot agree with all the conclusions she reaches....However, I also understand that this does not make it a bad novel, simply because there are conclusions she reaches that I don't agree with.These conclusions refelct a reality that, while fictional, are both thought-provoking and somewhat disturbing in their unconventionality.Even for someone like myself who's read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, the reality of Kashmir and of Earth in "The Rose and the Pyramid" is difficult to grasp without pausing occasionally to mentally process the new ideas and catch up emotionally to what is taking place.This is a novel for those who like to travel to strange and foreign lands and try out new and unusal foods... Those who only want to stick with what they know and don't like to read new ideas should pass on this novel...I'm sure glad I didn't!

I ask you....when is the last time you read a novel that challenged you?When is the last time you read a novel that presented you with even one new idea that made you have to pause to stop and think?This is why I give this novel five stars....because I found it to be original, challenging, thought-provoking, controversial without being offensive, positive, and adding far, far more value to my life than the cost of buying the book and the time spent reading it.....and, what more could a reader ask of a book?

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Product Description:
THE ROSE AND THE PYRAMID is a novel of great mystery and enchantment, which occurs on several levels at once. Mya, the heroin, who comes from the planet Kashmir, which bears little resemblance to Earth, decides to pursue Ben, her lover, to our denser world of travail, where the age-old paradigm seems to be suffering, a suffering in part based on a misunderstanding of karma and density.

From her purer world of energy and color, she descends, but not merely as a visitor. Mya must take up a life here, a new person, she must surround herself with harsher and more puzzling realities, as a citizen of our world.

But why is she really here? What is the wider meaning of her attraction for Ben? And what of her deep friendship with Rotar, her mentor on Kashmir? Through undulations of great beauty, the novel expands to include Mya's destiny: the transformation of this planet and its inhabitants.

The ultimate establishment of a new paradigm for consciousness on earth involves a stunning confrontation with that being whom some have called The Devil - its surprises provide startling proof that life on earth has been stunted by a deeply ingrained and flawed conception of reality.

From this moment on, the story speeds to an irrevocable climax, in which the nature of Earth's reality and the quality of Mya's love are transformed forever.

-- The above the Flap Copy by Jon Rappoport, from the 1897 Authors Unlimited edition of this novel.


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