From the Front Lines of Community Pharmacy [Hardcover] Review From the Front Lines of Community Pharmacy [Hardcover]Craig Fuller makes $3 million a year as chief of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. After perusing this tome, it is clear that writing lucid narrative prose is not part of his job description. Of course it is a typical Washington pretense to assume that every thought one has is profound and must be committed to print; after all, they're paying me three mil, so random musings that carom through my brainpan must be insightful!

Alas, as this embarrassing volume shows, this pretense is exactly that -- a pretense. This collection of cliches, shopworn positive thinking bromides, and other half-baked attempts at homey wisdom comes off as nothing but pure wind. Fuller makes no original observations about anything, though he certainly had ample opportunity to do so (Vioxx anyone?).

And so, let us please observe a moment of silence for the trees murdered so senselessly only so Fuller could commit his vacuous brain droppings to print. Indeed, the existence of this book is so tragic, and bodes so poorly for the future of Western civilization, that let us also say a silent prayer for the sacrifices of the ink and glue.

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Product Description:
While health care debates have raged across the country from the nation's capital to statehouses throughout the country, the leaders of today's community pharmacies have had to wage their own battle to preserve and protect a vital part of America's health care fabric. The story of the past three years of this battle has been told week after week in a column written by one of the actors in this process, the president of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Craig Fuller.
Today's community pharmacists are among the most trusted professionals in our society. Pharmacies are located at street corners across America. Yet how much do people know about how they really work? What are these stores...convenience stores? Health centers? And, what kinds of issues must they confront in the public debate about the high cost of prescription medication.
By looking back on events as they unfolded week after week, the reader learns what's on the minds of those people inside today's drug store. You learn just how important the role of the pharmacist is today. You learn how much goes on behind the scenes every time you fill a prescription to ensure you take the medication safely and effectively. You also learn some of the challenges confronting your community pharmacy today that could change the way you receive medication in the future.
From Washington, D.C., this account of the challenges community pharmacy faces today provides important insights into the nature of those who serve on the front line of our health care system and what they will confront tomorrow in a growing and increasingly critical debate on health care in America.

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