Good Morning World (Paperback) Review

Good Morning WorldGive the author credit for writing a book about a show almost no one remembers, but this book is just too brief to rate more than 3 and 1/2 stars.He tries--getting interviews with the show's two stars and producers--but when he puts the final product together there just isn't enough content to make this the type of fan favorite that it should have been.

There's a lot of white space in the just over 100 pages and the book has a few errors (including repeating the same ratings chart a few times).Most of the book ends up being dull background history of the actors involved with the show that could have come off [...] and thin plot summaries of each episode.He even pads the book with a tribute to WKRP near the end.

The weekly ratings information is great--but there is little analysis to go along with it. He fails royally by claiming Red Skelton was a weak lead-in to this series (Skelton was one of the top ten shows on TV!) and the entire book is overly optimistic about the show's chances of going beyond one year.

The best parts are the interviews with the stars, especially Joby Baker.He sounds bitter and takes much of the blame for the show's failure, though when watching the DVD Baker is much better than the producers give him credit for here.It's nice to hear a few inside stories, but there just isn't enough here to do more than recommend the book to die-hard fans.

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Product Description:
The same people who brought you The Dick Van Dyke Show and That Girl scored another innovative sitcom in 1967 with Good Morning World. Bill Persky and Sam Denoff's creation, which aired Tuesday nights on CBS, was the first-ever TV series set in a radio station and featured the on and off air adventures of a pair of morning DJ's.Joby Baker and Ronnie Schell starred as Dave Lewis and Larry Clark, with Julie Parrish as Dave's wife Linda, Vaudeville veteran Billy De Wolfe as their stuffy but loveable boss Roland Hutton.and a little blonde dancer in her first acting role named Goldie Hawn.This behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Persky-Denoff creation features exclusive interviews with Good Morning World's creators and surviving stars.You'll be surprised that the idea for the series came from a real radio station, how CBS turned thumbs down on the first pilot episode, the behind-the-scenes drama and the "what-might-have-been" if the series had gone a second season.You're holding an impressive slice of TV history in your hands. Good Morning World was a trailblazer and paved the way for later shows like WKRP in Cincinnati, Frazier and NewsRadio.

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