One Morning in Sarajevo: 28 June 1914 [Paperback] Review

One Morning in Sarajevo: 28 June 1914 [Paperback]Seldom can such a vital character in world history as Gavrilo Princip have taken center stage for such a brief moment in time. His assassination of the heir to the Habsburg monarchy on June 28, 1914, was literally the shot heard round the world. Even Princip himself never imagined the consequences of his actions. The Serbian nationalist hoped, at best, to persuade the Austrian empire to leave the Balkans; instead, the assassination was the trigger for World War One, a global conflict that reshaped the world Princip lived in to the one in which we now exist. Princip himself didn't live to see that world -- narrowly escaping hanging along with three fellow conspirators because of his age, he died in prison of tuberculosis long before the guns finally fell silent in late 1918 and the world counted up the estimated 37 million civilian and military casualties.

Anyone trying to understand the course of 20th century history must, inevitably, come back to June 28, 1914; the first World War led directly to Communist dictatorships in Russia and later in Eastern Europe, to the rise of fascism and the Holocaust as well as the Cold War. Somehow, however, in the midst of all the books about "The Great War", the story of Princip and his fellow conspirators gets lost in that broader picture. Who was this 20-year-old student and who were his fellow conspirators -- a journeyman printer, teenage students, peasants and a "gentleman teacher"? David James Smith sets out to tell their collective story, leading up to and following that fateful day.

Alas... The book barely succeeds in giving the reader a coherent narrative. And it fails miserably in any effort to be compelling; indeed the writing is so stilted and awkward throughout the book that finishing it became a painful exercise for me. (I persisted simply because in more than three decades encountering the First World War -- I once worked as a tour guide at a battlefield in Northern France -- I had always wanted to know more about its roots, and this part of the story has been little told.)

I won't go into exhaustive detail of all the books stylistic flaws, instead just discuss a few of the most egregious. Smith seems unable to distinguish between relevant digressions (ones that serve to illustrate character and move the narrative forward) and those that just stop the reader dead in his tracks, scratching his head in bewilderment. For instance, Smith takes time out to wonder how many suits and shirts the conspirators possessed and concludes that "those Young Bosnians, some of them at least, were probably a little reeky." Later, he describes how one conspirator -- a peripheral character -- had met two young women at a dance and was corresponding with both of them at once. And so on... No fact, it seems is too trivial to be included.

This wouldn't have mattered quite as much, however, if the writing hadn't been among the worst I have ever encountered in such a book. I could only conclude, ultimately, that Smith ended up simply restating the transcripts of the trial. Over and over, Smith's sentences feel like no more than a simple recitation of facts -- exacerbated by the fact that they are often run-on and lead nowhere. A smuggler, for instance "knew that Milan would be keeping the brandy in the kitchen, so as not to flaunt it in front of the sergeant, so he went into the kitchen and asked Milan to pour him a glass and then hid it behind his hand as he took a swig." (phew, time to take a deep breath.) There are so many stylistic flaws in the writing -- such as the use of the passive voice without any reason as in "they would be commonly called "kmets" or peasants" -- that at one point I stopped to look up the author to ensure that (a) this wasn't a bad translation of a book and (b) that his native language is English.

Overall, in fact, the writing and structure was so problematic that I can't even continue to address it. My disappointment was acute because, buried somewhere in all that clumsy verbiage, is a great story and Smith clearly has all his facts and theories assembled. He just can't put them together in one coherent whole. From a structural standpoint, the greatest disservice to the reader is probably the way the narrative darts back and forth in time and location, making it harder to follow what to many will be unfamiliar events and characters. For instance, Smith never presents us with an overall chronology of recent Balkan history, including summaries of the two Balkan wars. Rather, he refers to this in passing, and it's only after several references that the reader will finally understand who was fighting, why and what the outcome was. (A historical book shouldn't send an interested reader to Wikipedia in search of clarity!) There was also an egregious historical error; Smith claims that Franz Ferdinand became heir to the Austrian throne because the emperor's two children had died -- one a daughter who died young and his son by suicide decades later. In fact, Franz Josef had two daughters and numerous grandchildren alive and well in 1914 -- but women were debarred from the succession.

This book did convince me that there is a great story to be told about this group of naive and often-clumsy conspirators and their quixotic plan that succeeded almost in spite of the conspirators themselves. (One threw a bomb that missed the Archduke's car; Princip only succeeded later because of an error made by the chauffeur.) Alas, while all the ingredients for that story may be assembled in this book, the overwhelming flaws in structure and style mean this isn't it.

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Product Description:

It was the shot that led to World War I and the death of countless millions: the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. This historical account of what happened on that day in June 1914 is every bit as gripping as The Day of the Jackal. Focusing on the man behind the killing, and using newly available sources (including the few surviving witnesses), David James Smith brilliantly reinvestigates and reconstructs the events that determined the shape of the twentieth century.

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Pray Without Ceasing: Prayer for Morning & Evening (Hardcover) Review

Pray Without Ceasing: Prayer for Morning & EveningExcellent prayerbook for all Christians! I found this book and I wanted to have it. I got it last week and I'm using it every early morning and evening. I love the chant arrangements of the psalms and the litanies. They're easy to play and memorize. And the translations are great. No Christian library should be without this book! I highly recommend it for spiritual growth.

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Product Description:
With a simpler structure than the official Roman rite for the Liturgy of the Hours,this prayer is more accessible to all members of the Church. Thus it renews the originalintent of morning and evening prayer as the prayer of the whole Church.
This adaptation is in keeping with a long tradition of accommodating morning andevening prayer to the needs of the particular faith community. The language is inclusive,only 45 psalms (chosen for their appropriateness to the time of day and daily rhythm of thepaschal mystery) are used, and the work is arranged in a two-week series that begins onthe weekend.
Two marked styles shape the prayer offered. The weekdays are more contemplative;the structure is simple, the psalms are recited. Weekends are noticeably festive; thestructure is more elaborate and much of the prayer is sung.
The simple structure means no ordo is needed, page-flipping is kept to a minimum,and music is included to encourage singing of appropriate elements. Suggestions forchoosing scriptural texts are included in the introduction; the scriptural texts themselvesare not included.

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Morning Song: A Child's Story for Adults (Paperback) Review

Morning Song: A Child's Story for AdultsTimothy Victor Richardson knows how to enter the mind of a child and not only understand just how intricately straight forward is their thinking, but also how influenced the child's communication to other children and especially to adults is by the need for acceptance and avoidance of conflict.In MORNING SONG Richardson very adroitly relates the ramblings and reviewing of a summer camp's many experiences to his father as they drive along the highway home. The actions of a child coming to grips with situations preparing him for adult roles and the excitement and thrill of experiencing new adventures in that special space or world of other children segregated from parents - a campsite of a children-only world - are related in a voice so perfectly inhabited by the young lad of this story.

Though the fresh adventures as related by the boy are interesting and full of fear and warm humor and signs of growing up, the beauty of this book is the near perfect use of the child's voice.Richardson has listened well to countless kids and picked up all the idiosyncrasies of expressions and bad grammar and rapid-fire drama that make hearing a child's version of ANYTHING a fascinating experience. Reading this charming story is not only entertaining but also mesmerizing, so like a child's mind and speech it is.And the warm wisdom beneath the words is absolutely charming!Grady Harp, October 09

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Do you remember your first experience with camp? You're away from your family and, quite suddenly, very intimately involved with strangers; sleeping, eating, cleaning, engaging in sports and other activities, competing with the noise and motion of a cabin filled with kids and counselors who do things you could never have previously imagined. "Morning Song" by Timothy Victor Richardson explores the funny and frightening initiation rites of childhood through the eyes of a six year old boy sent to camp for the first time.Told entirely by a first person narrator exclaiming how he came to, but didn't know how he was knocked out, the explanation follows an elliptical, highly energized version of events he has both witnessed and participated in. Funny and cruel, engrossing and poignant, subjects covered range across a vast field. "We're all the same oldness" insists the narrator. Still there is a pecking order and one boy, David Folder, continually annoys both counselors and other boys.

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Hearts of the Morning Calm [Paperback] Review

Hearts of the Morning Calm [Paperback]I met Galen Kindley at Tacoma Mall where he was signing copies of his first book, Hearts of the Morning Calm. As I struggled to hold on to my 20 month old grandson, Galen and I discussed his book. I hesitated to purchase it as it didn't seem like my type of book, but was taken in by his enthusiam and also intrigued by the story. This book was just a wonderful story to read. It left me wishing that the book didn't end. I wanted the story of Jason and Kwang Young to continue on. It is a great blend of humor, romance, history and culture lessons put into a format that keeps the reader interested right to the last page. I recommend it to everyone who likes to read a book and keep feeling good about it. It's not something you will read and forget about right away. Galen Kindley is on to a great start as an author. I can hardly wait for the next book to come out.

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Product Description:
Since 2333 BC, long before the Western world was new, antiquity's name for Korea was Chosun...Land of the Morning Calm.In the fall of 1978, a small traditional jewelry shop in modern steel-and-glass Seoul, Korea, becomes Destiny's playground. Fate capriciously induces an American military officer to browse the store and, in so doing, meet an intriguing and lovely Asian woman. Foolishly, but helplessly, the Jason and Young fall in love.Their chance encounter and reluctant commitment initiates a tangled and haunting journey. For Jason, it is one of discovery not just of the woman he loves but her country and her people. Young seems too modern to be bound by the role assigned women in traditional Korean culture, so he dares to dream of taking her home to Alabama.But what does a woman do when her heart is torn between the man she loves and the family she honors?

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Morning by Morning (Hendrickson Christian Classics) [Hardcover] Review

Morning by Morning [Hardcover]I chanced upon this daily devotional in a local bookshop. I didn't know it was that good. I just bought it because I needed something extra for the morning before going off to work. As I began going through it, I realised how inspiring, motivating and crystal clear Spurgeon was able to explain some of the things about God. Along the way, it gave me many fresh revelations; things that I accepted previously as a Christian but never really understood why. As mentioned, many of the devotionals were inspiring and motivating. I really felt that God was speaking to me so lovingly through Spurgeon's devotionals. I'm not the only one who felt this way. Many of my friends and colleagues whom I shared the devotionals with felt the same way. Spurgeon's devotionals brought them so much closer to God and made some of them so much more passionate about God. This is definitely the first-choice daily devotional to go through first thing after we wake up every morning.

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Product Description:
For tens of thousands of Christians over the last century, Charles Haddon Spurgeon's Morning By Morning has been a daily devotional guide through life's ups and downs. New generations can once again enjoy Spurgeon's beautiful prose and elegant command of the English language in this addition to the Hendrickson Christian Classics series.Morning By Morning offers readers the best of Spurgeon's insight and wise counsel on themes that are as relevant to our day as they were in his day. In this updated version, Spurgeon's work is returned to its former brilliance while retaining the beautiful language of the original King James Version.

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Joy Comes in the Morning (Perfect Paperback) Review

Joy Comes in the MorningThis is a remarkable tale of one woman's courageous journey through abuse and trauma by relying on her faith in God. Christian themes, such as those demonstrated by the parable of the Good Samaritan, are subtly interwoven into this believable Civil War era romance. The characters, dialogue, and plot work so smoothly that this reader felt Ms. Hope was telling a true story, rather than fiction. I'm very impressed that this is the author's first published work and highly recommend it!

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Product Description:
Libby Prescott's life becomes a nightmare after the Civil War, when her husband, a Union soldier, grows addicted to morphine and whiskey and begins abusing her. Begging God for help, she receives a solution unlike any she imagined. Libby awakes one day in the Southern home of the Chambers family with no memory of who she is or how she has arrived there. The Chambers begin a search for anyone with a connection to the lost and battered woman. Libby finds friendship with Clary, but their discussions incite haunting memories from her youth. The mystery deepens when the Chambers receive Libby's rings and learn of a ragged, indigent woman searching for her. As Libby's presence begins to change their lives, the Chambers will call into question everything they know, especially Justin, whose engagement to Susanna becomes less appealing as the days pass. And Libby, who has been confiding in Justin, must confront her past while fighting her growing feelings for him and her uncertainty concerning what happens next. With the themes of hope and justice, along with a lesson in history, Joyce Hope takes readers on an amazing adventure through the darkest hours of night, promising that Joy Comes in the Morning.

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Morning Star [Paperback] Review

Morning Star [Paperback]Morningstar is one of those amazing books that keeps you reading and turning pages long into the night because you just have to know how things turn out. A fascinating read, a well plotted story and a great ending.Everything, in fact, that I look for in a Five Star book.Morning Star

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Morning Star By Micqui MillerLiz O'Hara, upstanding citizen, widow of a loving husband and mother of two great teenagers, has spent her adult life looking over her shoulder. She fears her past catching up with her the lost seven months she lived on the run in another time and place. But in her worst nightmares Liz never dreamed she'd have to choose one child over another while a psychopath lurked in the shadows, waiting to strike.Josh Wilder, disillusioned news anchor, finds his career back on the fast track when he goes out on a limb to help someone close to him. But in order to cash in on his new celebrity, he must risk destroying the woman he hasn't been able to forget for twenty-seven years, the homeless young hippie known only as Morning Star.Together, Liz and Josh face the greatest challenge of their lives racing against the clock to save a dying young woman while trying to stop a madman with murder on his mind.

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Korea: Land of Morning Calm [Hardcover] Review

Korea: Land of Morning Calm [Hardcover]A coffeetable style book. Heavy on the photos of South Korea. Despite "Korea" in the title, it really is about South Korea. The hapless North Koreans are not covered to any significant extent in this book.

It shows that South Korea still has much of the old culture in the rural regions. Whereas to non-Koreans, the country might seem totally industrialised and modern. Many traditional festivals and costumes are depicted. With some artfully taken pictures of bucolic backdrops. There is also quite a variety of regional foods.

Discerning readers might also notice some possible Chinese influences in the traditional clothing and customs.

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Product Description:
Korea: Land of Morning Calm displays the rich history, diverse cultures and striking sights of Korea. Evocative text and stunning photos bring the Korea experience to life, giving readers a taste of what they can expect to see and experience in the "Land of Morning Calm."

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Sunday Morning Coming Down [Paperback] Review

Sunday Morning Coming Down [Paperback]I am not a typical reader of Christian fiction - in fact, aside from non-fiction, I have never read a book with Christian themes or subject matter. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found the characters engaging and honest. It's a great story about complicated relationships and the journeys we take on life's long road.

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The Psalms New International Version: New International Version : With Helpful Appendix, an Index of Sunday Responsorial Psalms and a Table of the Four-Week Psalter for Morning and evening [Paperback] Review

The Psalms New International Version: New International Version : With Helpful Appendix, an Index of Sunday Responsorial Psalms and a Table of the Four-Week Psalter for Morning and evening [Paperback]Finally after searching for months, I found this little gem.It's exactly what I wanted.All of the Psalms in order with footnotes galore to enhance their meaning.The print is easy to read.The size of the book is just right to carry in most purses-not a pocket.If that's what you've been looking for, you've found it.

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Red Sky in the Morning (Paperback) Review

Red Sky in the MorningIts such an amazing book..Definitely a must read for teen girls! There are many characters in the book teens can identify with. Its definitely a good book to read.

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Product Description:
Twelve-year-old Anna is looking forward to the birth of her baby brother. Ben arrives, but is disabled and will never be like other children. Anna loves him with her whole heart but she finds herself unable to admit the truth of Ben's condition to her school friends. Eventually the truth gets out and leads not to the ridicule Anna expected, but sympathy and understanding.

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A Winter Morning's Sun [Paperback] Review

A Winter Morning's Sun [Paperback]I'll start with a quickie for those of you who just want to know if A Winter Morning's Sun, by Robert Goble, is worth your time and money. It is.I gave it 3 out of 5 stars only because I think the higher ratings should be reserved for masterpieces or near masterpieces.This is still a good novel, with an interesting story about a compelling hero.So order yourself a copy now and enjoy a rewarding read.

InA Winter Morning's Sun Robert Goble introduces us to Broadie, an elven-year-old boy with potential; Broadie has the potential to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving, or angry, violent, and vengeful.The struggle between these two potentials that Broadie finds in himself drives the rest of the story.

To his credit, Goble is not afraid to show us the darkness that exists in Broadie. It is a darkness that I found a little unnerving to begin with. I had a hard time believing that an eleven-year-old would think and feel the things Broadie does.But, as the novel progressed I realized that Broadie was being forced to deal with problems that would be difficult even for an adult. He was being forced to grow up before he was ready.

I don't want to reveal too much so I will just say that Broadie's family life is violent and chaotic.His grandparents, whose basement his family is living in, are one of the few sources of stability in his life.In addition to his problems at home, Broadie is tormented by bullies at school and at church.

Broadie's life isn't all darkness and despair, there are some sources of light, examples for him to follow.Broadie finds refuge in an isolated grove of trees where he builds a tree house.He goes there often to hide from the bullies and the chaos of home. He also makes friends with January, a girl his age who moves in next door.And, as I mentioned earlier, he has a good extended family that love him and want to help him, though they struggle to understand the choices that he makes.

What I enjoyed most about this novel was Goble's gift for describing his character's thoughts and feelings by showing us their smallest gestures. We communicate so much about ourselves without ever speaking a word, and Gobleuses this masterfully.

Though the novel is written in the third person, we really only see the story through Broadie's eyes. That is the only complaint I have about A Winter Morning's Sun.Aside from Broadie, the rest of the characters aren't fully developed.I wanted to know more about the people around Broadie.Why did his mother make such poor choices in men?What did his Grandma think of her daughter's life? We know that January values Broadie's friendship, but what does she think about the way he behaves?As the only good man constantly in Broadie's life, Grandpa could have been a huge influence on him. I wanted to see that relationship developed.

Even with these details absent, Goble's story works.Broadie's eyes are really the only ones we need.This is Robert Goble's first novel. I understand that he has one more completed and a third in progress.I hope they are both published because I am looking forward to reading more.

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Product Description:
Bullied at school, friendless and misunderstood, Broadie Bennett learns to trust the loving, sincere people who come into his life. When January, a girl his age, moves in next door, a fragile friendship grows, and through the sting of a first crush he is helplessly pushed aside as she soon suffers dire challenges of her own. His circumstances deteriorate through the disintegration of his family and an increasingly violent environment, but he holds on to a vision of the life he wants, one small symbol of what he desires most: a gold coin that belonged to his great-grandmother. As he is torn away from the only stability he has ever known, the home of his grandparents, he faces a choice between escape and the selfless care of his younger siblings. Little does he know how great and far-reaching his small choices will become for his life and those around him.

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Chris Tomlin-see the Morning Special Edition (Sacred Folio) (Paperback) Review

Chris Tomlin-see the Morning Special EditionThis is such a neat book! I am not very advanced at piano, but can play these songs very nicely (most of them). It is just the right level for those who want to play songs like this, but are not as advanced!

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Product Description:

Buy cheap Chris Tomlin-see the Morning Special Edition (Sacred Folio) (Paperback) now From the Front Lines of Community Pharmacy [Hardcover] Review From the Front Lines of Community Pharmacy [Hardcover]Craig Fuller makes $3 million a year as chief of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. After perusing this tome, it is clear that writing lucid narrative prose is not part of his job description. Of course it is a typical Washington pretense to assume that every thought one has is profound and must be committed to print; after all, they're paying me three mil, so random musings that carom through my brainpan must be insightful!

Alas, as this embarrassing volume shows, this pretense is exactly that -- a pretense. This collection of cliches, shopworn positive thinking bromides, and other half-baked attempts at homey wisdom comes off as nothing but pure wind. Fuller makes no original observations about anything, though he certainly had ample opportunity to do so (Vioxx anyone?).

And so, let us please observe a moment of silence for the trees murdered so senselessly only so Fuller could commit his vacuous brain droppings to print. Indeed, the existence of this book is so tragic, and bodes so poorly for the future of Western civilization, that let us also say a silent prayer for the sacrifices of the ink and glue.

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Product Description:
While health care debates have raged across the country from the nation's capital to statehouses throughout the country, the leaders of today's community pharmacies have had to wage their own battle to preserve and protect a vital part of America's health care fabric. The story of the past three years of this battle has been told week after week in a column written by one of the actors in this process, the president of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Craig Fuller.
Today's community pharmacists are among the most trusted professionals in our society. Pharmacies are located at street corners across America. Yet how much do people know about how they really work? What are these stores...convenience stores? Health centers? And, what kinds of issues must they confront in the public debate about the high cost of prescription medication.
By looking back on events as they unfolded week after week, the reader learns what's on the minds of those people inside today's drug store. You learn just how important the role of the pharmacist is today. You learn how much goes on behind the scenes every time you fill a prescription to ensure you take the medication safely and effectively. You also learn some of the challenges confronting your community pharmacy today that could change the way you receive medication in the future.
From Washington, D.C., this account of the challenges community pharmacy faces today provides important insights into the nature of those who serve on the front line of our health care system and what they will confront tomorrow in a growing and increasingly critical debate on health care in America.

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Twilight In The Morning [Paperback] Review

Twilight In The Morning [Paperback]Set against the backdrop of Rwanda and New York, this mesmerizing story about a young nurse who has lost her family, pulls at your heart. Lungu describes a refugee camp in Africa, something which is out of the ordinary for most people.An interesting examination of the differencesand simliarities between Africans and African-Americans. She subtly points out the things that Americans take for granted . It reads like a movie. Its easy to imagine the characters up on the big screen.

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Product Description:
Denver Milestone is a pediatrician at a state hospital in Harlem, New York when he goes to work at a refugee camp in post-genocide Rwanda (Central Africa). His stay in Africa is life changing as he comes face-to-face with AIDS and poverty. Just when he begins to feel comfortable, he is critically wounded in a landmine ambush and is flown back to the United States. Saara Rushimana is a Rwandan nurse at the refugee camp. Her entire family was murdered in the genocide, but she lives her challenged life with grace. When she seeks political asylum in the United States, little does she know that she will be thrown into a detention center and be made to endure prison like conditions.This is the story of two people whose very different lives meet and intertwine in a tale of overwhelming tragedy, endurance and love.Will Denver survive the attack? Can Saara find her husband's family and tell them about the child she is carrying?Read on.

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Morning B.R.E.W. : A Divine Power Drink For Your Soul (Paperback) Review

Morning B.R.E.W. : A Divine Power Drink For Your SoulMorning B.R.E.W. is a unique devotional. In most devotionals we read the thoughts of others and incorporate them into our own life. In Jones' devotional we create our own daily devotional experience and incorporate them into our lives.

Through personal stories, scripture and exercises, Jones helps us kick-start our day by celebrating that "I waked up." He uses this expression because every morning, his child always woke up and said, "I waked up." He challenges us to think about how we wake up in the morning. What are our thoughts, feelings and actions? Further, he says, "we all wake up twice." What he means is, our first wake up is physical and our second is our thoughts and feelings. And we all have the individual power to make a choice, ("a good waking") and we can rejoice in the fact that we can take sips of the powerful brew all day.

The process is B.R.E.W. (Being still, Receiving God's love, Embracing my personhood, and Welcoming the day.) Jones suggests we spend a few minutes of our daily devotionals around each of these elements and shows us how we can do this effectively.

Armchair Interviews says: Dr. Jones' B.R.E.W. is a wonderful way we can begin each day with a good wake-up and content rich experience with our God.

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Product Description:
Morning B.R.E.W. is a powerful way to say "yes" to lifeat the beginning of each day. In as little as fifteenminutes, B.R.E.W. can dynamically charge your spirit.Unlike other morning devotions, in which you digest thewords of others, this book teaches you how to create yourown devotional experiences through silence and prayerfulvisualization.B.R.E.W. stands for:Be stillReceive God's LoveEmbrace personhoodWelcome the day

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Works of Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon. According to Promise, All of Grace, Faith's Checkbook, Morning and Evening: Daily Readings, A Puritan Catechism & more (mobi) (Kindle Edition) Review

Works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. According to Promise, All of Grace, Faith's Checkbook, Morning and Evening: Daily Readings, A Puritan Catechism & moreWorks of Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon. According to Promise, All of Grace, Faith's Checkbook, Morning and Evening: Daily Readings, A Puritan Catechism ... books. Published by MobileReference (mobi).

Make no mistake, this book is for everyone, not only for the unsaved.The book is especially for the strong in faith. I greatly enjoyed this edition published by MobileReference. The book contains the actual sermons that Charles Spurgeon preached on the grace of God for our eternal salvation.

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Product Description:

Table of Contents

According to Promise
All of Grace
Exposition to the Gospel According to Matthew
Faith's Checkbook
Morning and Evening: Daily Readings
A Puritan Catechism
The Soul Winner
Till He Come

Charles H. Spurgeon Biography
Navigation and About


    Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases
    Make bookmarks, notes, highlights
    Searchable and interlinked.
    Access the e-book anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway.

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From Morning To Night: Domestic Service at Maymont and the Gilded-Age South (Hardcover) Review

From Morning To Night: Domestic Service at Maymont and the Gilded-Age SouthFrom the three quotes with which she begins her book, throughout the anecdotes and letter passages she uses to bring the story to life, to the final tribute to Maymont employees in her conclusion, Elizabeth O'Leary has put together a book that appeals on several different levels.
Taken on the surface, it's a day-to-day picture of what made life run smoothly in a grand home of the Gilded Age. Pretty fascinating stuff, for us today with our instantly-gratifying microwaves, prepared foods, washing machines and dryers!
One level down, it's a microcosm of a society. In this level, the reader gets to meet the individuals who peopled that society, and O'Leary helps us understand where they're coming from by taking us back to Civil War times and before. We get to see their world relatively dispassionately, through the eyes of, alternately, upper-crust folks like the Dooleys and the African-Americans who worked as domestics.
Finally, this book is a quiet tribute to a quiet, newly-freed generation of folk who earned their living through hard work, passed on solid values to their children and, ultimately, helped "shape the American experience for generations to come." The reader quickly begins to feel the respect the author gained for Maymont employees during her conversations with their descendants.
I liked the way O'Leary put this together -- a sociological study brought to life skillfully with snippets of stories that engross.

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Product Description:
Step off the lush carpet and push through the swingingdoor of the butler's pantry to enter the bustling realm of domesticworkers at Maymont House from 1893 to 1925. In From Morning to Night,Elizabeth O'Leary takes the reader behind the scenes in the opulentmansion of the Richmond multimillionaire James H. Dooley and his wife,Sallie. Drawing upon personal letters, business and governmentdocuments, and numerous oral histories of older Richmonders--bothblack and white-O'Leary examines the parallel and divergentviewpoints of server and served in this Virginia version of"Upstairs/Downstairs."
Raised in slave-owning households before the Civil War, the Dooleysexperienced the transformation of the master/mistress-slaverelationship to that of employer-employee. In the late nineteenth andearly twentieth centuries, they relied on a full complement ofdomestic servants to maintain their lavish residences andlifestyle. In turn, numerous men and women--predominantly AfricanAmerican--labored to meet the day-to-day challenges of running anelaborate household. At the same time, they negotiated the era'sincreasing Jim Crow restrictions and, during precious hours off-duty,helped support families, churches, and the larger black community.
By examining the formalities and practices of the Dooleys at home and by giving a presence and voice to their "help," From Morning to Night offers insights into domestic and social systems at work within and beyond the upper-class household in the Gilded Age South.

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Sunday Morning Blend: Volume 4: Hymns Plus Praise & Worship Songs [Paperback] Review

Sunday Morning Blend: Volume 4: Hymns Plus Praise & Worship Songs [Paperback]This is a fun book to play out of, though many of the "praise and worship" songs were ones unfamiliar to me. I'm from a Lutheran background, and though the traditional hymns were familiar, almost half of the praise and worship songs were ones that I either didn't know, or were not all that familiar to me ~ a good traditional body, but just a little on the sweet side as far as praise and worship goes for me.But for nice light prelude or offertory music, this works just fine.

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New Morning: Emerson in the Twenty-first Century [Hardcover] Review

New Morning: Emerson in the Twenty-first Century [Hardcover]Interleaved with poems, the essays in this volume are brilliant and original discussions of the full range of Emerson's thought. Included is a beautiful short letter from Emerson to a twelve-year old girl that is vintage Emerson. The poetry and essays are accessible to the lay intellectual reader as well as to advanced students and scholars of Emerson's thought. I would urge Emerson lovers to rush and buy this book. I recommend without qualification that teachers of courses in American philosophy, literature, and cultural history to assign this book to their students.

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Product Description:
Essays and poems explore the contemporary relevance of Emerson's work and thought.

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According to Your Word: Morning and Evening Through the New Testament, A Collection of Devotional Journals 1940-1941 (Hardcover) Review

According to Your Word: Morning and Evening Through the New Testament, A Collection of Devotional Journals 1940-1941My good friend, Dr. Stephen F. Olford, shares a treasure trove of spiritual truth in the pages of According to Your Word: Morning and Evening Through the New Testament, A Collection of Devotional Journals 1940-1941.Herein we discover the measure of this great man of God.It is my pleasure to encourage its wide distribution.I enthusiastically recommend it!
Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey, pastor, teacher, mentor, writer, author of Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice

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Product Description:

Late pastor Stephen Olford, often called "the preacher's preacher" and a great influence upon Billy Graham, was just twenty-two years old in 1940 when he began a unique devotional study of the New Testament. Living in Wales amidst the intense turmoil of World War II, Olford commenced reading and writing every day and night about each chapter from Matthew 1 through Revelation 22.Nearly seventy years later and four years after his passing, Olford's quiet time notes are gathered in According to Your Word, a remarkably focused collection of 260 devotions that are uncommonly passionate, historical, and sure to inspire all who will read them now.

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Mornings On Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt [Abridged, Audiobook] [Audio CD] Review

Mornings On Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt [Audio CD]The two readers for this meticulously researched biography of Theodore Roosevelt add appeal, especially when reading the parts with the southern lady or Irish accents.Well done!

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Product Description:

Winner of the 1982 National Book Award for Biography, Mornings on Horseback is the brilliant biography of the young Theodore Roosevelt. Hailed as a masterpiece by Newsday, it is the story of a remarkable little boy -- seriously handicapped by recurrent and nearly fatal attacks of asthma -- and his struggle to manhood.
His father -- the first Theodore Roosevelt, "Greatheart," -- is a figure of unbounded energy, enormously attractive and selfless, a god in the eyes of his small, frail namesake. His mother -- Mittie Bulloch Roosevelt -- is a Southerner and celebrated beauty.
Mornings on Horseback spans seventeen years -- from 1869 when little "Teedie" is ten, to 1886 when he returns from the West a "real life cowboy" to pick up the pieces of a shattered life and begin anew, a grown man, whole in body and spirit.
This is a tale about family love and family loyalty...about courtship, childbirth and death, fathers and sons...about gutter politics and the tumultuous Republican Convention of 1884...about grizzly bears, grief and courage, and "blessed" mornings on horseback at Oyster Bay or beneath the limitless skies of the Badlands.

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Morning B.r.e.w.: Journal With Empowerment Cards [Paperback] Review

Morning B.r.e.w.: Journal With Empowerment Cards [Paperback]The Morning B.R.E.W. Journal is a unique and powerful 52-week companion to Jones' Morning B.R.E.W. A Divine Power Drink for Your Soul devotional. Jones suggests that the user:

1. Reflect on their personal experiences and write about what they felt/saw when being still; what they experienced while receiving God's love; what they realized or remembered while embracing their personhood; and what they noticed as they welcomed the day.

2. Consider the experience of B.R.E.W. with all of your being.

3. Write about how the B.R.E.W. discipline contributes to your spiritual, emotional, physical and social development.

4. Review the B.R.E.W. Starter section and expand from there.

5. Be creative in recording your thoughts. Express yourself with doodles, color, sketches, poems, prose, and lyrics.

6. Leave space for what you're not able to put into words. Visit later.

7. Ask questions.

8. Use the empowerment cards. Read them, incorporate them and then give them to others you want to share with or to inspire.

Armchair Interviews says: The Morning B.R.E.W. Journal will require commitment and a little bit of time. But we believe it will add immeasurably to your life experience and your relationship with God and others. It's a new way to actively look at life and make it better and more fulfilling.

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Product Description:
The Morning B.R.E.W. Journal is intended to be used withMorning B.R.E.W. Filled with encouraging quotes andinspirational thoughts to "jump-start" a B.R.E.W.experience, the journal provides a place for people to recordand reflect.

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Mornings with Mother Mary: Growing Into Love (Paperback) Review

Mornings with Mother Mary: Growing Into LoveThis book is a great reminder of how we should live and love during our lives.It spoke to my heart and I know it will do the same for you.I ordered several copies to give to friends.

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Product Description:
Mornings with Mother Mary: Growing Into Love speaks to the heart of who we are. The blessed Mother of Jesus, through messages brought forth by Naneki Elliott, challenges us to question beliefs which limit our capacity to know our own divinity. She encourages us to face our fears and to choose compassion in every moment. She inspires us to know ourselves as who she is: the love of God.

Mother Mary's messages are offered as separate meditations on such topics as compassion, goals, money, war and peace, remembering, choice, sickness and health, death and life. Mother Mary also answers specific questions regarding Hollywood, Littleton, Colorado, the Millennium, the lifetime of Jesus, the Gore/Bush campaign, and former President Clinton's impeachment trial.

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Good Morning, Children: My First Years in Early Childhood Education (Paperback) Review

Good Morning, Children: My First Years in Early Childhood EducationI have never reviewed any product on Amazon and I am a regular Amazon customer, but this book so impressed me I had to submit this review. I just purchased this book yesterday and read it in one day. I currently am working on earning an AS in Child Development in order to teach in the Pre-K setting. This book was awesome! Sophia had great insight into a Pre-K teacher's daily struggles as will as successes in working with urban, low-income students. I so enjoyed this book that I had to email a professor recommending she read it as well as suggest it to her CHDV students. This is a most read for soon-to-be or first time preschool school.

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Product Description:

The first years of teaching are full of any number of unexpected problems and issues that can frustrate even the most prepared early childhood educator. Based on her popular blog, Sophia Pappas' book Good Morning, Children provides an up-close and personal view of the challenges and successes of a beginning teacher. The book describes daily encounters with students, family members, and administrators; reflects on the state of early childhood education in America; and celebrates the ways the pre-K teacher can help prepare every child to succeed in both school and life.

In chronicling her successes and failures in her first three years as an early childhood educator, Ms. Pappas, a veteran of the Teach For America education program, covers a range of topics that both new and experienced educators face in the early childhood classroom. Among other important issues, Ms. Pappas provides smart and witty insights about the importance of classroom preparation, for both the school year and each individual day. She provides ideas about how to interact successfully with over- and under-involved parents and family members, while clarifying how critical family interaction and involvement are to a child's success. Similarly, Ms. Pappas describes the activities, lessons, and teaching techniques that she used to help her students learn and grow. Ms. Pappas stresses the significance of being able to listen and adjust, not only to the needs of the children in your care and to the family members of those children, but, equally, to listen and adjust to your own needs as an educator.

"This book brings the voice of a Teach For America teacher and her students into the public discussion around how to provide children with the early education necessary to set them up for long term success. Sophia chronicles her accomplishments and challenges in ensuring her economically disadvantaged students excel and communicates important insights about how to ensure that all of our nation's children have the educational opportunities they deserve."

Wendy Kopp, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Teach For America

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Talking All Morning (Poets on Poetry) [Paperback] Review

Talking All Morning [Paperback]I have read it over and over.There is always something that rings true with each reading.It's a keeper.

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Product Description:
Robert Bly is the author of many books, including Jumping Out of Bed, The Man in the Black Coat Turns, and Iron John: A Book About Men. He has translated Neruda, Vallejo, and Lorca and received the National Book Award for his collection The Light Around the Body. His most recent book is The Maiden King: The Reunion of Masculine and Feminine, with Marion Woodman.

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Mornings with Tozer: A 366 Day Devotional [Paperback] Review

Mornings with Tozer: A 366 Day Devotional [Paperback]This is my first experience with a devotional by Toser and my only complaint is that he always leaves you wanting more.You finish the passage and the associated Bible readings for the day and you feel like he has left you with only a brief taste of the passage and what God wants you to know about it.Nonetheless, I love sharing these passages with my students, and they always comment on how meaningful they find them as well.It always how astounds me how great BIblical, devotional writing doesn't age -- it just gets better with time.What a learned man.What a spiritual man.Highly recommended.

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Product Description:
Grab your cup of coffee, find your favorite chair and begin your day with the wisdom of A.W. Tozer. These 366 devotional readings from the heart of Tozer will awaken you spiritually. A daily Scripture and prayers are also included.

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Good Morning World (Paperback) Review

Good Morning WorldGive the author credit for writing a book about a show almost no one remembers, but this book is just too brief to rate more than 3 and 1/2 stars.He tries--getting interviews with the show's two stars and producers--but when he puts the final product together there just isn't enough content to make this the type of fan favorite that it should have been.

There's a lot of white space in the just over 100 pages and the book has a few errors (including repeating the same ratings chart a few times).Most of the book ends up being dull background history of the actors involved with the show that could have come off [...] and thin plot summaries of each episode.He even pads the book with a tribute to WKRP near the end.

The weekly ratings information is great--but there is little analysis to go along with it. He fails royally by claiming Red Skelton was a weak lead-in to this series (Skelton was one of the top ten shows on TV!) and the entire book is overly optimistic about the show's chances of going beyond one year.

The best parts are the interviews with the stars, especially Joby Baker.He sounds bitter and takes much of the blame for the show's failure, though when watching the DVD Baker is much better than the producers give him credit for here.It's nice to hear a few inside stories, but there just isn't enough here to do more than recommend the book to die-hard fans.

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Product Description:
The same people who brought you The Dick Van Dyke Show and That Girl scored another innovative sitcom in 1967 with Good Morning World. Bill Persky and Sam Denoff's creation, which aired Tuesday nights on CBS, was the first-ever TV series set in a radio station and featured the on and off air adventures of a pair of morning DJ's.Joby Baker and Ronnie Schell starred as Dave Lewis and Larry Clark, with Julie Parrish as Dave's wife Linda, Vaudeville veteran Billy De Wolfe as their stuffy but loveable boss Roland Hutton.and a little blonde dancer in her first acting role named Goldie Hawn.This behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Persky-Denoff creation features exclusive interviews with Good Morning World's creators and surviving stars.You'll be surprised that the idea for the series came from a real radio station, how CBS turned thumbs down on the first pilot episode, the behind-the-scenes drama and the "what-might-have-been" if the series had gone a second season.You're holding an impressive slice of TV history in your hands. Good Morning World was a trailblazer and paved the way for later shows like WKRP in Cincinnati, Frazier and NewsRadio.

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U-Turn: What If You Woke Up One Morning and Realized You Were Living the Wrong Life? (Paperback) Review

U-Turn: What If You Woke Up One Morning and Realized You Were Living the Wrong LifeAfter hitting forty in 2006 I had the usual male "mid-life crisis."Buying a Harley three years before hadn't headed my mantastrophe off at the pass, and I began to ask various questions:Am I doing what I should be doing?Do I really believe in the faith of my youth?How come forty doesn't look like I imagined it would be at twenty?I looked for some good books to help me with my angst, and when I laid eyes upon "U-Turn: What If You Woke Up One Morning and Realized You Were Living the Wrong Life?" I eagerly grabbed it.I'm glad I did, because it was a catalyst for a major quest that resulted in a momentous U-turn.

Bruce Grierson indicates that a strong gut feeling is a sign that a potential U-turn is on the horizon.Symptoms can include anxiety, asking deep questions, and perhaps even an epiphany.However, we have to decide whether or not to acknowledge the gut feeling.If we put our head in the sand, then the U-turn can be smothered.But if we run with the gut, then we're on the path to course correction. In my case, it appears that the alarm of my "social clock" was blaring at full volume.I wasn't where I'd hoped to be, so I had to get there somehow - and I was ready to take a chance (an important aspect of the process).However, I wasn't sure what specific steps to implement.So for awhile, I kept reading, pondering, and arguing with myself over my next move.

As I continued through his book, I was afraid that Mr. Grierson's thesis would peter out and I'd be left high and dry.I'd had that happen before in books where the author's point merited an essay at best.Thankfully, that didn't happen with "U-Turn."He was able to propel his subject matter forward using different and interesting perspectives in each chapter.For example, "The Likely Candidate" asks if there is a U-turn "type"; "The Change of Heart" looks at emotion's role in change; and "The Parole Board's Dilemma" differentiates true U-turns from bogus ones.Page after page I found gold, and as I read I became surer that I needed to obey my gut and act decisively.But what should I do?

Eventually, the answer came to me within the text.Mr. Grierson mentions how taking a life-assessment time-out at the age of forty benefits a man."U-Turn" was one of two books I read that discussed this idea, and it seemed like a sign.So in the summer of 2007 I took a leave of absence from my job to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain, a trek I had long considered doing.I stepped off from St. Jean Pied-de-Port on July 14th, and 500 miles later on August 24th I walked into Santiago, Spain.The Camino was worth the risk and effort because it stripped me down to a basic level and gave me plenty of time to silence my social clock and work through my pressing issues.

After I returned, I felt like I had completed an important quest.I'd done something arduous that people write books about, and I wasn't the same person as when I left.And what about my own U-turn?Well, the Camino led to that too.The major problem I wrestled with on the Way was my waning Christian faith.Over the years I had struggled with various problematic doctrines, infernal dogmas, and the disparity between faith and experience.Ironically, walking a religious pilgrimage trail served to lead me away from my long-held Christianity.Soon after returning from Spain, I left the Church and became an agnostic.

My fortieth birthday led to a couple of critical events, and reading "U-Turn" was an integral part of that process.It was one of the most helpful life-alteration books I read during my mid-life crisis.Another significant one was the humorous and insightful "Fat, Forty, and Fired" by Nigel Marsh.I recommend both titles for anyone who is reconsidering his or her life's road and looking for the off-ramp.

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Escape to Morning (Team Hope Series #2) (Paperback) Review

Escape to MorningDannette (Dani) Lundeen is a Search and Rescue worker who is more than capable of handling herself in difficult situations. Will Masterson, Homeland Security agent currently undercover as a reporter, is immediately impressed by her.

Dani however, does not think very highly of reporters, so Will has an uphill battle on his hands to get past Dani's defenses. But when Dani begins an independent search for a missing teenage girl in the woods near the Canadian border and runs into Will, also looking for the same girl, she wonders why a reporter is so determined to help with the search. And Will is bound to keep the truth from her.

Dani & Will quickly found a special place in my heart. Their personal & spiritual journey's were ones I recognized in my own life. Will is trying so hard to learn how to be "God's man." And Dani thinks she has a solid relationship with the Lord, until she begins to realize that there are some areas of her life she has not really trusted Him with.

Susan does a wonderful job weaving spiritual truths into a suspenseful storyline.

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Product Description:
Book two in the Team Hope series by Susan May Warren, the name to watch in romantic suspense. In Escape to Morning, Homeland Security Agent Will Masterson crosses paths with Search and Rescue worker Dannette Lundeen. Will is working undercover to find and neutralize a terrorist organization threatening U.S. security. Dannette is searching for a missing girl, who turns out to be the key to the terrorists. As Will and Dannette put their lives on the line, they find their hearts drawn to one another. Only as they trust God and each other can they find a way to escape to morning.

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Ordinary Mornings of a Coliseum (Paperback) Review

Ordinary Mornings of a ColiseumDubie's poems are infused with a paganistic energy--vivid, simple, preternaturally alert, free from any psychologistic traces. The volume's cover has a mask from a Roman fresco associated with initiation into the cult of Dionysus staring out wide-eyed. "Lizards with sails are screaming to her while the green spade/opens a whole nursery, a powdered vault of spotted dinosaur eggs/racked with loose hexes of eight,..." (from "The Young Professor of Wyoming Wears a Red-Banded Skin of Snake on the Spirit Finger of Her Right Hand That Shakes...") This could all be some kind of surrealism, except that it's more complex than surrealism. It doesn't just try to net the wayward detritus of dreams, but also to continuously evoke irrational but keenly felt fears, mysteries, and hopes.

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Product Description:

The New York Times called Norman Dubie "one of our premier poets," and his new book proves the point. This "broken fantasia" addresses humankind's engagement with spiritual practice. Backdropped by politics and religion, Dubie searches for independent, individual meaning through the lives of eccentric and visionary holy men such as Meister Eckhart, Rumi, the Tibetan Tashi Lama, the mathematician Ramanujan, Michel de Nostradam and the Egyptian recluse, Cyril. "I adore how they are all ignoring us," Dubie writes, "with an absolute genius-like snoring."Norman Dubie, a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, is a Regents' professor at Arizona State University and the author of 18 books of poetry. His work has been translated into 30 languages.

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Strength and Courage for Caregivers: 30 Hope-Filled Morning and Evening Reflections [Hardcover] Review

Strength and Courage for Caregivers: 30 Hope-Filled Morning and Evening Reflections [Hardcover]I'm surprised there are not more reviews about this book because it is excellent, in my opinion.If you're not into attending support groups, but sometimes wish there was someone to talk with who understands what it's like to be a caregiver, you'll probably like this book a lot.This little book of morning and evening devotionals is filled with pearls of wisdom. It was easy reading and well worth the modest price.

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Product Description:
Taking care of a family member who is ill, disabled, or dying requires courage, strength, commitment, and love. The caregiver may feel isolated and misunderstood. The author, who was the primary caregiver for his mother-in-law, has written a thirty-day series of devotions that weave together powerful stories, practical advice, and the restorative promise of Scripture.

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Measuring Our Success: Sunday Mornings in Plains: Bible Study with Jimmy Carter [Audiobook] [Audio CD] Review

Measuring Our Success: Sunday Mornings in Plains: Bible Study with Jimmy Carter [Audio CD]It's pretty interesting to hear the former president give these lessons.Each lesson begins with Jimmy Carter talking about the state of the world at the time of the lesson, including events in his life, and the actual Bible lessons.Carter has been giving Bible studies since he was a midshipman at the Naval Academy.

These lessons are in front of a live audience in various churches.Interaction with the audience has mostly been edited out.Carter was completely at ease and engaging.At times he was very funny and made the crowd laugh. Naturally he makes efforts to relate the lessons from the Gospel of Mark to everyday life.

At the time of the lessons, the U.S. had begun the War in Iraq.Carter expresses his concern as he had considered this an unjust war, but he also expressed in solidarity with the country and his patriotism.At his age, he can say things in a more direct way than at earlier times in his political life.

Jimmy Carter also explains the work of the Carter center.The Carter center is quite active in many countries, advocating human rights and serving in many capacities for good causes.He provides some interesting stories of his travels and interactions with world leaders.

Carter's lessons on the Gospel of Mark were taken from a standardized lesson book, one adopted by his Southern Baptist church.I should point out that Carter sees commonalities between various denominations and he appeals to people across many spectrums.The Gospel of Mark turned out to be far more interesting than I imagined.I was unaware of some of the most significant aspects of this book.

Carter explained the early ministry of Jesus according to this book.Jesus recruited his disciples from the shores of Galilee and kept crossing this sea with his disciples.This is the lowest freshwater lake in the world and the second lowest lake in the world after the Dead Sea.The warm waters of the Sea of Galilee allow various flora and fauna to support plenty of fish life, thereby making extensive fishing possible.

The significance of Jesus crossing this Sea continuously in the early stages of his ministry is covered in the lessons.I didn't know about this and found it interesting.I think discovering the significance of these crossings is enough reason to get this audiobook.

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Product Description:

The second in a series of inspiring, original programs from one of the most important voices of our time
Jimmy Carter's beloved bestsellers Living Faith, Sources of Strength and Our Endangered Values have established him as one of our nation's most trusted authorities on issues of faith and society. Today, the weekly Bible class he teaches at his home church in Plains, Georgia is attended by visitors from around the world, representing a wide range of faiths and denominations.
Sunday Mornings in Plains gives you the opportunity to share in this remarkable experience wherever you are. Each volume of this extraordinary audio series draws on an extensive archive of recordings to present a month-long sequence of President Carter's Bible classes. Listening to these live recordings, you'll hear the unscripted interaction and unexpected insights that make his classes so popular, as well as the anecdotes from President Carter's life and observations about world events that he infuses into his lessons.
Jimmy Carter has been teaching Sunday school ever since he was a young midshipman in Annapolis; in later years he conducted religious services on submarines on which he served, and even led the occasional class in Washington while he was president. For the last 25 years, President Carter has taught the adult Bible study at his church in Plains, where several hundred visitors join him each Sunday to understand the wisdom of the Bible and apply it to their lives.
Measuring Our Success presents the five classes President Carter taught in March 2003 on the Book of Mark. Exploring the miracles and aspirations of Jesus's early ministry, President Carter highlights elements of Jesus's message that speak to us today, including his challenge to religious leaders who "abandon the commandment of God and hold to human tradition" (Mark 7:8), and his revolutionary and inspiring vision of a loving God who doesn't measure our success by mortal or material standards.
Recorded at the time of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, these classes open with President Carter's comments on the eve and outset of the Iraq war, imbuing them with significant and lasting historical interest, and offering a dramatic and moving demonstration of the struggle to reconcile spiritual ideals with the challenges and conflicts of contemporary life.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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My People's Prayer Book, Vol. 3: Traditional Prayers, Modern Commentaries--P'sukei D'zimrah (Morning Psalms) (Hardcover) Review

My People's Prayer Book, Vol. 3: Traditional Prayers, Modern Commentaries--P'sukei D'zimrahRabbi Hoffman's book, My People's Prayer Book, Vol. 3, is an exquisit addition to any Jewish library. This book, which concentrates on Psukei DiZimra, morning prayers, teaches both the experienced and neophyte person, what these particular prayers mean, their significance in the morning service and why they need to be said. All three of Hoffman's books on prayer have proved a great assett in the classroom and in my personal spiritual aspiration to learn more.

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Product Description:
My People's Prayer Book is a momentous seven-volume series that opens up the traditional Jewish prayer book (the Siddur) as a spiritual resource. Commentaries by 10 of today's most respected teachers, from all perspectives of the Jewish world, help worshippers and spiritual seekers understand the spiritual messages that make up the Siddur, while involving us in a personal dialogue with God, Jewish history and tradition through prayer.
Sometimes awe-striking, sometimes surprising, but always deeply spiritual, My People's Prayer Book is a gateway to understanding the riches the heritage of prayer has to offer us in our worship, and in our lives.
This third volume of the series explores the rich content and meaning of the P'sukei D'zimrah, the morning psalms that serve as the introduction to the larger prayer service. The P'sukei D'zimrah sets the tone and prepares the way for the daily transition from secular routine to the sacred act of communal prayer. Volume 3 helps us to appreciate this "prayer before the prayer" as a profoundly moving spiritual experience in its own right.
Vol. 3-P'sukei D'zimrah (Morning Psalms) features the authentic Hebrew text with a new translation designed to let people know exactly what the prayers say. Introductions tell the reader what to look for in the prayer service, as well as how to truly use the commentaries, to search for--and find--meaning in the prayer book. Commentaries from some of today's most eminent scholars and teachers from all movements of Judaism examine P'sukei D'zimrah from the perspectives of ancient Rabbis and modern theologians, as well as feminist, halakhic, medieval, linguistic, biblical, Chasidic, mystical, and historical perspectives.
Even those not yet familiar with the prayer book can appreciate the spiritual richness of the Amidah. My People's Prayer Book enables all worshippers, of any denomination, to encounter their own connection to 3,000 years of Jewish experience with the world and with God.
Commentators:Marc Brettler--Our Biblical HeritageElliot N. Dorff--Theological ReflectionsDavid Ellenson--How the Modern Prayer Book EvolvedEllen Frankel--A Woman's VoiceJudith Hauptman--Our Talmudic HeritageJoel M. Hoffman--What the Prayers Really SayLawrence A. Hoffman--History of the LiturgyReuven Kimelman--Rhetorical StructureLawrence Kushner and Nehemia Polen--Chasidic and Mystical PerspectivesDaniel Landes--The Halakhah of Prayer

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Starting Your Day Right: Devotions for Each Morning of the Year (Hardcover) Review

Starting Your Day Right: Devotions for Each Morning of the YearJoyce Meyer continues to bring excellent christian material in a relevant and life changing format. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a bad day (Thats all of us!) How we start our day, what we think and say about it are all extreemly important factors in how it will be. This book has the ability to change your life if you let it! I encourage anyone who is needing a change or a better out look on life to get this book as fast as you can and tell somebody else about it too!!!

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Product Description:
Most Christians agree that when believers start the day off by seeking God, it gives thema positive outlook and a sense of peace that leads to a better day-and ultimately a better life. Now, Joyce Meyer provides readers with a day-by-day guide for getting closer to God every morning of the year. Topics in this 365-day devotional include the keys to enjoying ever single day, balancing out extremes, acting with discipline and self-control, being happy, living without fear, and much more. Readers will be propelled each morning with a resurgence of hope and resilience for life through these brief and inspirational thoughts, and will never again want to leave home without first seeking the Lord.

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A View to a Death in the Morning: Hunting and Nature Through History [Paperback] Review

A View to a Death in the Morning: Hunting and Nature Through History [Paperback]The book explores many of the questions of hunting and anti-hunting.It spends a surprising amount of time considering the question of whether human evolution was driven by hunting (perhaps because that has been one ofthe justifications for the continuation of hunting traditions), as well asa review of the emergence of anti-hunting themes and the animal rightsmovement.It makes an obvious error in the interpretation of Leupold'sstatement in the assignment of rights in the discussion of Leupold's landethic.The point of the book is to develop arguments against many of thecurrent justifications for hunting, and for the emergence of the notion ofanimal rights.It does not do a very good job of describing the currenthunting ethic in the US, nor does it describe the rather complexgradiations in that population.

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Morgan Morning (Serendipity) (Paperback) Review

Morgan MorningI had this book when I was young, and as is with all things it vanished, when I was finally able to get my hands on it again, I cried when I read it.
The moral "Sometimes we must lose in order to gain." I remember when I was younger and read it, I cried, I felt so much sympathy for the poor baby horse and his mother. He misbehaved, and learned, and suffered, and in that suffering and learning was rewarded, but not with the thing he most he wanted, his mother back.
The artwork makes the story, and it is beautiful, this is my favorite childrens book, for anyone who has a daughter or son who needs to be reminded that not only is it bad to disobey mom, it is good to dream, this is the book.
I recomend it twice a day and three times on sunday, get it, read it, love it.

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Product Description:
A young horse's curiosity leads him into mortal peril and a new existence.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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Good Morning, Strawbery Banke (Paperback) Review

Good Morning, Strawbery BankeThis book has everything for children 4 to 9.The illustrations are stunning and will keep the young reader engaged in the story.They can also look for the cat J.D. on every page.This travel through time is such great way to learn history.The definitions in the back bring back memories for adults and captivate the children as they read about SPAM and Cheerioates!A great, educational and fun read with beautiful illustrations.

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Product Description:
On each page, J.D. walks through a different perspective and way of life, from historic up to modern day at the Strawbery Banke Colonial Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.Watercolor and pencil drawings depict J.D.'s tour through time.

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