Hearts of the Morning Calm [Paperback] Review

Hearts of the Morning Calm [Paperback]I met Galen Kindley at Tacoma Mall where he was signing copies of his first book, Hearts of the Morning Calm. As I struggled to hold on to my 20 month old grandson, Galen and I discussed his book. I hesitated to purchase it as it didn't seem like my type of book, but was taken in by his enthusiam and also intrigued by the story. This book was just a wonderful story to read. It left me wishing that the book didn't end. I wanted the story of Jason and Kwang Young to continue on. It is a great blend of humor, romance, history and culture lessons put into a format that keeps the reader interested right to the last page. I recommend it to everyone who likes to read a book and keep feeling good about it. It's not something you will read and forget about right away. Galen Kindley is on to a great start as an author. I can hardly wait for the next book to come out.

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Product Description:
Since 2333 BC, long before the Western world was new, antiquity's name for Korea was Chosun...Land of the Morning Calm.In the fall of 1978, a small traditional jewelry shop in modern steel-and-glass Seoul, Korea, becomes Destiny's playground. Fate capriciously induces an American military officer to browse the store and, in so doing, meet an intriguing and lovely Asian woman. Foolishly, but helplessly, the Jason and Young fall in love.Their chance encounter and reluctant commitment initiates a tangled and haunting journey. For Jason, it is one of discovery not just of the woman he loves but her country and her people. Young seems too modern to be bound by the role assigned women in traditional Korean culture, so he dares to dream of taking her home to Alabama.But what does a woman do when her heart is torn between the man she loves and the family she honors?

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