Morning B.r.e.w.: Journal With Empowerment Cards [Paperback] Review

Morning B.r.e.w.: Journal With Empowerment Cards [Paperback]The Morning B.R.E.W. Journal is a unique and powerful 52-week companion to Jones' Morning B.R.E.W. A Divine Power Drink for Your Soul devotional. Jones suggests that the user:

1. Reflect on their personal experiences and write about what they felt/saw when being still; what they experienced while receiving God's love; what they realized or remembered while embracing their personhood; and what they noticed as they welcomed the day.

2. Consider the experience of B.R.E.W. with all of your being.

3. Write about how the B.R.E.W. discipline contributes to your spiritual, emotional, physical and social development.

4. Review the B.R.E.W. Starter section and expand from there.

5. Be creative in recording your thoughts. Express yourself with doodles, color, sketches, poems, prose, and lyrics.

6. Leave space for what you're not able to put into words. Visit later.

7. Ask questions.

8. Use the empowerment cards. Read them, incorporate them and then give them to others you want to share with or to inspire.

Armchair Interviews says: The Morning B.R.E.W. Journal will require commitment and a little bit of time. But we believe it will add immeasurably to your life experience and your relationship with God and others. It's a new way to actively look at life and make it better and more fulfilling.

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Product Description:
The Morning B.R.E.W. Journal is intended to be used withMorning B.R.E.W. Filled with encouraging quotes andinspirational thoughts to "jump-start" a B.R.E.W.experience, the journal provides a place for people to recordand reflect.

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