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A Winter Morning's Sun [Paperback]I'll start with a quickie for those of you who just want to know if A Winter Morning's Sun, by Robert Goble, is worth your time and money. It is.I gave it 3 out of 5 stars only because I think the higher ratings should be reserved for masterpieces or near masterpieces.This is still a good novel, with an interesting story about a compelling hero.So order yourself a copy now and enjoy a rewarding read.

InA Winter Morning's Sun Robert Goble introduces us to Broadie, an elven-year-old boy with potential; Broadie has the potential to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving, or angry, violent, and vengeful.The struggle between these two potentials that Broadie finds in himself drives the rest of the story.

To his credit, Goble is not afraid to show us the darkness that exists in Broadie. It is a darkness that I found a little unnerving to begin with. I had a hard time believing that an eleven-year-old would think and feel the things Broadie does.But, as the novel progressed I realized that Broadie was being forced to deal with problems that would be difficult even for an adult. He was being forced to grow up before he was ready.

I don't want to reveal too much so I will just say that Broadie's family life is violent and chaotic.His grandparents, whose basement his family is living in, are one of the few sources of stability in his life.In addition to his problems at home, Broadie is tormented by bullies at school and at church.

Broadie's life isn't all darkness and despair, there are some sources of light, examples for him to follow.Broadie finds refuge in an isolated grove of trees where he builds a tree house.He goes there often to hide from the bullies and the chaos of home. He also makes friends with January, a girl his age who moves in next door.And, as I mentioned earlier, he has a good extended family that love him and want to help him, though they struggle to understand the choices that he makes.

What I enjoyed most about this novel was Goble's gift for describing his character's thoughts and feelings by showing us their smallest gestures. We communicate so much about ourselves without ever speaking a word, and Gobleuses this masterfully.

Though the novel is written in the third person, we really only see the story through Broadie's eyes. That is the only complaint I have about A Winter Morning's Sun.Aside from Broadie, the rest of the characters aren't fully developed.I wanted to know more about the people around Broadie.Why did his mother make such poor choices in men?What did his Grandma think of her daughter's life? We know that January values Broadie's friendship, but what does she think about the way he behaves?As the only good man constantly in Broadie's life, Grandpa could have been a huge influence on him. I wanted to see that relationship developed.

Even with these details absent, Goble's story works.Broadie's eyes are really the only ones we need.This is Robert Goble's first novel. I understand that he has one more completed and a third in progress.I hope they are both published because I am looking forward to reading more.

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Product Description:
Bullied at school, friendless and misunderstood, Broadie Bennett learns to trust the loving, sincere people who come into his life. When January, a girl his age, moves in next door, a fragile friendship grows, and through the sting of a first crush he is helplessly pushed aside as she soon suffers dire challenges of her own. His circumstances deteriorate through the disintegration of his family and an increasingly violent environment, but he holds on to a vision of the life he wants, one small symbol of what he desires most: a gold coin that belonged to his great-grandmother. As he is torn away from the only stability he has ever known, the home of his grandparents, he faces a choice between escape and the selfless care of his younger siblings. Little does he know how great and far-reaching his small choices will become for his life and those around him.

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